dodgers sign all the playersThere they are. You knew it was coming.

Just a couple hours ago, I wrote this about the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ostensible hemming and hawing about their pursuit of 25-year-old Japanese stud Masahiro Tanaka: “Team CEO Stan Kasten tempered enthusiasm about the Dodgers actually landing Tanaka when asked, saying that he wouldn’t predict it. How much that actually means … eh. I still expect the Dodgers to be heavily involved.”

Heavily involved, indeed …

Sign. All. The. Players.

Given their resources, there was little reason to believe the Dodgers wouldn’t make a serious play for Tanaka, presuming he’s interested (and there are whispers that he prefers the West Coast). Sure, the Dodgers have seven capable starting pitchers as it is, but a couple of them are hurt (Beckett and Billingsley), and they have only three studs in the rotation right now. How can they be expected to compete?

That makes the Dodgers, the Yankees, and the Mariners all favorites for Tanaka in their own right. The Cubs’ chances seem further reduced. Still, we’ll see how things play out.

Incidentally, if the Dodgers won’t be outbid on Tanaka, and if reports of the Cubs’ plan not to be outbid are true as well, then he’s staring down an eleventy gajillion contract over the next 580 years. I could see going to two lifetimes on Tanaka, but, by that third lifetime, I’m not so sure that splitter will have as much bite.

  • Diehardthefirst

    How many years did Fernando last? Tanakamania? Don’t think so as Mexico is a few feet closer than Japan- and dont forget resentment of Internment Camp descendants either

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      That makes absolutely no sense and somehow it’s still highly offensive.

      • MichiganGoat

        That’s die hard for you

      • Diehardthefirst

        You should reserve such comments for another site- are you offended by the outrageous invitation to minors to drink beer represented by ads throughout the ballpark topped off by the grossest of all- Jumbotron? Turning native Americans into alcoholics was a stated policy of this country- do you see the similarity? Focus and you will- that appeal to human weakness is offensive

        • Internet Random

          Yes, you definitely have the credibility that it takes to tell others how to comment and to be taken seriously. No doubt about that, not even a little.

  • TommyK

    If the Cubs trade Jeff S. and don’t get Tananka, you would have to be completely insane to spend any money on the Cubs this season. That team would rival the worst teams in Cubs history, which is saying something.

    • Blackhawks1963

      The offseason additions have been substantial. Headlined by Kottaras, Veres and Wright. This team has gone from a projected 98 loss team to probably a 95 loss team. And we might still bring back Baker.

    • aaronb

      I tend to agree here. If we can still draw more than 2.5 million in attendance regardless. Why spend the money?

      We need to trade anyone of value for prospects. And continue to use marks in the media to play out how good we will be one day.

      • YourResidentJag

        I also agree. $175 mil price tag. No thanks. Trade Shark for a package around Sanchez if it all possible and develop his mechanics into a repeatable solid TOR.

    • Voice of Reason

      Tommy k:

      Even if they sign Tanaka and keep shark they will still lose 90+ games.

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        What’s the over/under on that?

  • waffle

    from the Dodgers director of player personnel

    “in order to address effectively address the overuse of Tanaka during his tenure in the Japanese Professional League as well as their glut of starting pitchers they will skip every other start and limit his innings per start to 7. And they will not be outbid. And they will sign Kershaw…that is all”

  • waffle

    on a related note…beer is good.

    • MichiganGoat

      Yes it is I believe tonight is a Bell’s Hopslam night. DRINK ALL THE HOPS!

    • dabynsky

      and stuff!

  • RotoChamp

    Derek Holland just injured his knee and is out for at least half the season. This will make Texas pretty desperate to add another good starting pitcher.

    I know we’ve already raided their system, but it is still stocked with some very good high end pieces, like Alfaro, Odor, and Sardinas.

    TheoJed want MLB or near MLB ready pitching for Shark, but since it doesn’t appear they will get that this offseason, could they grab some more talent from the Rangers?

    Alfaro + what + what = Shark ?
    Alfaro + Alex Gonzalez + Luke Jackson?
    Alfaro + Odor/Sardinas + Luke Jackson? (is this too much for Shark)

    What is a realistic return, knowing that Texas might be on the desperate side?
    Or does Texas just sign Ubaldo or Santana? Or trade for Price?

    • CubFan Paul

      “MLB ready pitching for Shark, but since it doesn’t appear they will get that this offseason”

      NO ONE wants to wait for the Tanaka domino to fall (then Garza, Jimenez, Santana, Price, then Shark people)

  • Rebuilding

    I’m sure Tanaka’s agent is cracking up that people take these rumors seriously. All he has to do is have an office assistant who already has contacts with the LA Times, ESPN or any other sports outlet *whisper* the info that the Dodgers are all-in or that his favorite landing spots are NY, BOS or LA (who juuuuuuuust happen to be the 3 richest teams in MLB). For all we know this is all being done to drive up the price on….the Cubs. Do you think any team would really be stupid enough to say they won’t be outbid? Geeesh

  • waffle

    “We WILL be outbid” Doesn’t have the same ring, you are right. Even when you say it with confidence…smoking a pipe might help.

    • Brett

      This is fantastic.

    • Internet Random

      There are few situations that smoking a pipe can’t help, and those mostly involve munitions stores.

  • salesguy

    Yankees, and Dodgers, it’s not over yet, but what they’re attempting to do should have more stringent penalties than baseball currently has.

    • DarthHater

      Yes, there really should be severe punishment for teams that bid high on free agents in an effort to sign them.

      • aaronb

        Agreed, the owners should get together and secretly decide to not pay free agents. Put any player over 25 out to pasture “children of the corn” style.

  • cubslegends

    Cubs should sign Vernon wells we need experience in the outfield and lake could learn from him

    • Dumpgobbler

      I’m not really sure I want lake learning a whole lot of what Wells has to teach. We have several guys in our organization who could do what Wells could as well.

      • CubFan Paul

        “I’m not really sure I want lake learning a whole lot of what Wells has to teach”

        Words of wisdom from “Dumpgobbler”.

  • Matt

    So if he’s offered 5 years and $400 million the Dodgers would top that?

  • Diehardthefirst

    I feel sorry for the kid as one mis- step will cause sports writers to crush him- dont know what he’s paid now but comparatively it should be enough for him

  • David

    Off topic…. I was checking out random players salaries on the below website. Pretty cool site. Rizzo and Castro have very cub friendly deals… obviously. When Bryant and Baez sign similar deals we’ll be in a great position to overpay for pitching.

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