bnpodcastimagesmallThe holiday hiatus is over, and the BN Podcast is back with its 46th episode, prepared lovingly for your ear holes.

After a long time off, it seems each of Sahadev and I had a bit of the slap happys going on, with discussions about two-dimensional groins in Disney movies, sleeping pills for ‘Saved by the Bell’ characters, the intricacies of handcrafting friendship bracelets, the handsomeness of Cubs players, and the shocking cleverness of “Tanaka” sounding like “Binaca.”

We also get into a bunch of substantive emails, and take a crack at the Cubs’ quiet offseason.

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  • Abe Froman

    Brett this is the infamous erection scene in The Little Mermaid:

    I believe Disney scrubbed the naughty hidden stuff out of future copies once it became a big thing. On the cover of the original VHS (now well out of circulation) the golden columns of the underwater kingdom, they were unmistakably giant golden shafts.

    • Brett

      Ha, well how about that. I guess that’s why our DVD appeared clean.

    • MichiganGoat

      My family still has the original VHS and it’s impressive how many… um… ***insert your own favorite phallic word*** you can find on the cover and in the movie. Disney has very secretly removed everything from the history.

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  • Boba

    Hey Brett, I can’t seem to download the podcasts. The hyperlink doesn’t work. any help?

    Also any other podcasts that you can recommend on the Cubs or baseball in general that you like?


    • Brett

      Which link doesn’t work – and what platform are you using to try and download? Best bet is to use a feed catcher of some kind.

      • Boba

        On this page, I can play the podcast but the hyper link underneath it both the download and play in new window links seem to be inactive. I can’t click on it and right clicking does nothing of value.