masahiro tanakaNew Chicago Cubs manager Rick Renteria is meeting with the media right now while on a Cubs Caravan stop (where, per the Twitters, it appears that Clark the Cub was once again well-received by the kids, so there). The questions naturally turned to Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, about whom we’ve suddenly heard a lot more positive vibes as they relate to the Cubs. Various beat writers shared Renteria’s responses on Twitter.

Renteria showed some candor (hooray! please don’t shut him down, front office!) in addressing the questions. Renteria confirmed that the Cubs have met with Tanaka (Mooney), and says he was a part of those meetings (Gonzales). Although he doesn’t know where things stand with Tanaka at this point (Gonzales), Renteria says the Cubs’ pitch to him included discussion about the up-and-coming young talent (Rogers). Renteria joked that he ordered Rosetta Stone language software after the meeting, just in case (Miles).

Other than a proposed contract – which, let’s be honest, remains the number one priority for most free agents – this is probably the best thing the Cubs have on which to sell someone like Tanaka. The team was one of the worst in baseball in 2012 and 2013, and does not appear immediately poised to contend in 2014. But, legitimately, things look exceedingly bright for 2015 and beyond (especially if the Cubs are able to land a huge TV deal in the near-term). Maybe that really appeals to Tanaka, who could be both a front-of-the-rotation star in Chicago (that’s the pitch, anyway), and a part of that very youth movement.

I still think it’s a stretch that the Cubs can get Tanaka absent a contract offer that blows other suitors out of the water, but they’re clearly trying very hard.

  • DougTheBug

    Its hard to imagine salivating over the possibility of tanaka coming to chi town will soon come to an end, with only one week to go im going to miss all of the speculation and rumors, its exciting

  • TanakaWillBeACub

    He will sign a lot of the owners at the meetings said the cubs are about to blow away the competition by signing him to a huge deal

    • wasssssup

      Can you change your name to ‘hadtochangemymindbecauseiwaswrong’ if he signs else where?

  • blublud

    Not that he’ll be getting another huge contract, But CC sabathia just signed with Jay-Z.

  • Fenway Frank

    LAX – Tokyo 12h
    ORD – Tokyo 13h 15m

    Not a big deal sitting in business class.

  • Diehardthefirst

    If Cubs sign Tanaka it will be the last nail in the Cubs coffin- it will bankrupt the team and force a move after sale- think midnight move under cover of darkness- after getting out from under Sorianos contract this is the last thing needed by the team

    • blublud

      Do you live in Colorado? 😉

      • Danny Ballgame

        Hey, we legalized weed, not acid

        • cubsnivy56


      • mjhurdle

        im not sure there is enough of the substance in Colorado to alter someone’s mind enough to make it on par with Die Hard :)

        • Danny Ballgame

          Ha, very true

        • Diehardthefirst

          To commit $200,000,000 to a pitcher who gave up 12 hits in his last outing is so beyond insanity that it becomes sane to those who want it to be so

          • Bill

            Wow, he gave up 12 hits in a start. He’s terrible. I bet Kershaw has never given up 12 hits in a start. The team is doomed if they sign Tanaka, because they have so many other terrible contracts on the books.

        • blublud

          IDK, I heard they sold out pretty quick. Maybe he bought half of it.

  • Jon

    I’m envisioning a scenario come June where the Cubs have Tananka, Shark(entexnsion) and a top college arm(Beede) all in tow….

  • TanakaWillBeACub

    DieHardTheFirst when the cubs sign tanaka they will not be bankrupt you moron get your facts straight the money is there for them to spend they will have money after tanaka a lot of the owners said they would be surprised if the cubs are outbid for tanaka

    • blublud

      Hey man, while diehard ays some crazy things, we all do, there is no need to call him a moron. Things have changed around here, as have a lot of us, and diehard is a lot things, but Moron is not one that comes to mind.

  • mjhurdle

    Ken Roucka ‏@Pooch7171 4h
    “@CubsNoHitStreak: …part of this year’s Cubs Convention is you get 10 percent off if you bring a snack for C.J. Edwards.” @CEdwardsSBS

    • cubsnivy56


  • mjhurdle

    MLB Cathedrals on Twitter putting out some really neat pictures Wrigley after the renovations.

  • AdamAE24

    Part of me feels like this “push” is saving face before this guy pops for the Yankees or Dodgers. Feels a lot more like a college athlete recruitment than a free agent negotiation.

    Until I’m hearing some numbers, like, Cubs willing to go 18 mil a year over 6 Yankees are at 5 over 15 or something…I have a hard time believing that the Cubs can “blow away” the Dodgers or Yankees.

    Additionally, I have a hard time imagining this guy signing without visiting Chicago.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      If that were the case, then several other teams who have had “bad” off-seasons (e.g., the Reds, the Braves, the Phillies) would be faking pushes, too. At any rate, the Cubs and all of the other teams in on Tanaka do NOT want their numbers getting out: none of those teams wants the other teams actually knowing how much they are willing to bid. This is like a poker game in which you cannot see the other players, but instead have someone wandering around telling you what the other players have: but you know that this person is prone to exaggerating on good days, and flat-out lying on bad days.

      • Diehardthefirst

        The Phillies opening day lineup has 5 over 35.. That’s older than Yankees- and yet they get new TV deal- go figure

      • AdamAE24

        Yea but leaks usually come from sources other than the team that doesn’t want money coming out.

        Those other teams probably aren’t in the financial situation to be taken seriously in this game.

  • TanakaWillBeACub

    They won’t be bankrupt after they sign tanaka

  • Diehardthefirst

    If the Cubs are considering getting in bed with Rupert Murdoch to afford Tanaka then hang onto your wallet because tkt prices will skyrocket

  • Ivy Walls

    The sky is falling, oh my. If you want Tanaka the stars could lining up. $215M is a lot green, about $100M more than what I think Tanaka will get without the posting fee.

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