Happy New Year, Friends and Other Bullets

new years times squareThis is the year, right? Giggle …

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, and is taking it easy today for the holiday. Every year, I want to have some good food on this day – because I’m sitting at home, mostly relaxing, and that gets me thinking about food – and every year, most places are closed today. I’d complain, but folks at restaurants deserve a holiday, too.

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  1. DocPeterWimsey

    Happy 2014, all. Geez, where has the century gone?!?!

    1. hansman

      Can’t you skyentists slow time down or something?

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        Only relatively. And it hurts like hell.

  2. Steve Ontiveros' Mustache

    Apropos of nothing… and only to get a giggle… I stumbled upon this line in a 2008 blog post talking about the Mariners should seriously consider sending Ichiro Suzuki to the Cubs for prospects… including Micah Hoffpauir and Randy Wells.

    “Micah is a future star,” and Wells and Hoffpauir “would be a great one-two punch in the Mariners’ system.”

    1. MoneyBoy


  3. bonger0493

    I’m stuck driving home from Southwestern Michigan with the in-laws. Poor me. I want a day if good food and madden25

  4. woody

    Happy New Year. Won’t it be nice when spring training starts so we have some real news to comment on. Thanks Brett for all your hard work!

  5. hansman

    Ya know, one of these years the cardinals just have to run into a terrible string of bad luck or something.

    And have it actually negatively impact their record.

    1. On The Farm

      Yeah, but we’ll be dead so does it really matter?

  6. jeff1969

    Anyone read my extremely long post yesterday about how the Cards drafted since 2000? Maybe not, but I said they had sold their souls to the draft devil in 2009. Happy New Year & happy to able to register for this site!

  7. RWakild

    Ahhhhhh. Am a bleacher nation citizen now. Starting out the new year right. Go Cubs!!!

  8. Brandon

    Happy New Year. Thanks Brett and Luke for all the info this past year, looking foward to a great 2014. Just moved to Spring Hill,TN…can’t wait to go watch the Smokies. Go Cubs!!!

  9. Vic

    Happy New Year!

  10. Jon

    BTW, in that 2009 draft, the highest pick the Cards had was 19th overall.

    And, some people still claim that “tanking” is the only way to build a farm system. smh.

  11. ChrisFChi

    Happy New Year BN!

  12. Idaho Razorback

    I can’t believe it was 14 years ago today that my Hogs beat Texas in the Cotton Bowl. I was in Las Vegas. Time sure does fly.

  13. NorthSideIrish

    I think Kris Bryant has a preference for the Cubs pick at 1.4…

    Kris Bryant ‏@KrisBryant_23 14h
    @treavturner @riley_daddy I wouldn’t mind it! Trea is a stud!

    1. CubChymyst

      Trea Turner would be an interesting pick. The guy looks like a legit bat with a good batting eye. He’d make a great lead off hitter.

  14. Gray2

    Happy New Year Everyone

  15. 70's Cub

    Happy New Year Cub Fans

  16. jimsez2u

    Testing 1 2 3…

  17. hawkfan37

    With all the position talent coming up through the minors, does anybody else notice that many of them are considered ‘power’ guys and not really ‘on-base’ guys (ie Baez, Bryant, Soler, and even Olt) The only true high average, high OBP guy I see coming is Almora. Does that worry anybody else? I mean just look at last year; the team hit for good power and had a lot of home runs, but Cubs were still 28th in runs scored. Home runs are great and all, but if we don’t have anybody on it’ll be tough winning games with only a couple of solo homers for offense. Hopefully I’m wrong and these guys will hit for both power and average and also be patient hitters, but I could also see it easily going the other way too. Just curious what you guys think, and Happy New Year everybody.

    1. Voice of Reason

      The cubs haven’t won a world series in over 100 years.

      We have nothing to worry about.

    2. woody

      I believe that Alcantara fits that role pretty well. To think of Baez, Bryant, Rizzo and Soler in the heart of the order sends chills up my spine. I read an interesting article yesterday predicting the demise of the defensive shift. And of all things the bunt is the thing that will bring this demise about. This brings Junior Lake to mind, as he really showed that as an aspect of his game. If you look at all the doubles that Rizzo hit last year and figure that Baez and Bryant will also get a lot of two baggers I don’t see a problem there. Add Castro to the mix and there should be base runners a plenty. I see a scenario were very soon Castillo could be batting in the 8 hole because of the depth throughout the lineup.

  18. clark addison

    Happy new year to all, and looking forward to major league debuts of Baez, Bryant, and Hendricks in 2014.

  19. Carl9730

    I remember ’09, while we were in a tight divisional race with STL, they traded Brett Wallace, who was their top prospect at the time, for Holliday. People at the time were a bit surprised that they trade some of their only legit prospects for only 2 guaranteed months of Holliday. However, a consensus developed that their minor-leagues system needed major revamping,so they might as well go for it. How quickly the overhaul occurred…. Also, knowing to trade Wallace at peak value is another testament to Moz and Luhnow. Who is our big gun that the mkt may “overvalue”?

  20. honey nut sorianos

    Happy New year!

  21. JAllman

    Happy New Year everybody. I enjoy reading this board but don’t post often. Can someone recommend a good primer to help me better understand saber metrics? I am not “old school” but I am a bit skeptical when some seem to rely on these stats too much.

    1. ChrisFChi

      check out fangraphs page. http://www.fangraphs.com/library/

  22. Sacko

    Happy New everyone!
    By going through this registration is actually a good thing as it gives me more appreciation to post and be more aware of my verbal frustrations. Like anything I say is going to make any difference! Holy..Now, get Tanaka And Shark convinced to be Cubs for the next 5 years and I will feel a lot better about this off season.

  23. Truely Blue

    Brett, Thanks for walking me thru the registration process which I personally screwed up. It was easy when you showed me how to do it. Ha!
    Happy New year to all BNers and lets cheer on our Cubbies!

  24. Kevin

    Hello I registered but does anyone know how to get a photo uploaded?

    1. Sacko

      Good question, I’d like to know that too.
      I see Aaron Harang is a FA, was he a Cub killer or is it just me? Seems like he beat us alot.

    2. NorthSideIrish


  25. ramy16

    Happy New year bleachers nation family..Hope everyone had a good.now lets get to spring training

  26. J. L.

    Deadspin has also put together an awesome collection of GIFs: http://deadspin.com/2013-our-favorite-gifs-1492396142

    I very nearly passed out with passed-out Rocky.

  27. Blackhawks1963

    Happy New Year. Watching the Detroit-Toronto game at Michigan Stadium. Hockey doesn’t get better than this, but I digress to spend a second talking about my second favorite sport, baseball.

    Guessing Tanaka picks a team within 10 days (he’s headed to the Yankees). I’ll further predict the Cubs go hard after Ubaldo Jimenez. And get him.

  28. TheRiot2

    2014 and the Cubs are coming.Hopefully much faster than these past two years,I’m tired of the snails pace.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Compared to most marine invertebrates, snails are very fast animals! (Like, infinitely times faster than most of them!)

  29. mjhurdle

    Happy New Year everyone!
    looking forward to another great year with Bleacher Nation!

  30. papa dunks

    First time poster. Did anyone just hear Jesse Crain signed with ‘stros?

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