Happy New Year, Friends and Other Bullets

new years times squareThis is the year, right? Giggle …

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, and is taking it easy today for the holiday. Every year, I want to have some good food on this day – because I’m sitting at home, mostly relaxing, and that gets me thinking about food – and every year, most places are closed today. I’d complain, but folks at restaurants deserve a holiday, too.

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72 responses to “Happy New Year, Friends and Other Bullets”

  1. Patrick W.

    Anyone else get a pop up when visiting this site on mobile? Twice today I got a virus scan pop up on this site only.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I just get candy crush or pet crush redirects to the App Store from my iphone.

      1. Patrick W.

        Pet Crush sounds a little sick.

  2. Praying For The Cubs To Win

    Brett and Luke Happy New Year, thank you for a great site.

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