jason mcleod cubsSome of you may be checking back in for the first time in a while after the extended weekend, and I’d strongly encourage you to read the four pieces yesterday summing up everything that came out of the Cubs Convention. There are numerous substantive bits in each post – the kinds of things that change narratives around here going forward – and I’m going to presume folks know what I’m talking about when I say the renovation will be done in four years, or other things like that. The four pieces, again, for those who missed them: the state of the renovation and rooftop saga, the Cubs’ TV deal, the question of whether the Cubs can/will spend money, and several player and prospect notes.

  • It’s not quite time to discuss the 2014 MLB Draft with any kind of particularity – as in, it’s not reasonable yet to say the Cubs are going to take Player X – but the topic did come up this weekend at the Convention. Scouting and Player Development Chief Jason McLeod told Mark Gonzales that the Cubs do know now who their top five prospects are heading into the upcoming amateur season (the Cubs pick fourth), though he left open that possibility that someone can always explode on the scene. The college and high school seasons start in about a month, so that’s when things will really start to heat up, as far as the draft goes. At this point in the year, although the Cubs may know their top five, all you can really say is that the top two arms in the draft are pretty clearly college lefty Carlos Rodon and righty Jeff Hoffman. From there, some of the top prospects are believed to be college righty Tyler Beede, college shortstop Trea Turner, high school catcher Alex Jackson, high school shortstop Jacob Gatewood, and high school righties Tyler Kolek and Touki Toussaint. Will the the front office take its first pitcher at the top this year? Rodon won’t be there at four, and Hoffman is extremely unlikely to fall that far, either. I could think of a few reasons the Cubs might hope Beede really puts it together this year, giving them a possible college arm at number four (one who has previously worked with Cubs minor league pitching coordinator Derek Johnson, I might add). As always, though, they’re going to take the best available talent.
  • Jeff Samardzija is a hoss, and, thus, he would like to throw 230 innings in 2014. That would be an increase of about 17 innings from last year, and would have put Samardzija in the top three in baseball last year (hell, he was already 11th). If Samardzija’s consistency takes another step forward, and he adds another 15 innings in a healthy year? That’d be great for the Cubs, but it would be even better for Samardzija, who would then be just a year away from free agency, looking like a clear number two.
  • Danny Ecker at Crain’s reports something awfully interesting: the Ricketts Family was followed by cameras at the Convention this weekend, recording them for a new-ish Showtime program, “60 Minutes Sports.” A feature on the Ricketts will be included in the April 2 installment of the show, and you can see a few more details there in Ecker’s report.
  • A great read from Patrick Mooney on new Cubs hitting coach Bill Mueller, the Rookie Development Program, and the 2004 ALCS.
  • There’s a job fair at Kane County on February 1.
  • A really interesting interview with Omar Minaya about the process of signing international prospects in the Dominican Republic.
  • BN’er Chris was at the Convention this weekend, and he offers a unique perspective being both a first-timer, and a vendor.
  • I was on a podcast last night, the name of which I’m not sure I can write here … but we discussed a variety of Cubs things, as well as Pokemon baseball puns.
  • mdavis

    Really a fan of Beede. If he can put it together and cut down the walks, has that #1 potential, a college arm at a major program so you’d like to think he’s a little closer. Obviously the DJ connection.

    • Xruben31

      I think he has the highest potential of all the college arms.

      • Greenroom

        Sign me up. At #4, I will take Beede, every time. Especially with the DJ connection, Beede could be rockin’ in no time.

        • mdavis

          agreed. and like i said i’d to think he could start at advanced level and move up quickly. start seeing those “waves” theo was talking about. maybe him and pierce, edwards, etc on the cusp around the same time….but i digress, draft is only 6 months away and we’re buried in snow. damn.

    • chirogerg1

      Beede had serious command issues last year. As a Vanderbilt student, I would be ecstatic to see him succeed, especially with the Cubs, but he really does need to show that those issues are a thing of the past. It’s hard to find a 70 FB/70 CH combination with an ideal body, but there needs to be caution here.

  • Xruben31

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za8jya92W5g video of Tanakas 200 strikeouts.

    • itzscott

      Anyone know why team names and player names on Japanese jerseys are spelled out in English lettering and not Japanese characters?

      • danimal8

        The symbol set is called Kanji. It is just one of a few forms used by the Japanese. They are all interchangeable. They have multiple symbol sets including the Latin alphabet. Certain sets are just used more regularly in certain situations.

  • baldtaxguy

    “Touki Toussaint”?

    Not even doing any reasearch on him – but I want him on my team 100% just for the name.

    • Greenroom

      That is my last name. It is pretty cool to begin with, but then you add in the “Touki”. sold.

  • bleedingcubbieblue

    I saw something on Alex Jackson the other day and the scouts seem to really like him. I don’t know that much about him myself, but it sounds like he might be a great pick if the Cubs don’t use their first rounder on a pitcher.

    • Cubsleeram

      I think his main knock is that he will probably have to move off C to go to the OF.

      • ssckelley

        Not from the scout reports I have read, they say he is a pretty darn good catcher. The only way I see him getting moved is because of his bat. The scouts love his power and have been mentioning this about him since he was a freshman.

        The Cubs seem to want to corner the market on power, if this guy is available at #4 I can see them taking him. Assuming another Kris Bryant does not emerge from the college ranks.

        • chirogerg1

          Or another Jonathan Gray

  • roz

    It’s still a dream right now, but I’m having visions of us signing Tanaka, Samardzija putting it together and signing an extension, and us taking a big college arm in the draft. Giving me chills thinking about that. Of course now that I’m thinking of that, Tanaka is going to sign with the Yankees, we’re going to trade Samardzjia for prospects, and we’ll take another high school bat in the draft who we won’t see for 3-4 years.

    • Fishin Phil

      roz, you do realize that typing it out makes it even less likely to happen.

      le sigh

      • roz

        I know, I ruined everything :(

  • Having Faith

    According to MLB.com, Kris Bryant is the No. 2 ranked 3rd basemen going into 2014 :)

    • Isaac

      I’ll take him first.

  • brainiac

    without jason mcleod the cubs would be charlie brown’s baseball team

    • mr. mac

      Charlie Brown is a big Joe Garagiola fan.

  • http://www.chicagocubsbleachertickets.com Cub Fan Dan

    “the Ricketts Family was followed by cameras at the Convention this weekend, recording them for a new-ish Showtime program, “60 Minutes Sports.” A feature on the Ricketts will be included in the April 2 installment of the show”

    Hence, the “neighbor stealing Showtime” example he used for the rooftop issue. Shameless plug!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Heh. I thought that, too.

  • mdavis

    Hey Brett (or anyone else with some thoughts on it), anyone feel that the we may hear of a Tanaka decision this evening? it’ll be 9am in his neck of the woods at about 6pm chicago time tonight….needs to be able to travel to the states to take a physical and get paperwork done.

    • brainiac

      if he chooses the cubs it’ll be a huge momentum changer!

    • BlameHendry

      Yes he will most likely publicly confirm his decision to sign with the Yankees tonight.

      • blublud

        Really. Why the Yankees?

        • hansman

          Because the Yankees are so much better than the Cubs. I mean they’re awesome.

          Don’t you know the Cubs have a negative eleventy bajillion percent chance of getting him.

          • blublud

            Oh. So their odds of getting him have increased. I read a report that they had increased but didn’t believe it. It was negative 17474747747478392983747747373772766465859373736477

        • BlameHendry

          Because the Yanks are more likely to hand out contracts that are just silly, and if Tanaka wants to win, why wouldn’t he sign with the team that has the ability to simply buy a World Series title?

          • blublud

            Because the Yankee odds of winning now and in the future are about as good as the Cubs. But the Cubs don’t have the crippling contracts the Yanks have moving forward.

          • mjhurdle

            so what you are saying is that the Yankees have only chosen to buy a World Series once since 2000, even though they could be doing it every year?
            Seems like a flawed organizational model there…

            • DarthHater

              Logic? We don’t need no stinking logic!

            • blublud

              Since 2000

              Red Sox 3
              Giants 2
              Cards 2
              Marlins 1
              DBacks 1
              White Sox 1
              Angels 1
              Phillies 1
              Yankees 1

              The Yanks have won a whopping 7.6% of the Chips since 2000. How good exactly is that buying thing going.

              • ssckelley


                Still better than the Cubs strategy during that same time period.

                (yes I had to be THAT guy)

                • Scotti

                  That would be the Trib’s strategy, not the Cubs. The Cubs would have LOVED to have had the facilities and media contracts that generated enough income to paper over injuries/mistakes the way that Boston and the Yankees have had. Neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees ever once were forced to choose between development and on field play. Never once. That’s on the Trib (and later Zell) not some Cub strategy.

                  • aaronb

                    The revenue has always been there. Especially in relation to the rest of the NL Central.

                    It’s about choices and the greed versus competitive nature choices that were made.

                    Having a Co. as opposed to a single decision culpable owner didn’t help. One is accountable to shareholders, the other is accountable to his own ego.

                    Unfortunately we’ve always seemed to be on the short end of the ownership stick.

                    • Scotti

                      “The revenue has always been there.”

                      Revenue for the Trib? Yes. Revenue for the Cubs to spend? Nothing, absolutely nothing, like the big market, national team that the Cubs are. It doesn’t come close.

                      On one side, the City of Chicago refused to allow the team to operate as a business for years and we, the fans, stood by and said, Okay (the Trib also failed to ever come up with an actual improvement plan for Wrigley to even TRY to get through the Chicago Machine–piecemeal here and piecemeal there was the best we ever got). On the other side, the Tribune made shifty deals with the WGN TV and radio contracts and we, the fans, stood by and said, Okay.

                      “Especially in relation to the rest of the NL Central.”

                      First, it has been too close for too long. These NLC teams have new stadiums with revenue streams the Cubs simply don’t have. Blame the Trib and/or the Chicago Machine, but the team has never had the resources to eat an injury or bad contract.

                      “Having a Co. as opposed to a single decision culpable owner didn’t help. One is accountable to shareholders, the other is accountable to his own ego.”

                      The Trib was never accountable to its shareholders re. the Cubs. They actually HURT their shareholders by not investing in the Cubs. They HURT their shareholders by bleeding funds from the Cubs into the WGN coffers. That all made the Trib management look better–quarter by quarter–than they actually were, but it hurt what should have been their biggest single asset. The Trib sold what should have been a multi-billion dollar asset for $845 million (and it took a lot of lipstick to get this pig to look THAT good).

                      “Unfortunately we’ve always seemed to be on the short end of the ownership stick.”

                      I like the side of the stick we’re on. Yes, Cubs revenue should go to service the debt. Hell, it should pay every penny of the debt. But new ownership is finally building the team into what it should be–into what its FANS can make it–one of the top two grossing baseball teams. Win a couple World Series and the Cubs, with the right business plan. could be THE top grossing team in baseball.

                    • aaronb

                      I will fully admit that the Trib gave itself less than full market media rights for the Cubs.

                      However lets not pretend that the revenues haven’t been there all along for this to be a juggernaut. Despite the fact that we have performed historically bad over the last 5 years. This STILL is a top 5 valuation/revenue and profit team according to forbes. And has been for over a decade now, All this DESPITE the new revenue streams that are supposedly the reason we must run this team like the Florida Marlins.


                    • Scotti

                      Aaron, top 5 doesn’t a juggernaut make. The Cubs are simply far south of where they should be (and those Forbes figures are based on 2012 revenues). To make matters worse, the Cubs are far and away the “leaders” in debt ratio and that includes stadium debt. The Cubs have no stadium debt. Yet. When you add $300M on top of the current debt, that 58% goes even higher–massively so.

                      The Zell deal (partnership not sale) does not allow for juggernaut spending on payroll. The City screwing around with the Cubs, and Cub fans, does not allow for juggernaut spending.

                      Prior to the Ricketts, the Trib simply sat on resources and let the Cubs get by with 7th-15th (15th!) level payrolls (2000-2008–Zell never paid for his “spending spree”–those bills came due in 2009).

                    • CubFan Paul

                      “Aaron, top 5 doesn’t a juggernaut make”

                      It should.

                      Even before the booming tv contracts the Cubs were comfortably third in revenue.

                      I’m with aaronb

                      “The revenue has always been there.”

                    • Scotti

                      “Aaron, top 5 doesn’t a juggernaut make”

                      “It should.”

                      Given that a juggernaut is a “massive inexorable force” that “crushes whatever is in its path” it isn’t possible that 1 in 6 of MLB teams be juggernauts.

                      “Even before the booming tv contracts the Cubs were comfortably third in revenue.”

                      No. The Trib was third among ownership in revenue. The Cubs were not given anywhere NEAR that kind of money to spend. As late as 2008 the Cubs were 8th in payroll and the highest they were prior to that the entire decade was 7th.

                      “I’m with aaronb ‘The revenue has always been there.’ ”

                      I’m not altogether sure Aaron is with you on this. He has acceded to the fact that the Trib getting revenue is not the same as the Cubs getting revenue.

                    • CubFan Paul

                      “the Trib getting revenue is not the same as the Cubs getting revenue”

                      That’s not what i’m talking about.

                      Before exploding tv contracts, the Cubs were third in total revenue to only the Yanks and Sawx.

                    • Scotti

                      “That’s not what i’m talking about.”

                      That IS what the rest of us were talking about.

                      “Before exploding tv contracts, the Cubs were third in total revenue to only the Yanks and Sawx.”

                      Again, fine. I was discussing the distinction between the Cubs revenues and what the owner allowed them to keep. Going back to ssckelley’s comment earlier today, Cub fans confuse what the Trib allocated to the Cub brass to spend with some plan that the Cubs had. Being given 50-60% of what you should be given to spend is not exactly a plan.

                      The Cubs were step-children. The Trib took what the Cubs made–boatloads of cash (when you factor in the fudged WGN contracts I’d say #2 in MLB between 2003-2008)–and gave the Cubs an allowance.

                      The Trib execs then took all of that cash that they got from the Cubs and went on to prop up dying businesses (with the sole intent of making said Trib execs look better on their quarterlies).

                      Look, I’m all for businesses doing what businesses do. But this was on the backs of Cub fans. Here what the Trib had going for it:

                      *The Trib had ZERO team debt (no loans on the Cubs).
                      *The Trib had zero stadium debt (they owned Wrigley Field 100%).
                      *The Trib had and zero stadium rent (again, they owned Wrigley).
                      *The Trib had very large revenues generated by the Cubs.
                      *The Trib had very large, under-reported revenue through Cub WGN TV and Radio contracts.

                      Yet the Trib never once invested in Wrigley in a meaningful way. The Trib never once gave the Cubs a payroll over 7th (usually much lower) despite the CUBS generating much greater revenue.

                      But Cub fans blame GM’s (Hendry) and Presidents (MacPhail) instead of the real villains–The Trib. And it isn’t just Cub fans but–in a really icky way–Theo, Jed and even Ricketts have blamed Hendry. That’s just stupid. Hendry, MacPhail, Fry–whomever–were never given the resources that Cubs fans brought to the table. THAT is what should piss Cub fans off. Not some poor planning or lack of planning. Hey, the Tribune planned. They planned to screw Cub fans out of their money while they inflated their reputations.

                    • CubFan Paul

                      “That IS what the rest of us were talking about”

                      Of course, Spin Doctor.

                      The revenue has always been there. Continue to spin & protect billionaires.

              • http://BN Sacko

                If you put it that way Cubs 0%

              • aaronb

                How many postseason appearances in that time? Are the Florida Marlins a model franchise for their 2 World Series victories?

          • blublud

            When the Yanks were dominant, it was when they were coming off a run of being bad or mediocre and they filled the team with kids from the farm.

    • Diggs

      David Kaplan said we’d know the Tanaka decision by the end of day Wednesday.

      • CubFanBob

        Kaplan also said that Shark had a 99% chance to be traded this off season. After hearing that Morosi interview last night without one challenge from Kaplan I cant ever again feel he is as knowledgeable regarding the Cub’s organization and their present state as it is today.

        • Noah_I

          I think the thing to remember is that Kaplan really isn’t a journalist, he’s a talking head.

          • CubFanBob

            Good point….thanks

  • jeff1969

    The best example for how smart fans should be thinking about the draft is the story of Sean Manaea from last year. For months he was touted as the possible sleeper #1 pick, certainly a Top 3 pick, a tall lefty who dominated the Cape Cod League, blah blah, and he wound up being picked by the Royals at #34, a supplemental #1. Then he didn’t pitch again in 2013. Basically right now draft picture wise, no team has much clarity on anything. Jason McLeod of course has his Top 5 “going into the season”, but that most likely be 40% to 60% different by June. I would think the Cubs would be looking to take a pitcher this year, but if the best player at 4 was another 3B, I think they would take him despite their perceived glut at that position.

    • ssckelley

      But on the other hand there were 2 pitchers in last years draft that were on everyone’s top 5 that ended up drafted #1 and #3 (Appel and Gray). Of course things can change, I don’t remember hearing much about Kris Bryant at this time last year. But there is a good chance a few names on McLeod’s top 5 list will still be on his list come June.

      • On The Farm

        He was definitely a top 10, want to say he was #7 by someone. Kris Bryant jumping into the top 5 wasn’t that surprising.

      • blublud

        I dont know where this mythical, Kris Bryant came out of no where stuff came from. I asked for Kris Bryant right after the 2012 season. He was always at the top of the draft board. He may have moved up 2 or 3 spots, but that no considered coming out of no where.

        • ssckelley

          That is great, you heard of him. But the Cubs were drafting #2 overall, Bryant was further down the list. All I heard about was Gray and Appel until Bryant started tearing it up then he got into the mix.

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

            Before the season started, the top three were Appel, Meadows, and Manea, and most people were debating the order.

            It wasn’t until the season was well underway that Bryant had elevated his stock from mid-first round to top of the board. About that same time Manea was falling down the boards. Gray was also rising.

            By the last month of the season, it was down to Appel, Gray, and Bryant. Meadows was well out of the top three, and some were already debating Meadows vs Frazier as the first high school bat off the board. Some were lobbying for Moran as a top three guy, but I don’t think there was ever much chance of that.

            That said, if you just read BleacherNation, you might have had a different perspective. Brett locked onto Gray and Appel pretty early on, and I was honed in on Bryant since February.

            • ssckelley

              You mean there are other Cub sites?

              • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

                Probably just a rumor.

      • SenorGato

        Bryant was everyones preseason top college bat and one of the best known 2013 guys. Borderline first guy out of HS, IIRC.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          Top college bat, yes, but college bats were weak last year. I think in the initial rankings, MLB.com had Bryant around 9.

  • Patrick G

    Big fan of Beede. His size and stature remind me of Mart Harvey(not his performance obviously and only because I live in NY and see Harvey pitch a lot). But if Beede puts it all together, he is definitely worth the pick of #4 with ace potential stuff

  • mjhurdle

    Hilarious following people trying to translate Tanaka’s latest tweet.
    Also got to see Brett drop a ‘For the love of Campana’, which is such a quality phrase that I am going to have to steal it for my own use.

    • mxb

      I laughed when I saw that tweet, too. I do wish it started with “Oh, for the….” – more stress on the sense of an exasperation feeling

    • BlameHendry

      Apparently the actual translation is “cannot decide.” 3 days from the deadline, dont you think it’s a little late to be so on-the-fence?

      • mjhurdle

        well, apparently seeing as how he “can’t decide” between the pictures that he asked his fans to send him for a new profile pic, i think being on the fence is ok.

  • jeff1969

    Now to participate in the draft craziness that I criticize…it is overtaking me, how the Cubs 2014 1st round might play out depends on the White Sox picking at 3. I know duh, of course it does, but assuming Rodon & Hoffman have solid seasons & go 1 & 2, I can’t see the Sox taking a HS pitcher (Kolek or Toussaint) or a SS (Turner) or a C soon to be converted OF (Jackson). I could see Beede though despite the Sox strength being their pitching. I mean, the Sox aren’t going to get Tanaka, and I think a RH horse to match Sale/Quintana is where they might be. My bet is some other player breaks into the Top 2 and Hoffman falls to a Chicago team. Ah, Iove me some draft time delusions.

  • Ballgame17

    Ok, I cannot translate Japanese but on the radio I just heard Tanaka wanted fans to submit pics to him for a profile pic for his Twitter account. Apparently, that was his reference of “cannot decide”, as in which pic to use…heh??

  • jkoehneke

    I used to think ronnie woo woo was funny and good for the cubs. Not anymore. He is a lazy dude expecting free hand outs from fans

  • FortyFour

    Tough decision for FO with this year’s draft pick. Obviously they need a compelling pitcher but I hope they take a look at Alex Jackson, the high school catcher. The Cubs have never had an all-star catcher and it is such an important position. I am very encouraged by Castillo but developing another catcher would be helpful.

  • http://www.rotochamp.com RotoChamp

    As a hitter, Alcantara reminds me of Shane
    Victorino. Hopefully, he can provide similar
    production at the 2B position.

  • http://www.rotochamp.com RotoChamp

    Not sure how that got posted in this thread. Sorry

  • Jorbert Solmora

    With an early look, I think I want either Hoffman or Kolek at 1.4 with Michael Cederoth (doubt he falls), Monte Harrison and Derek Hill intriguing me as second rounders.

    • SenorGato

      Young Beedah ftw!

      • Jorbert Solmora

        Not completely sold on his overall command profile, much like his “rapping” counterpart Trevor Bauer.

        • SenorGato

          I think hes way ahead of Bauer mechanically and that gives him better potential to find better control and command.

  • josh ruiter

    Brand new tweet!!!….Masahiro Tanaka says, “Good morning to all.” haha, what a guy, bet he would get along with Bill Murray and Jim Belushi!!

    • DarthHater

      That tweet was brand new several hours ago. Apparently Masahiro is an early riser.

      • CubFan Paul

        With it being 9am there, I’m expecting news of some sort soon…

        • DarthHater

          Well, that’s what the twatterverse is saying. And we all know they are never wrong.

          • CubFan Paul

            He has to be signed, sealed & delivered by Friday afternoon. Thats what people are assuming news tonight/today (Wednesday for Tanaka)

        • brickhouse

          The decision won’t be made until Friday per Jason Stark

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

            The deadline is Friday. If Tanaka waits until Friday to decide there is little chance they can everything settled by the deadline.

            And in that scenario, he goes back to Japan. The Commish is said to have already stated that there will be no extensions.

            • brickhouse

              The teams bidding will have to use the physical taken in LA

              • CubFan Paul

                Not if bidding teams want their own doctors/specialists to look at him (they do/should).

            • josh ruiter

              Luke, question/comment. Didn’t Stark reference Tanaka sticking to his medical report from his stateside visit as the standing medical reports? In other words…teams have what they need…Tanaka has what he needs. If it is decided that he signs 5 minutes before the deadline…the team can just wire the money to Rakuten and be done with it? So…could it potentially be friday?

  • Medicos

    Rather than risk spending tens of millions of dollars on Masahiro Tanaka who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MLB hitter, the Cubs FO should spend the available money on pitchers such as: Matt Garza 10-6
    Ervin Santana 9-10
    Bronson Arroyo 14-12
    Paul Maholm 10-11
    Jason Marquis 9-5
    Jeff Karsten 5-4

    Then use the available funds on next year’s FA pitchers (Max Scherzer, James Shields, Homer Bailey, Justin Masterson and Jon Lester) who are all proven major league hurlers who’d certainly enhance any starting pitching staff for numerous future seasons.

    • DarthHater

      And you list W-L after each pitcher’s name because everyone knows that’s the best basis for evaluating a pitcher, right?

      • Medicos

        Obviously the bottom line for a pitcher isn’t merely wins and losses, but if you check out each of the pitchers that I mentioned the Cubs should possibly sign for 2014 each of these pitchers gave up less hits than innings pitched in 2013 and doubled strikeouts over walks. Those are three reliable stats for evaluating a pitcher’s success over an entire season

        • TWC

          Yeah, but what’re their ERAs?

          • Medicos

            Decent ERAs: Garza 3.82
            Santana 3.24
            Arroyo 3.79
            Marquis 4.05
            Karsten 3.84
            Maholm 4.41

            • TWC

              ::rolls eyes::

        • DarthHater

          Here’s another significant stat you omitted:

          Matt Garza – 30
          Bronson Arroyo – 36
          Paul Maholm – 31
          Jason Marquis – 35
          Jeff Karsten – 31

          Masahiro Tanaka – 25

          • TWC

            Can you *imagine* the insanity that would transpire if the Cubs re-signed Jason Marquis? That dude sucked so much that even in his “prime” he was left off teams’ playoff rosters.

          • ChrisFChi

            36 is the new 21….

    • TWC

      “Rather than risk spending tens of millions of dollars on Masahiro Tanaka who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MLB hitter…”

      “Rather than risk spending tens of millions of dollars on Yu Darvish who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MLB hitter…”

      “Rather than risk spending tens of millions of dollars on Daisuke Matsuzaka who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MLB hitter…”

      “Rather than risk spending tens of millions of dollars on Aroldis Chapman who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MLB hitter…”

      “Rather than risk spending almost ten million dollars on Gerardo Concepcion who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MLB hitter…”

      Wait, scratch that last one.

    • mjhurdle

      ““Rather than risk spending almost seven million dollars on Mark Appel who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MiLB hitter…””
      ““Rather than risk spending almost seven million dollars on Carlos Rondon who hasn’t thrown one pitch to a MiLB hitter…””

      hmmm, that doesn’t have the same ring to it

  • BlackJeep

    I see what you did there!

  • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

    Everything is falling apart, tomorrow is not happening. We are stuck in a time loop and all things Tanaka will never resolve.

    • mjhurdle

      man, i wish i would have gotten the time loop memo earlier. Today was not a day i want to be stuck in indefinitely…

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