new-york-yankees-logoWe may be at the end of the Obsessive Tanaka Watch …

Ken Rosenthal reports this morning that Japanese righty Masahiro Tanaka has agreed to a seven-year, $155 million deal with the New York Yankees. The deal includes an opt-out after the fourth year. Throw in the $20 million posting fee, and it’s a $25 million per-year commitment over seven years. That was rumored to be the top of what the Cubs could come up with. It’s a huge, huge deal (with a nasty opt-out) for a guy who has never pitched in the big leagues, isn’t an ace-caliber talent, and has some workload concerns. But that’s the price for a 25-year-old, front-front-of-the-rotation talent these days.

If that’s the final deal, you can bet that the Yankees lingered around the six-year, $120 million mark for a long time before something – read: the Cubs’ offer? – pushed them to move upward considerably. And if that’s how things played out (I’m just speculating), it’s a pretty fair guess that Tanaka always wanted to go to New York (or L.A.), and was simply waiting for one of them to blink on the price.

As I’ve said for a while, Tanaka made too much sense for the Yankees, and the Yankees had too strong of a need (and too much money) for this not to happen. Their two-year quest to get under the $189 million luxury tax cap is obliterated, and they’ll be back to their spend-happy ways from here on out.

In the coming days, we’ll more fully flesh out the implications of Tanaka’s decision (what does it mean for the Cubs? for the free agent market? for the future?), but, for now, I’m just going to let this soak in. It’s an enormous deal for an unproven and risky arm, but the Yankees have the money (and the need) to take that risk. I can’t fault them for it.

I’m not as bummed as I thought I’d be – though I’m still a little bummed. Like I said this morning, I still really like the free agent crop of starters this next offseason. And now we’ve got quite a bit more confidence that the Cubs do, in fact, have the money to make some big moves if and when they’re inclined. It’s little comfort right now, but it’s something.

  • Required

    I need a drink!

  • smackafilieyo

    On another positive note ladies, he’s in the AL where his era will be higher due to the DH, haha

    • https://www.facebook.com/AnotherSpaceSong Bret Epic

      Yankee stadium is pretty small too, makes him more prone to the HR ball, makes it even more likely to escalate.

  • itzscott

    Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m going to drown my sorrows in a nice bottle of Cub Kool-Aid,,,,

    I’m looking forward to the Cubs trading Shark and getting TWO front end pitching prospects that have as much upside as Tanaka, costs less, have less unknowns about them and gives the Cubs the financial flexibility to go after a real difference maker when they’re ready to turn the corner.

    Here’s mud in your eye!

    • smackafilieyo


  • waffle

    theo etc. weren’t bidding just to look good. Sounds like the Yanks had to up their offer to finalize this.

    That’s alot of cabbage for 1, unproven (in the mlb at least), guy. Lots and lots of risk.

  • willis

    Tanaka was never coming to the cubs. Just wasn’t going to happen. Time to go out and get a 5th starter so the team can try to improve on yet another disaster season that was last season. IF the cubs can show some improvement at the major league level, then maybe they are taken seriously in the FA market next year, if Ricketts is willing to spend.

    I’m glad he went Yankees and not Dodgers though. If he sucks, so what. But if he’s awesome at least we don’t have to see him in the National League.

    • Jon

      Let’s lose another 90+ games so we can be turned down by Masterson/Scherzer next offseason!

      • willis

        Unfortunately I think 90+ is in the cards and then some. I think we’re looking at closer to a 100ish loss season with this roster and the refusal to improve it. Therefore it’s going to be very hard to attract any of the FAs next season to Chicago…if they get the FA that is. FAs don’t give a damn about the farm system or winning in 3-4 years (if everything else pans out, fat chance) so this is going to be the game we see played. Close, but always coming up just short.

    • Soda Popinski

      Pretty sure this whole ordeal showed Ricketts is willing to spend…

      • aaronb

        Or at least throw out propaganda that doesn’t cost any actual money.

        • hansman

          There it is.

          I was wondering how long it would take for me to find this comment.

          Yes, the Cubs just wasted countless man hours just so they can APPEAR to be trying.

          • TWC

            Conspiracy theories appeal to the ignorant and fearful.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              And the illogical! Seriously, we need Occam’s Razor pills.

            • hansman

              Shit. I like the occasional conspiracy theory.

          • SenorGato

            Seems to work fine for them. Two straight participation ribbons/mulligans on Sanchez and Tanaka. Back to crying poor!

        • baldtaxguy

          Super view. Waste dollars to pretend to spend dollars. I can’t understand favoriting a team where you think this is standard practice of the FO and ownership.

          • MattM

            This is funny! You know I had to finally register because I figured you guys were going to make sweet love to the FO for trying.

            What money did they spend btw? All they did was leak information that they would not be “outbid” etc and were going all out and were the leader blah blah.

            Think about it….Levine and one other person were the only people posting that they were going to spend monster money and wouldn’t be outbid.

            In the end this contract was on the low end of what people actually thought it would be. The Cubs have OVER 35 million dollars UNDER their supposed cap so 25 million wouldn’t have hurt them and would have wound up putting them way above the Yankees. An extra year as well would have done it. What would it matter to them because they are so well under their cap. That 20 million posting bid wouldn’t even count against their cap or any stupid covenant they supposedly had.

            It’s also funny that this really good news about the Cubs going all out for this guy and not being out bid happend right at the time they were supposed to meet with the media etc….

            What do you guys think would have happened if they went to the caravan and said flat out they don’t care about the MLB team they aren’t spending money and oh by the way they are keeping ticket prices the third highest in all of baseball.

            Why didn’t Gammons or Rosenthal or any other big name good reporter spout that the Cubs were at the lead etc. No they all said that the Cubs had no chance. Only the people closest to the Cubs were throwing out the Cubs outbid crap etc….. Why is this so far fetched? It’s not really….

            So come up bandwagon guys jump me like you do everyone else who doesn’t agree with you and the Cubs…

            • mjhurdle

              yay! MattM is back!!

            • Voice of Reason


              You’re so right! I said this all along about Levine and Kaplan!

              Levine has never broken a big story in his life. Ditto Kaplan. He is nothing more than a puppet for the Cubs.

              I can just hear the Cubs suits in a closed door meeting… “Tell Kaplan that we will not be outbid and he will believe it!”

              Yet Rosenthal and Starks and those journalists with credibility weren’t saying ANYTHING about the Cubs being in the lead.

  • Mr Gonzo

    Blue-balled but not surprised. Damn those Yankees. I wish the best for Tanaka, but I may giggle into my hand like a Japanese schoolgirl if he ends 2014 with TJS. What’s next? Maholm? Hammel? Jameson on the rocks?!

    • Jon

      Only bitter faced loser Cub fans would be wish an injury on Tananka out of spite. Don’t hate cause your FO doesn’t have the balls to go out and invest in the club.

      • D-Rock

        I agree that no one should wish an injury on any player, but Jon, why do you troll a Cubs website if you are clearly not a Cubs fan?…

        • Jon

          The only ones trolling are the ones bashing the yankees and wishing injury on the guy cause they are sour the Cubs didn’t’ get him.

          I’ll excited to see him play in the states, and only wish it could have been as a Cub, it’s too bad the fantasy baseball players in the FO don’t get players look at other stuff in addition to $$$$$

          • D-Rock

            Jon, are you a Cubs fan? Your posts do not sound like it.

            • Jon

              Are you a Bieber fan emo kid?

            • D-Rock

              I think we got our answer…Which is it? Cards, White Sox or Yanks? I don’t get why anyone who is not a Cubs fan would want to troll a Cubs site and piss off everyone…

      • Mr Gonzo

        I do not wish an injury upon Tanaka, I wish him the best. I clearly stated that if he does get injury, I may nervously laugh into my hand – implying that Cubs dodged a bullet. Cheers, Jon. Thanks for stopping by.

      • TK

        Try reading his post again. This time pull out your “3rd grade & up” reading comprehension skills. He never said he hopes Tanaka gets hurt. In fact, he said he wishes him the best. He said IF he got hurt . . . IF . . . he might giggle, which I believe MOST of us would receive not as ill will toward tanaka, but rather a gesture of karmic taunting toward THE YANKEES ! ! ! ! There is a difference.

        • Jon

          It’s still bush league and classless to laugh if another gets hurt. It’s what losers. do.

    • EQ76

      I wouldn’t wish injury on him, but would kinda be relieved if he doesn’t live up to the contract.

  • NorthSideIrish

    Danny Ecker ‏@DannyEcker 10m
    One Wrigleyville rooftop owner has put his building up for sale: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20140122/NEWS12/140129916/want-to-buy-a-wrigley-rooftop-heres-your-chance/cred … #timing

    This guy is REALLY upset that the Cubs didn’t get Tanaka…

    • smackafilieyo


    • Required

      Ricketts will buy it and turn it into a hotel penthouse.

      • TK

        Thats a great idea, except make it LOVE HOTEL.

  • Cubz99

    This was very predictable. I thought Tanaka’s agent did an excellent job at using the Cubs to get the monster contract that Tanaka received. My guess is that with current roster and recent lack of success that the Cubs have had, there was almost no chance that the Cubs were going to wind up with him.

    In some ways he also helped the Cubs ownership by making the fan base believe that there was actually a shot at acquiring him.

  • BarryLB

    With the this year’s signings of McCann, Ellsbury, Tanaka, etc. the Yankees have $483 million in guaranteed contracts. if you add the $20 million posting fee, that’s over half a billion! Hope they finish 3rd.

  • smackafilieyo

    Could’ve been worse….least we didn’t shell out $200 million for a guy who don’t speak English but pitched in japan league that’s equivalent to AA.

    • Jon

      What does it mater what language he speaks? Dumbass comment.

      • smackafilieyo

        It’s a joke…just helping you make it through the day with some laughter rather than being pissed off we can’t land a FA

        • Jon

          It’s a pretty racist joke….

          • smackafilieyo

            How is it racist if it’s true? I ain’t racist for stating facts

            • fortyonenorth


              It should be “..who doesn’t speak English..” and “I am not racist…”

              Regardless of your intent, at least get the grammar correct.

    • Soda Popinski

      U doesn’t speak English good neither.

      • smackafilieyo

        You’re one to talk…haha.

    • Noah_I

      I’m perfectly fine with the Cubs not getting him because of the huge amount of money involved (if you include posting fee into the equation, he essentially has to average being a 4 WAR pitcher per year to be worth the deal), but saying that the NPB is the equivalent of Double A is just wrong. Maybe that’s true about Korea’s professional baseball league, the KBO, but the NPB is better than Triple A. If there’s a true Quad A league, the NPB is it.

    • TK


  • Johnny Chess

    Glaring needs 2nd and 3rd. OF is loaded for bear incl minors. Pitching shaping up Need an Ace. Relievers could be helped by bullpen decisions. If the Cubs are a year away, we should get a peak at the future in July. Let’s get the coffee made and let the chips fall.

  • http://bleachernation.com ramy16

    I agree with Jon, however if the Cubs were willing to spend on Tanaka, both Santana and Jimenez are out there

    • aaronb

      And Garza and Cruz. Throw us a bone at least.

      • Jon

        but but but but but That 2nd round draft pick!!!!!!

        • SenorGato

          If those guys cost the Cubs another Paul Blackburn…

      • DocPeterWimsey

        “Cadavers” would be a better word than “bones.” The word “pass” comes to mind here.

      • ari gold

        Cruz would be a horrible signing. Complete waste of $$$$

  • smackafilieyo

    Trying to look at the positives….help me out…least we don’t have to hear his name miss pronounced on WGN and cubs loud speakers every 5 games

    • D-Rock

      One positive is, we have $160 mill to use elsewhere and we are not locked into a huge contract on one guy.

      • Jon

        Yep, let me know when the next 25 year old TOR pitcher comes around…….

      • aaronb

        The cynic in my doesn’t buy that they ever planned on spending that 160. More so they always planned on using it as Propaganda to show how hard they were trying and how committed to the future they are.

        It’s been played with Darvish, Ryu, Cepedes and Puig already.

        • Soda Popinski

          What are your thoughts on the JFK assassination?

          • http://waittilnextyear.net NateCorbitt


  • Kyle

    Next year’s FA pitcher class:

    Homer Bailey will be 29
    Masterson, Scherzer 30
    Lester 31

    All the exact wrong age to be buying FA pitchers. “Oh, we missed, but we’ll just get the next one” doesn’t apply here. Failing to get this guy is a blow that can’t easily be shrugged off.

    • SenorGato

      Theyre all going to be cheaper so basically we will win.

    • YourResidentJag

      And that’s why the premise of waiting around to trade Shark in July( so that some team will be “More desperate” than they are now) doesn’t make sense if there’s a solid deal to be had before the season starts. You’ll allow the possibilities of multiple outcomes to enter into the equation (injury, performance regression or different teams that may not be available now as trading partners).

    • D-Rock

      These guys will probably all get extensions during this season or be traded for prospects during the season and then that team will probably sign them. I only see one or 2 of those guys actually being available and then the Dodgers will probably sign them to a huge contract.

      • Noah_I

        Bailey is a situation where the Reds are going to have to likely choose between losing Bailey after 2014 or losing Latos after 2015. If the Reds choose to keep Latos, I think the question for both Bailey and Masterson is if their teams are contending in 2014. If the Reds and Indians are contending, they won’t be traded. If the Reds and Indians aren’t contending, they will be.

        I expect Scherzer and Lester to get extensions.

        As for the Dodgers, they already have Kershaw, Ryu and Greinke at the front of their rotation long term, and they do have positional issues that are only likely to get worse as a lot of their better position players are on the wrong side of 30. Adrian Gonzalez is 31, Hanley is 30, Uribe is 34, Crawford is 32, Ethier is 31, and Ellis is 32. They’re going to have to put more money into their offense, which they generally avoided doing since all the trades in 2012 and the Puig signing.

    • Noah_I

      While I don’t wholly disagree, pitcher aging curves are not anywhere near as regular as hitter aging curves because it largely just depends on how long the shoulder and velocity hold up. So the whole median peak year is age 27 and typical peak is from about 26-31 thing doesn’t really apply to pitchers.

      However, I agree that none of these guys are Tanaka replacements, due to Tanaka’s age and nothing but money having to go back for Tanaka in return. But the likelihood of, say, Homer Bailey being better than Tanaka from 2015-2020 is much higher than the odds of a 29 year old hitter being better over the next 6 seasons than a comparable 26 year old hitter.

      And there’s always the double edged sword of these things. I’ve always said I’d be happy if the Cubs got Tanaka because he’d be an exciting guy to have, but won’t be more than a little bummed if they don’t because the money is so high. Although not getting Tanaka is a blow that can’t be easily shrugged off, landing him and him failing is one that would be even more difficult for the Cubs to shrug off at this juncture.

      • ari gold

        Not sure I totally agree that these guys can’t replace Tanaka. Tanaka has a ton of mileage on his arm. About 150 more innings than Kershaw so far. It’s around what you’d see in a typical 28 year old pitcher in the states. That and he threw a ton of pitches in each start, once throwing 40 pitches the day after 160. Maybe it’s not a big deal with Tanaka and he goes on to throw 10 more healthy years (hopefully he does). But it’s a pretty big risk IMO.

        • Noah_I

          I found the numbers on pitchers who threw a lot in their early years fairly unconvincing. It was essentially half of them got hurt, half of them didn’t. I’m more saying that Bailey, for example, wouldn’t be a 1 for 1 replacement due to age factors, being a true free agent, having to lose a pick to get him, etc. Bailey very well could be better from 2015-2020 than Tanaka, though.

    • ssckelley

      I agree with this, due to Tanaka being only 25 this was a golden opportunity to pick up a TOR pitcher. But I give the Cubs a little credit, they did push the envelope on Tanaka and forced the winning team to pay more than I think they wanted to. At the end of the day I do not think Tanaka would have been happy as a Cub.

    • Edwin

      Plus it’s not like the Cubs will be the only team bidding on these players. Some of these players might get an extension and not even be available. The Yankees will almost certainly be looking for pitching help next offseason as well, and they seem like they have no problem spending. If the Red Sox let Lester go, they’ll be looking to replace him. The Rangers and Tigers will still be in Win Now mode, as will the Dodgers and Angels, and probably Mariners. The Cardinals might be ready to spend again, and even a “small market” team like the Pirates, Reds, or Royals might try to make a splash and go after one of these players.

    • Voice of Reason


      The Cubs are not in position yet to start signing players to big contracts. MAYBE at the end of this year at the earliest. And, that’s a big maybe!

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  • FFP

    Other than May 20 and 21st we need not speak his name again. (And then only a 2/5 chance we see him on the field.)
    We won’t see him in the post season until his team is good enough to get him there.
    Here’s hoping we are post season veterans by that time.

  • David

    Im good with this. We are modeling the Cardinals and Rays in that we need to develop a minor league system that produces an abundance of major league players. Superstars and impact players. In time (one more year?????), we’ll have some impact players coming up, then we’ll be in a great situation where we can spend a bit more than those teams to fill in the gaps. One more year of bad!!!

  • cubs2003

    Not sure I wanted Tanaka at that price. I hope he enjoys his time in the states. One thing I am sure of, however, is that the Cubs need to figure out how to put a competitive team on the field by 2015. Pretty much every middle-of-the-road Cub fan I’ve known is either no longer a Cub fan or no longer a baseball fan, and I don’t think they’re coming back. I get the rebuild, but there is a hefty price to pay. Especially for a team like the Cubs.

    • Required

      Agreed. You should hear my dad this morning when he found out. In 34 and never heard him cuss like that. I feel that he was Theo’s key to the rebuild and we missed.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        No one player can be key to a rebuild. Remember, this would have been a great “freebie” in that an extra talent was added to the pool that nobody could anticipate. It would have been nice to land him: but they could not even count on someone like him appearing, never mind landing him.

        Pitching is and will remain one of the two big issues for rebuilding teams, along with getting good bats in skill positions. Getting it is going to be damned tough: a guy like Tanaka wouldn’t be getting this contract if it were not the case. However, that will (most probably) be one of the biggest uses for the farm system: making trades that acquire these pitchers.

        • cubs2003

          I’m a little worried about the fan base, though. A complete rebuild of this organization could take a decade. That means the Cubs could lose a generation of fans, perhaps beyond that. If the Cubs aren’t “The Cubs” that has to be bad for business, given it’s fandom is passed down from generation to generation. They’re a much more iconic brand than the Rays or the A’s.

    • Noah_I

      The exact same thing could have been said in 2002, and it was approaching that territory in 2006 (although 2006 was much closer to the last competitive season at that point, which was 2004, than 2014 will be to the Cubs’ last competitive season, 2009). Casual fans will come back once the team is competitive again and the Cubs become a “hot ticket”. The talk of “losing a generation” of fans has occurred in the past 10-15 years for every professional franchise except for the Bears. You could get Bulls tickets pretty easily most years from 1999 to 2009, but once the Rose/Thibs Bulls took off in 2010-2011 getting tickets to the UC cost a fortune. Same thing happened with the Blackhawks before Bill Wirtz died.

  • D-Rock

    Predictions for what the Cubs next move or moves are?

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Packing for spring training.

      • hansman

        Panicking for spring training.


    • ssckelley

      Another dumpster dive

    • Noah_I

      Prior to the Tanaka news heating up, the most likely move I heard was Jason Hammel, who would be another buy low candidate a la Feldman, in that he’s a guy with better stuff than results.

      That would make the Cubs’ opening day rotation be: Shark, Wood, Jackson, Hammel, Arrieta, which is about equivalent to the Cubs’ opening day rotation last season.

    • jp3

      Signing another 4th or 5th OF or a pitcher that’s way past their prime or never had one

  • http://bleachernation.com woody

    I have to wonder if the FO / Ownership doesn’t just bunker down and take the heat and play for the number one pick in 2015. Clearly they are beginnig to feel the heat. Hopefully they can get this rooftop crap thing resolved and ink a new TV deal. If that happenes then I think that next years winter meeting will be much more interesting.

    • YourResidentJag

      Well, that may be the plan or at least it should be for this season.

  • Los_Capitanos

    Watch when he opts out in 4 years and comes to the Cubs at 29.

  • Voice of Reason

    First of all, I have said from day one that I did not want Tanaka and I also said he would not sign with the Cubs. I also said in the end it would cost $25 million dollars a year and I said it would be the Yankees or Dodgers.

    That said, Tanaka is not worth that investment.

    And, to say that not getting Tanaka hurts the rebuild is just silly.

    It’s also silly to say that no other free agents are going to come to the Cubs because of this.

    And, finally, Theo and Company are doing just what they said they would do.

    Everyone is just going to have to be patient. Thank God we’re not attached to Tanaka for $25 million bucks a year over how ever many years he signed for. We’ll have the money ready when we are ready to compete. That’s when we’ll sign top notch free agents and trade for them. This formula will work, it will just take patience!

    Now come on off the ledge. It’s going to be ok!

    • CF3616

      I liked Tanaka, but not at $25M per year for 7 years (and with an opt-out). Even at 6 years / $120M plus posting, I though Tanaka was a significant overpay. Everything I’ve read suggests that Tanaka is a clear step down from Darvish, and more in the range of Daisuke talent-wise. Daisuke put up 10.6 WAR in 6 years. Tanaka may end up better than that, but it’s a significant risk. $25M per year over 7 years is something you give a proven MLB #1 or 2, not an unproven commodity.

      That said, I don’t really like the approach that the front office has taken this year, essentially sitting out free agency. If you’ve got money to spend, spend it. Either go get players that make sense long term or go get players that you can turn into lottery tickets at the trade deadline. It looks like we’ve got a nice wave of talent coming in late 2014/mid 2015, but there’s always risk that the prospects won’t pan out, and in any case, we need to be stocking future waves of talent beyond the first wave.

  • Blackhawks1963

    The Yankees sign Tanaka. In other breaking news the sun shall rise from the east tomorrow morning.

    Folks, this was an inevitability that Tanaka was going to NY or LA. The Cubs did everything they could. Time to move on.

    • ssckelley

      You move on, find something else to repeat 100 times a day on this site. Us Cub fans want to vent for a while so KMA!

  • http://Mshipart.com soultosoul

    I was betting on the Dodgers, good thing there wasn’t any real money involved. Can’t fathom that much money for a pitcher. For every Ryan/Maddux there are a hundred Mark Priors. Still, it’s bittersweet. Wanted the Cubs to make some significant move this offseason, but that’s a lot of money for an unproven player. Encouraging that the Cubs made a competitive offer. Some players just want the hysteria of New York. They can have it. Ugh.

    Longer view: I agree with “the plan” and always have (somewhere on this site is a comment or two about the frustrations of said plan) and heartily applauded the Epstein and Co. hires, but at some point they (Ricketts and FO) have to understand that we have to have something to cheer for besides amateur drafts and who we can flip at the trade deadline. That was okay for a couple seasons but it’s time to take a step forward instead of trying to NOT take a step back. Yes the previous regime handed you a broken organization, but you’re the best and the brightest execs in the biz, right?. Do something PROactive not REactive. I understand you tried to with Tanaka but this happened last season as well and you were pretty much done until July. Apparently there was no Plan B? Looking at a fourth straight 90+ loss season is going to decrease attendance even further. Why would anyone want to spend $$ to see this team (or any of the previous 5 yrs’s teams)?. Call me a fair weather fan all you want (you’re way way wrong) but I’ve been keeping the faith longer than many of you have been alive. And my only Cub excitement for the next 3-4 yrs is to watch prospects develop and hope they get a shot, and then hope they can stick, and then hope they can be productive. Been there for 40+ years. Anyone here remember those horrid teams from the mid-late 70’s? I do. Nuff said. I’ve paid my dues and I have true Cub blue in my veins.

    For me to go to a game it’s a several hour drive, pay for parking, tickets to the game, any concessions I want, souveniers, etc, then a drive back home (or a hotel for the night). We’re talking $150+ total. Not happening for a team that I know has a what 30-40% chance of winning the game. Bottom line, you have to spend $$ to make $$. Put an exciting team on the field and I will return. It doesn’t have to be all the high priced FA’s either, but give me some reason to pay attention for the next 3-4 years. So far I’m not seeing one.

  • David

    Ill say it again…. the glass is half full!!! Arrieta, Lake & Olt will all have good years. Castro, Rizzo and Jackson will bounce back significantly. Baez will come up soon. Hendrcks will come up soon. The bullpen is MUCH improved…….. I see 80 wins in 2014. Who’s in???

    • Greenroom


    • Noah_I

      I think Lake falters. He either has to maintain his ridiculous BABIP, which is unlikely, or has to either strike out less or walk more, and significantly.

      Arrieta is interesting for me, but I’m unsure on him… his K/9 and BB/9 rates have bounced around like crazy over the past few years. If the cubs can harness him, he could be good.

      Olt all depends on the eyes. Was the problem the eyes in the first place? Are his eyes fixed?

      Agree on bounceback seasons from Rizzo, Jackson and Castro. Rizzo just needs better luck on balls in play for the most part, and Jackson largely needs better luck with runners on base. Castro is the biggest question because he seemed much more “off” than the other two, but I think he bounces back to his 2011-2012 types of performances. Above average bat at the position, fringe average to average defender.

  • Greenroom

    Prediction: Tanaka opts out after 4 years. Tanaka signs with the club that is young and having fun while blowing teams out. The Cubs. Book em’, Danno. peace~

  • likquidswordz

    I’m still onboard with the rebuild. Plus, there are quite a few position player prospects that can be used as trade bait, especially OF and 3B. Flip a few for good, established “Right side of 30” pitchers.

    They need that new TV deal in the worse way….

  • TommyK

    Well, at least now we know there is no reason to to spend any time or money on the 2014 Cubs. I, for one, am hoping for a season would ending players’ strike. That’s the Cubs best chance of avoiding 100 losses.

    • TWC

      … he says while spending time writing a comment about the 2014 Cubs.

  • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

    Finally now we can move on…

    • Edwin

      …to more complaining?

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I can’t say i’m not surprised about the Tanaka signing but its a serious bummer. Terrible offseason so far, and probably won’t be a great one for us. We put our eggs all in one basket

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