The Cubs have been toying around with the idea of an official mascot for a long time now, being that they were one of the last few MLB teams without one. And now he’s here: Clark.

clark the cub

No, he’s not intimidating (nor is he the magnificent DJ Kitty), and, yes, the backwards hat is a bit much. But, all in all, I’ve gotta confess … I don’t hate it. I’m sure it’s a new-ish father in me, but this was an avenue the Cubs had to take, and you knew it was coming with the renovation and all, didn’t you?

Related confession, for those who don’t know, my son’s name is also Clark. When he’s old enough to understand, he’ll probably be tickled pink to know that the Cubs’ mascot shares his name.

You can read more about Clark here, and you can follow him on Twitter here. The jokes will necessarily come over the next few days, and I look forward to cataloging them. And remember, you cynical types: Clark isn’t for you. He’s for the kids. He’s not going to be doing the on-the-dugout shenanigans, and will probably have a relatively low profile, unless you seek him out with your kiddos. The Cubs are pretty sensitive to not disrupting the “feel” of games at Wrigley (at least not more than they have to) – they simply recognize that there’s not a whole lot going on there for families with very young children.

Apparently, Clark’s emergence leaves only the Yankees, Dodgers and Angels as teams without a formal, on-field type mascot. I guess Masahiro Tanaka hates mascots.

So … thoughts? Reactions?

  • D-Rock

    Other teams are announcing big free agent signings or trades this winter, the Cubs are announcing a new mascot…

    • SalukiHawk

      Because the two functions are mutually exclusive. This is a marketing maneuver, and I assure you other teams are marketing. I can also assure you not all other teams (few actually) are making “big” free agent signings or trades this winter. Your argument, if it can be called that, is weak. Will the Cubs make a splash? If not Tanaka (you might have heard of him, and it appears the Cubs are willing to go “Big” here), who knows if they’ll pursue other free agents. It may be Tanaka or bust, but to suggest this keeps them from putting together their 2014 ball club (perhaps Theo is sitting around drawing Cubbie to win an art scholarship?) is just silly.

    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      Yup the entire budget was spent on this obviously… It’s exhausting to keep up with some fans need to bash anything.

      • Bric

        Really goat? I’m pretty sure when the Cubs contracted with Northwestern to get a feel for the fans and the response was “improve Wrigley Field” this isn’t what they had in mind.

        Seriously, I’ve questioned some of Ricketts’ decisions in the past in regard to winning but this is pretty blatant that his overall plan is simply to provide a costly, family friendly attraction in order to pay off the debt and provide an amusement park type source of revenue by which to profit. His family’s been in control long enough to get past the kissing babies and shaking hands stage of ownership. We already know who they are now they need to show us that “Committed” means fielding a playoff caliber team, not a 6 year old’s DVD. I’m starting to think we, as Cub fans, really should be committed.

        BTW- if Clark pulls his hammy on opening day will Doc McStuffins run out to him as the trainer? Ricketts- are you reading this? Could be a new revenue stream…

        • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

          You realize this sounds crazy right?

          “this is pretty blatant that his overall plan is simply to provide a costly, family friendly attraction in order to pay off the debt and provide an amusement park type source of revenue by which to profit.”

          Because if you believe that I’m sorry.

          • Bric

            Let me answer your question with a question- what do you think Ricketts would rather have: a 600 mil plus (or whatever the true number is) season to put him totally in the black with the team but with only 50 wins, or a world series appearance in which he hasn’t even budged the needle out of the red. Sadly I do believe he’d prefer the former, in which case I’m sorry for all of us.

            In any case the marketing geniuses at CSG should focus on other outliers such as the Rays before they start rolling this stuff out. Gimicks don’t necessarily sell tickets. In their case, even winning doesn’t. And when you open up MSN and the headline reads “Cubs new mascot draws instant ridicule”, well- SMH.

            • Tommy

              Relax dude, it’s just a mascot.

            • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

              Your right Ricketts bought the team only to lose and stay in the black and create an amusement park for kids. Congrats you broke the code.

            • baldtaxguy


          • mjhurdle

            The Mascot has instantly achieved Tony Campana status in the realm of irrational emotional whining.

  • http://www.twitter.com/justinjabs @justinjabs

    I don’t hate this at all. He looks a bit creepy but from the sounds of the article, the Cubs are going to play this card the right way.

  • walterj

    I can’t see where this is going to be a problem . I think it’s a rather good idea .

  • fromthemitten

    There’s a sadness in his eyes that only Cubs fans understand. needs pants though

    • Fishin Phil

      Funny, a co-worker just said the exact same thing about me.

      • D.G.Lang

        What? That you need pants?

        • Matt

          My co-workers say that all the time. Some people will complain about anything.

      • Tommy

        LOL, that was awesome Phil.

  • Hee Seop Chode

    If the team was at least half decent, no one would need to market to children. I don’t need a jumbotron, I don’t need a mascot, I don’t need that weird band that walks around playing.

    Just let me watch and listen to baseball.

    *now if you’ll excuse me i’ve got to get back to my shuffle board game*

    • Matt

      I don’t need any of them either, but I don’t/won’t mind having them.

    • hansman

      Well…I know who’s lawn I’ll be walking across tomorrow.

  • cubzfan23

    I like it… something new in cubbie land.

  • NorthSideIrish

    The best thing I can say about it is that he apparently made the rooftops disappear…but construction still hasn’t begun on the outfield signage.

  • ChrisFChi

    Suggestion for Clark(the mascot), stay out of the bleachers.

  • Bilbo161

    Where will they put the phone booth?

  • IndyCubsFan

    Don’t throw me down, Clark! I won’t Aunt Bethany.. Is Rusty still in the Navy, Clark? No, Aunt Bethany.. lol

    • JM

      “Holy @#!?, where’s the Tylenol?”

  • http://kempfintl.com pfk

    Well, I’m sure the marketing folks will have fun with this. I can just see a female mascot named “Addison.” Clark will spend the whole game trying to woo her and she will play hard to get. Then, one day, we will have Clark and Addison getting married on the pitchers mound. Then, the next season, we will have their offspring…twins…Waveland and Sheffield.

  • Chef Brian

    Now every time we have a question about the Cubs plans or motivations, we can think: What Would Clark Do? WWCD!

  • Bilbo161

    If Clark goes into the phone booth, who comes out? The Hawk? Please?

  • Baseball_Writes

    “So … thoughts? Reactions?”


  • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

    So there is going to be a kids club, games to play, all kinds of fun stuff for kids and people are upset? I bet if we polled everyone those with small kids are all for it and if your children are grown and childless you hate it. I hope they make an app with him so the kids can play something else besides Disney on my phone.

    • ChrisFChi

      Well I’m grown and childless, don’t hate the idea at all. Actually I think its pretty cool that there’s a distraction for the young ones that have no interest/understanding of the game. Like I said above thou, stay out of the bleachers Clark. Too many idiots in them.

      • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

        Yeah the bleachers are no place for kids or mascots

        • ChrisFChi

          I love sitting out there, but as the years go by there’s only so much homophobic/racist BS you can put up with. I’ve started to sit over by the 1st base line. Seems much calmer in the seats.

          • DarthHater

            That was my reaction to the bleachers 30 years ago, and I was 30 years younger then…

            • ChrisFChi

              I’m in my 30′s. Sadly its seems like its the cool thing for college kids

              • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

                If you have a large crowd of people with you it is a unique experience

                • ChrisFChi

                  Myself, I tend to go alone or with another person. I actually sit and watch the game. Sometimes having a group with you makes it more fun, but most of the time I find it distracting.(I know this sounds sexist, but usually the women are clamoring on about pointless stuff. Maybe its just the people I go with, but either way it takes away from the fun IMO.)

                  Also for the record, when I’m at the yard this year for the B-day I’m going to try and get a pic of me w/Clark in my BN T-shirt.

    • Tommy

      Great point, Goat. Some folks just look for things to complain about. Seriously – are these people really fans? If I spent most my time bitching and moaning about my hobbies/interests, I think I’d find new hobbies and interests.

  • gcheezpuff

    Can he hit for power?

    • ChrisFChi

      I hope so. With that grip he will never throw the curve.

  • Greenroom

    “yeah, forget the kids. they’re dumb”. some people need to get over themselves and remember it is not always about the older fans and people who visit Cubs various blogs, etc and their needs or wants.This is harmless news. But we can see the trolls and their constant bashing of anything not meeting their direct needs as a, “or the” Cubs fan, It is annoying,grow up. My nephew is going to love Clark. If he’s happy, then I and my extended family are happy. Make some kids smile and be happy. Oh wait, making kids happy, smile and hopefully shaping them into Cubs is taking away from the Cubs signing Tanaka and fielding a winner. good grief

    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      Greenroom I couldn’t agree more

  • http://www.ehanauer.com clark addison

    I love that they named him after me.

  • Diehardthefirst

    I grew up thinking it was the Hamms Bear!

  • DarthHater

    Clark reminds me of Poochie, from the short-lived “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show.”


    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      Late to the party Darth that joke is so few hours ago, is every okay in the force? You and Emperor have been busy destroying ARod haven’t you?

      • DarthHater

        Sorry. Been in trial all day. :-P

        • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

          Is that what we are calling the Death Star now?

          • DarthHater

            This case is much worse than the Death Star.

  • Brady

    I like reading some of the comments people have made on it. “I actually think Clark the Cub is pretty cute, kid friendly and I identify with the sadness deep in his eyes.” One of the favorite quotes from today. As I am not a child, nor do I have any, I have no strong feelings one way or the other about it personally.

  • Ballgame17

    Rumor has it that the mascot will not be going into the stands, upper deck or bleachers. Just in the concourse and outside the stadium. It’s all about the kids and I’m sure he’ll be at charity events, etc. Hopefully this will be the end of Chubby Cubby (or Billy Cub as he calls himself). If you haven’t seen him, he’s a similar looking mascot outside the stadium who carries around a hand held cooler for tips that he requires if you take a pic with him. Absolute free-loader, he belongs on the rooftops with the other leaches. While we’re on the subject, get rid of Ted Butternuts’ band (5 guys playing instruments in the aisle during inning breaks) and his yellow stained pants. Also, Ronnie woo-woo needs to beat it too!! I’m sick of free-loaders, can u tell??

  • DarthHater

    I still say the Cubs should have just brought back the 1908 mascot:
    Some say it’s too terrifying for children, but I say it’s never to early for Cubs fans to start getting accustomed to facing horror.

    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      I do love that mascot

  • http://BN Sacko

    Oh oh now the rooftops can charge more to watch a game and Clark…man we are never going to get this renovation done..shucks

  • Brady

    My buddy just had a great idea. If they replace the baseball in the pictures with a can of Old Style he could be an adult themed mascot!

  • Fastball

    Now that we got a mascot. I need to sell Ricketts a couple really expensive ATV’S for that mascot.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AnotherSpaceSong Bret Epic

    Unsurprising move considering the 100 year anniversary. I wasn’t totally against the mascot idea, but this comes off as a miss to me. Not “cute” enough to be considered cute and not “cool” enough to be cool. I just think it’s sort of ugly and almost sad looking. The backwards cap doesn’t exactly help his case either. It’s like not cute, but trying to be cute bear with sad eyes and a rapist cap. Not my thing. I’d rather bring back the 1908 mascot, honestly.

  • RoscoeVillageFan

    I live near Wrigley and include it in my running route often…this mascot is the only thing moving forward in the renovation guys. Literally nothing is going to happen this off season by the looks of it. That means at least another year of delays in higher revenues and thus big league improvement. Not sure why we’re not talking about this more?!?

  • itzscott

    Three captions immediately come to mind when I look at that creepy thing….

    1) “Hey, we’ll get ‘em next time”

    2) “Hey, You can’t win ‘em all”

    3) “Hey, Wait’ll next year”

  • Cubz99

    They should have waited a few days and made the big announcement at the Cubs Convention.

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