It’s Wednesday Morning in Japan, Do You Know Where Your Tanaka Is?

masahiro tanakaIt may be Tuesday night in the States, but Wednesday morning rolled around a couple hours ago (complete with another tweet from Masahiro Tanaka for people to be ridiculous about – it’s OK to admit that it’s a little fun).

So, Tanaka will be announcing any moment, right?

Eh. Maybe not.

First, you’ve got Jayson Stark hearing things …

I’m not so sure Stark’s report means much, given that we already knew about the blanket physical in Los Angeles. The question is whether the signing team will want its own doctors to get a chance to check Tanaka out. Maybe all they’ll want are the scans/files/medical history/etc.? But maybe not. This is a lot of money at stake, and, if it’s me, I want my own guys to check him out.

So, then, an announcement will come tonight?

Still not so sure. For one thing, I really doubt Tanaka’s new team is going to want him announcing anything until he’s actually signed on the dotted line. If he hops a plane for the States tonight – and he’d have to if he’s going to do a physical tomorrow – it’s possible that something will leak, but that’s far short of an official announcement. And we all know how flimsy breathless leak reports can be. (“The Cubs are the leader for Anibal Sanchez! The Cubs are out on Sanchez. The Cubs have signed Sanchez! The Tigers have kicked the Cubs in the grapes.”)

Dave Kaplan believes teams will find out what’s what by the end of Thursday, at the latest:

Incidentally, Kaplan says that’ll leave time for the Dodgers and Yankees to up their offers (a scenario I recently described as the reason I wasn’t all that impressed with reports that the Cubs were, as of this weekend, the “leader” for Tanaka):

If that wasn’t enough to bring you down for the rest of the evening, Jeff Passan earlier offered some additional cold water:

That tweet stopped me in my tracks, because, if all of the bids are clustered in the same area – as opposed to the Cubs having a far outlier – it’s extremely hard to see Tanaka selecting the Cubs over, for example, the Yankees or Dodgers. Passan didn’t stop there …

To the extent the brevity makes that tricky to read, Passan is saying that most folks believe the rumors about the Cubs blowing away the field are spurious (aka false).

Have a good night everyone!

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

138 responses to “It’s Wednesday Morning in Japan, Do You Know Where Your Tanaka Is?”

  1. willis

    This is pretty simple…if LAD get back involved as has been mentioned, and they’re close on the money, they win. If they don’t win, then the Yankees win. Even if the Cubs really are the top bidder, I just can’t see them beating out one of those two. Arguably the most storied two franchises in baseball, big Japanese populations, ready to win now (Dodgers more than Yankees of course).

  2. brainiac

    “spurious” – could a better term have been used to describe the outcome of “the plan”?

  3. runningflannel

    I just want this roller coaster of Tanaka-induced hope-and-then-sorrow to end.

  4. AdamAE24

    Regardless of singing Tanaka or not, if he didn’t want to come play for a “loser” (just looking at real baseball standings over the past few years), it makes sense for the Cubs F.O. to leak a lot of big numbers and big rumors.

  5. Blackhawks1963

    This stupid drama continues to drag out for obvious reason. And that reason is Tanaka really wants to play for the Dodgers and is hoping they get their bid up to the level of the Yankees or Cubs. His backup plan if he can’t get comfortable with a lower offer from the Dodgers? Simple. He becomes a Yankee.

    1. brainiac

      my guess is that you’re right here. if he has a comparable offer from a perennial contender with good ownership, why would choose a team that relies more on smoke and mirrors than good old fashioned put-a-good-team-on-the-field-and-play-your-best baseball?

      1. willis

        He won’t. If it’s somewhat close $$ wise, he’s never coming to the Cubs, and the Dodgers and Yankees both have a bagillion dollars. So they can make competitive bids.

        1. Blackhawks1963

          The Tanaka’s want to live and and play in Los Angeles. Dodgers want him, but had the “luxury” of probably low balling tier contract offer. I imagine Casey Close is glued to a telephone talking with Ned Coletti and the money man with the Dodgers. The Yankees will be his backup plan.

          1. ssckelley

            Lmao, now you are repeating yourself in your own thread.

            Say it 5 more times before you go to bed.

            1. DarthHater

              Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice…

          2. Rebuilding

            Are you willing to say the Cubs have a better than 0% chance? Because if not, no one takes you seriously. They made a good offer. I think we can all agree on that and let the chips fall where they may

            1. brainiac

              it’s a bit more complex than that, no? if we fail to land tanaka with the best offer it’s a direct result of “the plan”. can we at least agree about the obvious? losing as a strategy for winning will have alienated needed free agents. it’s disturbing, really.

              1. woody

                You Sir hit the nail right on the head. A franchise that has hands down have the most loyal fans in baseball have seriously damaged their ability to attract top level FA talent.

                1. Voice of Reason

                  The cubs have not lost the ability to land top free agents.

                  Jesus you people are so dramatic.

                  Cano would have come if we would have offered him $300 million over 10 years.

                  The Tanaka thing is a rare exception.

                  Choo would have come if we offered him more money than the rangers. Garza would sign right now if we met his demands.

                  Stop with the “they won’t sign here” drama.

                  1. woody

                    If that was true then Samardzija would already be extended. There are players that put winning over money.

                    1. Voice of Reason


                      That’s not true. Shark wants paid like he’s an ace. The cubs don’t want to pay him that kind of money.

                      Now, if the cubs offered him $18 million a year for 7 years do you think he would sign? Of course he would. Again, validating my point. Show the players the money and they will sign with us.

                  2. jp3


                    VOR is wound up tonight, can’t blame you VOR. It is fairly nerve-racking waiting for him to shoot us down.

            2. ssckelley

              I think he has said that a billion times as well.

            3. Blackhawks1963

              I have no doubt the Cubs made a strong offer. Probably the best offer. But there is still zero chance he comes to the Cubs. I don’t delight in satin that. But it’s been the reality since day one. I’m 100% supportive of the Theo strategy. Losing on Tanaka is out of Theo’s control. It just is.

              1. ssckelley

                Do you have something lined up next week to repeat on here over and over?

                1. mjhurdle

                  he was throwing the “Baez needs a ton more time in the minors” thing around a couple weeks ago. I imagine that we will be hearing a lot more about that coming up.

                  1. ssckelley

                    Or start in again on how bad Kottaras is.

                    1. mjhurdle

                      is it too early to for him to start a “Homer Bailey has 0% chance to come to the Cubs?”

                  2. Blackhawks1963

                    Hmm. I think what I said that I believe Baez needs another near full year in the minors.

                    Thanks for playing our game.

          3. mjhurdle

            “The Tanaka’s want to live and and play in Los Angeles.”

            you should become a Twitter insider. With your sources, you could be almost as accurate as everyone else!

          4. Cheese Chad

            Blackhawk playing the role of Arnold. “Come with me if you want to live…… in LA.” Because somehow I know where you want to live.

          5. Kevin

            I suspect you are correct BlackHawk. I think they want LA but LA is not the top bidder now so they are working on getting LA offer up

        2. CubFan Paul

          “the Dodgers and Yankees both have a bagillion dollars. So they can make competitive bids”

          The Cubs have at least $30M-$35M in available resources to make a competitive offer.

          1. willis

            True, but so what? It’s not what Tanaka wants, and the Yanks and Dodgers can get close to that with their resources. That’s all they have to do, be in the ballpark and they win.

            1. CubFan Paul

              “True, but so what?”

              Getting close won’t be enough when you don’t have enough (or the #want to spend $20M on your 3rd starter)

  6. jp3

    I say go in for $180 million for 7 years… You know why? to stick it to the Yankees and dodgers, one of those idiots won’t be able to stand it and completely blow $200 on him. I really hate those 2 franchises.

    1. brainiac

      just for the record, me too. but i have to admit that last year made me jealous of the fact that they put revenues into the team, instead of ownership profits or weird side projects. if you’re going to be big market and have tons of money, you might as well pay the labor who gain those profits.

      1. jp3

        As much as I hate the dodgers/Yankees/evil empire/grape kickers it’s our own damn fault, we’re trying to sell this guy on hopes and dreams and “hey you just wait til next year”. I’m pretty sure his agent told him don’t buy that line.

        1. willis

          Yep. Well said and it should be obvious to everyone. The problem is that it isn’t.

        2. DarthHater

          I’m pretty sure his agent will encourage him to go wherever the agent will get the most money.

          1. willis

            If that were the case, and the cubs really did blow away the field as we are led to believe…then why isn’t he a cub? The agent wants to make his client happy. Especially at this age. In 6 years or so, this dude, if good in the majors, is in for another major pay day. I’m sure the agent wants to be around for that, so making Tanaka’s best possible situation in this case may outweigh the money.

            1. DarthHater

              Let’s say the Cubs’ offer is $5 million per year higher than the next highest offer. If I’m the agent, I’m gonna suggest to Tanaka that you can buy a fair amount of happiness with an extra $30 million. Of course, if he really wants to go to a particular city, then it’s the agent’s job to help him get there and get the best deal possible.

              As for why is he not yet a Cub, maybe he (and his agent) think that there’s still time for higher bids to come in.

              I don’t deny that the Cubs’ offer will probably have to be significantly higher than others to attract this player and that it is unlikely that will happen. But I see no reason to jump to conclusions. Teams have sometimes been known to make crazy high offers to free agents that far exceed what other teams offer.

              1. jp3

                But what if I have my “jump to conclusions mat” handy?

              2. willis

                What you said at the end of your first paragraph is spot on and what I’m thinking. What helps me with that is this agent is going to bet on this guy big time. He gets him big money and in the city he wants, he’ll be forever thankful and keep the agent on board. Come 2018-2019, dude will cash in on another deal and this guy will get two major deal commissions. That’s my thinking…keep him very happy and bet on his success.

                1. baldtaxguy

                  That is a very plausible scenario. But pitchers are not invincible and cash in hand today should be viewed by both player and agent today as most valuable.

            2. mjhurdle

              but in 6 years or so, when Tanaka is looking at getting his one last pay-day, is he going back to the agent that got him the most possible money the last time, or the agent that encouraged him to take a smaller offer?
              Much like Tanaka’s motivations, no one knows for sure, it could go either way.
              As to why he isn’t a Cub yet, it is the same reason he isn’t a Yakee or Dodger yet. Even if he really only wanted to be a Yankee/Cub/Dodger, he and his agent are presumably smart enough to let teams play against each other instead of taking the first offer. The only thing better than playing for your favorite team for 6 years/110 millions is playing for your favorite team for 8 years/ 160 million.

            3. Kevin

              He is not a Cub yet if the Cubs blew the field away because he will want to see of the Dodgers will increase or match the offer or come close. Thats why. Why should he accept an offer until he has to, for all we know teams are increasing the offers or at least his agent is trying to get them to.

              1. baldtaxguy

                Yes. There is a deadline and therefore the process cannot drag out.

          2. jp3

            This is true Darth most of the time, I just think he’s got too many other people to answer to otherwise you’re exactly right. Agents bend their clients ear in whatever it takes for them to be able to buy that new boat next summer.

            1. DarthHater

              Yea, I’m not saying that Tanaka won’t follow reasons other than money, I just don’t think that his agent is the one who will push him in that direction.

              1. jp3

                The obvious answer in all this is… Who the hell knows and nobody knows sh@&. Just ready to be over so we can move on to the next Obsessive Watch

                1. DarthHater

                  Oh, crap. I think you just started the Obsessive “Obsessive Watch” Watch. :-D

                  1. jp3

                    I’ve been standing at the urinal at work way too much at work lately reading Brett’s Obsessive watch postings, my workmates are going to get the wrong idea on what I’m doing soon…

        3. DocPeterWimsey

          If his agent (Casey Close) is as smart as reputed, then he’ll be telling Tanaka not to buy that line from the Yanks, too. Even with their FA signings, they probably will be worse than last year: and they were fundamentally a 0.450 team last year.

          Losing Cano will be (at best) just offset by Els and McCann, and they lost the one true closer in recent baseball history to boot. Yes, they are getting Jeter and Teix back, but who knows what Jeter will have to offer, and if they move him to 3rd and let Ryan play SS, then the offense takes a still bigger hit. Couple that with the fact that the AL East is still ridiculous (the Sox, Rays and O’s all have fundamentally much stronger teams, and the Jays probably are as good or better), and we could be looking at a pre-Jeter era type slump in the Bronx coming up.

          1. brainiac

            they’re going to be old fogies, but let’s not pretend that they won’t contend. toronto should be improved again this year too, now that the entire team is no longer injured. but with tanaka, my money would go on the yanks to make the playoffs.

          2. Blackhawks1963

            It’s the Yankees and all the mystique and 28 World Series Championships. The most storied franchise in all of professional sports has always held deep appeal to many players. To think the Yankees are dead and buried is silly. They will reload. They always do.

            1. Rebuilding

              True. We can analyze the Yankees all we want. But their still the Yankees. The most famous franchise in the world. Thanks for your input tonight Darth. It’s good stuff

              1. DarthHater

                Who, me?


            2. DocPeterWimsey

              How? You cannot buy what is not for sale, and the Yanks upcoming needs will not be on the FA market. Their farm system is bad and it is not going to be a source for trades or to fill the holes that they will have.

              The Yankee dynasty that is just ending worked because they had plus bats at the hard-to-acquire skill positions and multiple good starters. The major FA signings were for the occassional starter or good bats to put at 1st or corner OF. Those plus bats at skill positions have gone the way of all mortal flesh as has the pitching staff.

              For good or ill, one side-effect of the new CBA is that the Yankees probably won’t be good again for a while for one reason: there simply cannot do anything about it.

              1. Rebuilding

                I’m with you, Doc. But people still buy Kleenex because its Kleenex. You of all people should leave total rationality at the door, because its rational. Fuck, for all AI know he loves Indiana Jones III

                1. CubFan Paul

                  No love for the Last Crusade?

                  I’m a Temple of Doom guy because my mom had that VHS, so I grew up for a while thinking that was the 1st movie.

              2. jp3

                I don’t know Doc, we’ve been thinking what they’ve been doing is unsustainable for years now and that bubble hasn’t burst yet. I thought this year then they signed Beltran, McCann, and Ellsburry.

        4. fortyonenorth

          I’m pretty sure his agent doesn’t give a crap where he signs–as long as it’s for top dollar.

          1. Cheese Chad

            Yeah, I don’t know but I would assume Tanaka doesn’t care too much about the history of the Yankees. I could be wrong though.

            1. Rebuilding

              Hey, I’m still saying the Cubs, cheesedicks. As from the start. But you would be a fool to say the Yankee brand doesn’t say something

            2. baldtaxguy

              I would not underestimate what the Yankees mean to international players over other teams.

          2. Kevin


  7. woody

    So spurious is synonymous with with Loxas?

  8. Beast Mode

    No reason for Tanaka to announce early, the money will only go up.

    1. Kevin

      Well said Beast! What benefit does he have to announce early? NONE!

  9. Geech

    I’m starting to hope that Tanaka signs with the Cubs just to prove Jeff Passan wrong.

    1. DarthHater

      “I’m starting to hope that Tanaka signs with the Cubs just to prove Blackhawks wrong.”

      FTFY ;-)

  10. Diehardthefirst

    A physical is meaningless – it’s like buying a pork chop that looks good thru the display window–won’t know if its good until 3 days after you eat it but by then its too late

    1. Voice of Reason

      A physical is meaningless?


      1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

        Its DieHard. Nuff said.

    2. BlackJeep

      I’ve seen enough of your comments to know I shouldn’t bother, but that is absolutely ridiculous. If you’re a GM and you’re going to invest $120+ million of your owners’ money in a guy for 6-7 years, you certainly aren’t going to do it if there are physical issues or concerns, which is why you do a physical. It is not meaningless….just ask Grant Balfour. You won’t be a GM for long if you sign big checks for players without doing due diligence.

  11. Stogie

    I think a lot of the baseball media like to start rumors about the Cubs being the favorite, highest bidder, etc., just to pour cold water over all of us and kill our hope.

    1. jp3

      And generate clicks on Cubs, Yanks and Dodgers fans for their sits… Probably generate more clicks than Royals, Reds, Blue Jays will.

      1. ClevelandCubsFan

        You know, that’s exactly the kind of market inefficiency a team like the Royals should exploit. Too bad for them.

        1. Cheese Chad

          Honestly Diehard has the best comments overall. Sorry to others who think they do. Diehard makes me have the laughter.

          1. jp3

            Is “the laughter” some kind of virus? And you got it from diehard?

      2. Kevin

        I have not clicked on one of the teams websites yet, their websites are not the place to go for info on the Tanaka sweepstakes. What are the teams going to say? Most are keeping quite out of respect to Tanaka’s wishes.

  12. Beast Mode

    If we outbid everyone by significant amount and still lose out( I’m not so sure we would) this will be the best ammo for the dual-front argument. And the FO may have not thought they would have so much trouble louring FA’s. I have been on board with the rebuild and think they have done a good job so far, but I hope this is not a sign of things to come when it comes to the Free Agent market.

    1. Voice of Reason

      So, beast mode, do you think cano would have told the cubs no if they would have offered him what he originally wanted which was $30 millions year for 10 years?

      1. Beast Mode

        No,I think he would have taken that in a heartbeat, but this will be his last contract of his career. He doesn’t care about winning so much as getting paid. Which is fine.

        1. Voice of Reason

          And Garza would come back if we met his demands and choo would have signed if we would met his original demands.

          Players will come here tomorrow and in the future. Just show them the money.

          1. Beast Mode

            In regards to Cano, I think the FO Believes they will have a player almost as good at a fraction of the price. Whether it would be Baez, or another one of the young prospects.

  13. Diehardthefirst

    If by some miracle the Cubs get Tanaka does this financial commitment affect renovations? They may scale back and even scrap Jumbotron at least until Rooftoppers deal is over ?

    1. DarthHater


      1. Voice of Reason

        I think diehard the first smokes really good pot.

    2. ClevelandCubsFan

      Why? Because making more money would make it harder to pay Tanaka money? The renovations have some upfront costs, but they are about MAKING money–big money.

    3. Kevin

      Huh??? they cannot afford renovations that are being financed out of pocket by the Ricketts family because they would have signed Tanaka? And they would not get the Jumbotron that GENERATES revenue because they would have signed Tanaka?


  14. Fenway Frank

    Regarding a failed Tanaka bid, Why is signing Maholm a reasonable alternative, but signing Garza is met with derision?

    1. Blackhawks1963

      Because Garza is an asshat who wore out his welcome in Tampa and Chicago.
      Bad teammate syndrome and Nick Swisher disease. Plus his arm is of dubious health. Not happening again in Chicago.

      1. Kevin

        Garza wore out his welcome in Tampa? Really? How so? Because they traded him. Blackhawk they traded him because that is what Tampa does. They trade the guys before they reach free agency, that is there model. So you believe David Price has “worn out his welcome” since they are looking to trade him?

    2. mjhurdle

      personally i would take Garza over Maholm. Im not sure I would want Malholm back regardless of price. He was not very good last year.
      I think a lot of the Garza derision comes from people believing the narrative that Garza was a jerk.

    3. Kevin

      Fenway I am a big supporter of bringing Garza back! Then again it depends on the deal, I like 3 years at between $45 – $52 million. If he wants 4-5 years then I think we need to pass.

  15. Beast Mode

    To me it seems like Garza left a bad feeling in the mouth of the Cubs FO and Vice Versa. I don’t think his talent is the problem so much as the personality.

    1. baldtaxguy

      I heard and read such reports but the dots don’t connect for me. Seemed to be a favorite teammate and relatively good employee.

  16. Beast Mode

    We’ll that was pretty unanimous!!

  17. NorthSideIrish

    If Tanaka chooses the Dodgers for financial/winning/wife/cultural reasons, I will be disappointed, but I will understand it. If he chooses an aging, dysfunctional Yankees team, then I will be confused.

    1. BlackJeep

      I agree with you. His wife is Mai Satoda which apparently is a pop star and model in Japan. If you know anything about Japanese pop culture, you can see why those considerations are important. Players choose the money most of the time but if the money is equal or close… the safe choice is LA.

      1. CubFan Paul

        “but if the money is equal or close… the safe choice is LA”

        Theo&Co aren’t dumb. They know this too.

        They also have the most financial flexibility because of their low payroll. I don’t see LA matching.

    2. Beast Mode

      I agree, if his agent lets him go to the Yanks he may be setting him up for failure…10-15 years ago I would have said the Yanks are the hands down favorite. But with the state of the club now,I believe his agent will be doing Tanaka a disservice.

    3. NorthSideIrish

      I should probably add that if he signs with another team, I will also likely be avoiding BN for a few days just to avoid the “I told you so-ers”, “the rebuild is a failure”, and “Ricketts is cheap” crowds.

      1. DarthHater

        Well, it’s not like those people actually wait for something to happen before they complain about it… :-P

      2. When The Musics Over

        There is absolutely no fun in that.

        I really try not to be a told you so type of person when it comes to arguments, but if you argue with people about stuff (not saying you directly), you have to embrace the told you so’s that may come your way. Same as you should admit defeat. Many people like to argue, but don’t like to admit if their opinion falls on the wrong side. And if you admit defeat, you often get to avoid the I told you so!!!

        Either way, avoiding the spastic fall out one way or another is no fun.

        1. DarthHater

          I don’t like I-told-you-so’s, but I think one has to make an exception for Blackhawks1963, if the opportunity arises. :-D

          1. When The Musics Over

            There are absolutely situations that call for shit in face rubbing. He is been such a boob about it this whole time, including the rinse, wash, repeat commenting. Honestly, he could have been a poster child for The Dare Program say no to drugs broken record technique.

          2. ssckelley

            That would be a dumb move on his part. If the Cubs do not land Tanaka the fans here are not going to be very receptive of anything Blackhawks has to say.

      3. YourResidentJag

        Well, maybe if Tomoyuki Sugano puts up another good season, the Cubs can acquire him.

        1. SenorGato

          The next rotation stud from Japn is Shintaro Fujinami. Unfortunately that is years away…Tanaka or bust!

          1. YourResidentJag

            I would give up on Sugano.

            1. YourResidentJag


  18. waffle

    anyone who thinks the cubs have no shot is just being a jerk.

    Let’s say the Dodgers or the Yankees had put a decent/near cubbies offer out there, perhaps this merry go round would have been over already. But what if they hadn’t and his preference really was one of those 2? Then you could certainly theorize that these added days are to put the pressure on them to come up with a competitive offer.

    Maybe the talk that the cubbies do have the high bid is just that.

    All theories at this point, but I don’t see this dragging out for a few extra days as necessarily a bad thing, other than for the sanity of our fellow BN’rs.

    1. When The Musics Over

      Anyone who is completely absolute on any side of an argument without hard facts to rely upon to support their opinion is a boob. Too bad it happens constantly (we all do it, some more than others, some more vehemently than others, and some are just plain assholes about it).

  19. AdamAE24

    Anyone else find it funny that the old posting system may have benefited the Cubs in this case?

    1. RoscoeVillageFan

      It’s not even close. The Rangers were able to sign Darvish for six years and $63 mil? I know it was after paying over $60mil just to talk to him but seriously, wouldn’t you rather have that going forward than Tanaka at $125 mil over 6 years? That posting fee for Darvish is just a sunk cost at that point. Tanaka making over $20 mil a year handcuffs the team just like any big contract. I’ll be excited if the cubs get him but not upset if he goes elsewhere for big money. It’s an awful lot of money.

      1. BWA

        With equal total financial commitment it would be better for the team to pay the salary rather than a huge posting fee.

        1. Kevin

          I agree completely BWA. Its not like the Cubs have an issue with staying under the salary cap so who cares, its the same money.

          1. Cheese Chad

            Less of the fact that it would save the Cubs money. More so because they could post a crazier blind bid than the other teams and not have to negotiate against anyone for a contract. It had been stated by sources before that a blind bid would have benefited the Cubs in being able to land Tanaka.

  20. mjhurdle

    could someone please go tweet something about Tanaka signing somewhere?
    it doesn’t have to be true, but im going through withdrawals here.
    Need to read another “Tanaka is down to 5 teams, now 2 teams, now 3 teams, now everyone is still in play, now just the Yankees and the Cubs, now the Dodgers too maybe”

  21. Evolution

    I think Tanaka should announce the winner “Pulp Fiction” style…

    On live camera, he opens up a box in the basement…and drags a decrepit hooded figure across the room.

    They’re beaten until they whimper…and, then…the leather hood is ripped away to reveal…


    1. mjhurdle

      Maybe ‘Seven’ style?

      He could be on the phone from Japan, while on TV we see Peter Gammons and Tim Kurkjian (sp?) pacing around a shipping box, all the while Tim is yelling ‘Whats in the box?!! Tell me!!! Whats in the box?!’

      1. Evolution

        Star Wars-style…the winner is fired into an exhaust port, and blows up the Death Star.

  22. Kevin

    MLB TV just stated that Tanaka has allegedly indicated the decision is coming in the next 12-18 hours

    1. mjhurdle

      i won’t believe it until i see a tweet from some random person using Google Translate. That is the only way to be sure.

  23. Joshua Edwards

    Link to the Sponichi news source about Tanaka’s pitching session.

    AND…the Google translate of that page…

    “Mr. Masahiro Tanaka… penetrating silence, three consecutive days practicing deadline is the 25th

    The 22nd, Tanaka Masahiro pitcher of Rakuten looking to the U.S. Major League Baseball moved by using the new posting system was practiced in a row the 3rd indoor practice field of Kobosuta Miyagi, home, but according to an interview with the press no, I was through the silence.

    Negotiation period on the posting system is closing in on (7:00 on the 25th Japan time) 17:00 the 24th Eastern time. Attention is high every day, Yankees, Dodgers, and Cubs and is reported as a powerful Transfers destination in the U.S. media.

    Around is gaining the quack, but Tanaka himself moved the body as usual, such as knock or catch the ball.”

    Pretty clear to me that the ducks can commence rumoring…

  24. Joshua Edwards

    Also, “Around is gaining the quack, but Tanaka himself moved the body as usual, such as knock or catch the ball” should be every Cubs fans’ personal mantra until Tanaka signs.

    It’s really the only sane thing to say.

  25. CubFanBob

    Wonder if there will be a blacklash vs the dodgers across the league if they sign Tanaka.

  26. baldtaxguy

    Sorry if I am duplicating this, but I thought this was an interesting read.

  27. Laffing Lawyer

    @SteveGilbertMLB: Baseball Source: #Dbacks no longer in running for Tanaka. Story soon on

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