The Cubs Have Seven of the Top 100 Prospects in Baseball According to

cj edwards daytona revealed its top 100 prospects in baseball last night (televised, in fact, in the 10pm ET time slot), and, as expected, the Chicago Cubs fared quite well.

The Cubs prospects that made the cut:

7. Javier Baez
9. Kris Bryant
18. Albert Almora
42. C.J. Edwards
49. Jorge Soler
89. Arismendy Alcantara
100. Pierce Johnson

With 30 teams in baseball, each organization would expect to have 3.333 prospects make the list, if there were an even distribution. The Cubs have more than twice that amount, so there’s no complaining here. That said, outside of the top three, it appears that could be a little bit lower on the rest of the Cubs’ prospects than other services will be when their top 100s are released.

Bryant in the top ten is fantastic, and I wonder if he’ll settle into that range on most lists. Baez at seven is fine, though Jason Parks’ recent chatter about Baez having a case to be the top prospect in baseball had me overly optimistic on his ranking.

An example mini scouting report, which does for each of the listed players:

[C.J.] Edwards throws his fastball in the low- to mid-90s and can touch 97 mph. He does a good job of keeping his fastball down in the zone and only gave up one home run in 116 1/3 innings in 2013. His best offspeed pitch is his 12-to-6 curveball and his changeup has improved as a professional.

Edwards is skinny and some scouts question his long-term durability as a result. If he can prove that won’t be a problem, his stuff is good enough to make him a frontline starter.

That’s among the highest praise you’ll see for Edwards’ stuff.

The Red Sox had nine prospects in the top 100 (some nice front office lineage there), and the Astros had seven. Based on the location of the prospects, the Astros rate out as the best system in baseball (based solely on the top 100), the Red Sox second, and the Cubs third.

While we’re at it, take note that had Albert Almora as the 4th best outfielder in baseball, and Jorge Soler as 11th. You could see that from the list, I suppose, but they’d also been written about separately. Tanaka stuff kinda jacked up the schedule.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

141 responses to “The Cubs Have Seven of the Top 100 Prospects in Baseball According to”

  1. Johnny Chess

    Who were the top 100 last 2 years?

    1. CubbieBubba

      After the 2011 season Brett Jackson was the Cubs #1 rated prospect. That year he was 32nd overall by Baseball America. So yeah, those rankings are pretty much ‘deadly’ accurate.

      1. On The Farm

        The best part about that fun little fact you brought up? Kris Bryant and Javier Baez have outplayed Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters (in case you wanted to bring him up next) to AA in their careers. The only one of our top 20 prospects to not outplay Brett Jackson is Albert Almora, but Almora is already considered a better CF than Brett Jackson ever was.

        1. CubFan Paul

          “but Almora is already considered a better CF than Brett Jackson ever was”

          BJax has always been a plus defender and projected to be a plus defender as he ages

          1. On The Farm

            Depends on who says that about Jackson, but Alomra projects as a gold glover. Also, the scouts say Almora has some of the best instincts they have ever seen in a CF because he’s not that fast for a CF. God forbid I say something positive about our prospects. What I do know is the scouts I have seen gush over Almoras defense way more than I ever saw them talk about Jackson’s

            1. Noah_I

              Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people who thought Jackson would have to move to LF eventually. I read the Jackson scouting reports as more above average in center field, with Almora potentially being a gold glover.

            2. Jason P

              Almora’s defense in center was given a better grade by than Francisco Lindor’s at short.

          2. Luke

            Brett Jackson grades plus in the corners, but above average in center.

            Almora grades plus to plus-plus across the outfield.

        2. CubbieBubba

          I wasn’t dropping fun facts, I was answering his question. My point was (the best part) they are all estimates with no guarantees. But for your little rant: you are completely wrong. Kris Bryant can’t have outplayed Jackson’s 2011 numbers because he HASNT PLAYED at that level yet. He may be better, but he hasn’t proven it yet. So why don’t you save your animosity for yourself.

          1. On The Farm

            Huh? I said to AA in their careers. Maybe you need help. When I said Kris Bryant has out played Brett Jackson to AA these means up until. I am not an idiot and know where Bryant didn’t his time in the organization.

            Your original post did come off as negative toward Cubs prospects so forgive me for trying to present how our current products are completely different players than Jackson.

  2. conysdad

    It was nice to see Edwards get some love. It would be great to see him succeed as a starter. What’s kind of mass does he need to add to start answering the questions about his frame? He looks like the kind of guy that will have trouble adding positive mass.

    I’m not sure Baez was as high as he should have been but what’s to complain about? He’s moving up so the scouts are seeing improvement and it seems that they’re starting to look more at the reward than the risk.

  3. ThatCubsFan21

    I, contrary to the majority of the scouts, believe C.J. can make it as a starter. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for him to bulk up a bit and add a few pounds, but I still think, as is, he has a stretch of quality starter seasons in him, after which they will throw him in the bullpen.

    On that note, with his stuff and assuming he’s forced to the pen, does anyone else see him as potentially developing into one of the top closers in the league? I mean I want him to make it as a starter, however, if the pen is where he ends up, I potentially see one hell of a closer in the making. Not saying he could be as elite of a “starter turned closer” as Mariano Rivera or Trevor Hoffman (I wish), but right below. Any thoughts?

    1. Edwin

      I’d like to see how Edwards handles AA. I’m curious to see if he can maintain his gaudy K and BB numbers, or if he was taking advantage of A ball hitters who just can’t figure out a curveball.

      1. willis

        Me too, one of the most intriguing story in the minors for sure. He and Johnson in AA.

        1. KQ

          Edwards and Soler are the two players I would like to see make the next step. With Soler, he just needs to stay healthy for a yr. Edwards needs to prove he can handle a big workload.

          1. Danny Ballgame

            Agreed. Some serious upside with those two. If they make the leap and everyone else continues to progress as planned, we could be non-shitty very soon

            1. willis

              Agree on Soler. I’m a pitching first baseball guy, so the arms always intrigue me more than the bats…but I think you’re right. Soler needs to be able to prove healthy for a full year. He has every tool you want in a player if he can put it together and stay off the shelf.

    2. cubzfan

      Sounds like you might want to compare him to Tom Gordon.

  4. Johnny Chess

    A word of caution: Chicago Cubs Prospect Josh Vitters Could Be Starting Third Baseman in 2012 By Jeff Chase , Featured Columnist Nov 21, 2011

  5. Kyle ratings have become at least a little less LOLworthy since Callis started working for them.

    1. Revery

      Agreed. MLB list has always been one of my, if not the number one, most hated prospect list. Then again, not a big fan of Callis either.

  6. spearman

    The show just came on again , now.

  7. D-Rock

    Baez was a Hendry & Co. pick right, since Theo was hired after the 2011 season. Maybe Hendry will have gone out on a high note after all?

    1. On The Farm

      The 2011 draft class allowed Hendry to “loosen the purse strings” and he was able to draft a Boras client with his first round pick, draft Vogelbach in the second round (bonus baby term applies) and a few other names in the organization. Hendry just never really had the amateur funds that Theo has to work with.

      1. Jon

        Baez isn’t a Broas client.

        1. On The Farm

          That’s right. It’s Bryant and Almora that were the Cubs back-to-back Boras picks.

      2. D-Rock

        That makes sense. So was it more of the Ricketts giving Hendry the green light to draft higher money guys?

  8. baldtaxguy

    Almora’s video highlights on the show had me drooling. Clean, powerful contact, very impressive to watch.

  9. NLIADad

    Some fun math to consider:

    If we use these success rates to predict out this group how many will succeed (>1.5 AVG WAR) and how many will be Superior (>2.5 WAR AVG WAR), we get 2.75 (.627+.627+.593+.258+.321+.215+.125) successful players and 1.5 (.396+.396+.395+.064+.167+.072+.036) Superior players.

    I think these success rates would actually be higher for this group as prospects lists do a better job now of accounting for advanced approach and also that the “Cubs Way” approach is in-grained throughout the minors.

  10. D-Rock

    Got a draft question for you guys: If a team drafts a player and they don’t sign him, ie. Mark Appel, what happens to the team that drafted him? In Appel’s case, he was drafted #8 by the Pirates in 2012 but then I guess he didn’t sign and went back to Stanford only to become the #1 pick in the draft by the Astros in 2013. Are the Pirates compensated in any way or did they just get screwed in the 2012 draft?

    Needless to say, I’m so glad the Cubs didn’t draft Appel in 2012, when they drafted Almora 2 picks ahead…

    1. Kyle

      You get a replacement pick one spot later the next year.

    2. On The Farm

      The Pirates got compensation. The got pick 8A (which is essentially #9) and took Austin Meadows. And they took HS catching prospect McGuire at #14.

      Basically you get one year with your compensatory (#A) pick to sign someone otherwise you lose it. For instance, Say in the last two drafts Houston didn’t sign either Corriea or Appel and they finish dead last again. This year they would have pick #1, and #1A. They don’t accumulate, so actually when you use your pick from a player that didn’t sign the previous year the player who is drafted in that spot gets a little bit more leverage against the team.

      1. D-Rock

        I see. Sucks for the Pirates if Appel becomes a TOR arm that many expect.

        1. Jon

          Those poor Pirates. They got saddled with Austin Meadows.

          1. D-Rock

            Appel is the 17th ranked prospect and Meadows is the 45th. If I’m the Pirates, I’d rather have Appel. Not saying Meadows isn’t good, just that Appel is the better prospect whom I’m sure the Pirates wish they could have signed.

            1. Jon

              Austin Meadows is also 18, not 22

          2. hansman

            They also lost a year of.development of another prospect.

            Then again, I have a feeling your take on the situation would be far less generous had it been the Cubs in that situation.

    3. Edwin

      The team gets a pick slotted 1 spot lower next season. So for example, the Pirates had the 9th pick in the 2013 draft.

    4. Edwin

      I’m curious, why so much higher on Almora than Appel? Between the two I’d rather have Appel.

      1. D-Rock

        I’m just saying if we had drafted Appel in 2012 and he didn’t sign with us, we would have missed out on Almora who did sign with us that year. I guess you never know these things until it all shakes out after the draft. It seems it is best to try to target the guys you know you can sign.

        1. Edwin

          Ahhh. Gotcha.

      2. Coop

        I wish we had a front line SP prospect like Appel, but there is just something about Almora that I really love. He seems like he is going to be a player that is really easy to cheer for. I think that is why some of my favorite players have been Ryno, Maddux, Dawson, K Woods – all talented, but also good people that are easy to get behind. Almora strikes me as the same sort of guy.

        Sure, a Barry Bonds or Albert Belle are great for the talent level of your team. But I would rather not have to cheer for jerks.

        1. Edwin

          If the Cubs had Appel instead of Almora, though, wouldn’t you be thinking the same thing about Appel? I mean, at this point any Cubs prospect is being highly marketed as “easy to cheer for”.

          I’m not trying to argue, just trying to add some perspective.

  11. Cheese Chad

    Sometimes lost in the evaluation of tiny pitchers is the effort they use in their motion and their lower body strength. Edwards seems to throw the ball hard without any excess effort. I think that makes him more likely not to break down or even lose too much velocity in a few years, i.e. Lincecum and other small pitchers.

    1. Edwin

      I wouldn’t describe Edwards as tiny. He’s 6’2″, but I get your point.

      1. 1ski

        He kinda remind’s you of roy oswalt a little.

    2. frank

      Good point–one reason Nolan Ryan was able to throw so hard for so long is that he was that he knew how to use his lower body in his pitching motion.

  12. Rizzo44

    This is my line up for 2015 with the names we have now if trades happen then this will be adjusted.
    2B Alcantara
    CF Lake
    RF Bryant
    1B Rizzo
    3B Baez
    LF Olt
    C Castillo
    SS Castro

    Let me know what you think and where things need to be changed. I think this could be the lineup by mid 2014 if everything went perfect. Which 99 time out of 100 it won’t.

    1. On The Farm

      Ugh, I kind of hope it isn’t the lineup. That is some great talent, I will give the players that. But I count 4 rookies, 1 player entering his first full season, 2 guys looking to rebound off pretty poor 2013 seasons.

      Not that Barney, Schierholtz, and Sweeney are world beaters, but that could be a fantastic young infield or it could be a train wreck. Good news for the Cubs is people love to watch train wrecks.

      1. Rizzo44

        Very true, that’s why they need at least half of them to come up at or around the all star break. I think Olt will be the starting 3B this year and he may play so well they decide not to move him off 3B period.

        1. On The Farm

          Maybe they will all gel, and play fantastic baseball, to me it looks like the oldest position player in the lineup is 25 (Rizzo and Olt, Castro and Lake will be 24).

          Although Castillo is 26 (not really that much better), but I wasn’t counting him since he actually had a good MLB season last year.

          1. Rizzo44

            Yes that sounds correct. I think Sweeney can platoon with Lake in CF and you keep some depth on the bench with LV and Murphy. Ruggiano for OF depth. Sign some role players for depth as well.

      2. CubFan Paul

        “Ugh, I kind of hope it isn’t the lineup”

        Then what the eff are we rebuilding for?

        My brain hurts.

        1. On The Farm

          To have quality minor league talent to compliment a roster of veterans is what I thought the plan was. Maybe Theo made a statement in which he would like the entire roster to be filled with a bunch of 25 year olds? Maybe you would prefer a roster of 25 year olds?

          I don’t know about you, but in a season in which we are going to lose at least 80 games, I would rather not have the “kids” up just cuz its kool. I would rather they take their time bringing the guys along and have a couple of veterans on the roster, but hey I guess that’s just me.

          1. CubFan Paul

            “I would rather not have the “kids” up just cuz its kool”

            2B Alcantara
            CF Lake
            RF Bryant
            1B Rizzo
            3B Baez
            LF Olt
            C Castillo
            SS Castro

            None of those ‘kids’ are low enough in the minors or underdeveloped enough for rushing them to be a problem (like Almora, Soler, & Vogelbach) with the exception of Bryant who’s polished and will more than likely *dominate* Double A too.

            1. On The Farm

              Well if Kris Bryant and Alcantara have hit their way out of AA and AAA and they are on the big league club because they are riding a hot streak I guess I don’t have a problem with it. If they are on the MLB roster because the Cubs were able to ship Barney and Schierholtz to another team, that’s when I would prefer not.

              Still having a team of a bunch of young “kids” usually doesn’t fair too well. I guess I didn’t realize that having a bunch of really young players was a good thing. Thank god you were here to point that out to me.

              1. CubFan Paul

                “I guess I didn’t realize that having a bunch of really young players was a good thing. Thank god you were here to point that out to me”

                So, I point out the flaw in your thinking and you get douchey. Great.

                1. On The Farm

                  I am glad I got to be one that pointed out you were wrong about Brett Jackson’s defensive future grades being worse than Almora’s. You are always so quick to jump in and crap all over people’s posts it’s refreshing when even Luke points out you were wrong.

                  It also still doesn’t change that I would prefer the Cubs to not end up with that lineup. If that means they have to trade someone from that “projected lineup”to get a veteran who is an established big leaguer so be it. It’s one thing to do a rebuild, it’s an entirely different thing to be like the Marlins and throw your young talent on the field.

                  1. CubFan Paul

                    “I am glad I got to be one that pointed out you were wrong…it’s refreshing when even Luke points out you were wrong”

                    So still douchey. Got it.

                    1. On The Farm

                      I see. Because you resort to name calling that kind of puts you above it all. Well played Paul, well played.

                    2. Rizzo44

                      So back to my post. What lineup changes would you make?

      3. Noah_I

        If Olt succeeds, unless he just looks like an instant All Star, I’d actually expect the Cubs to try to deal him for pitching next off season. The Cubs are going to have to turn some of these young hitters into high ceiling pitching at some point.

        1. Rizzo44

          Fair point, but maybe he plays really well and they decide it keep him???

          1. CubFan Paul

            Yeah, they’re not trading a successful third basemen with 4 plus years of control left.

            1. blublud

              After 240140, the Cubs will actually have 5 seasons of control left. But you knew that, right.

              1. Patrick W.

                That is a LOT of control.

                1. blublud

                  My phone has this weird auto correct going on with numbers. It also changed Olt to only below, but that is normal.

              2. blublud

                Wow, after 240140 Only will be dead. I meant after 2014.

              3. CubFan Paul


  13. Ron Bar
    1. Jason P

      What’s your point?

  14. Ron Bar

    Ron Bar maybe the only fan in Chicago who knows whats good for the cubs and that’s it. If 2 of the 7 prospects make it than i hope the cubs keep the right two. But you don’t infuse youth with veteran leadership. You infuse veteran leadership w youth. To make that possible you need the veteran leadership. Prices coach from Vanderbilt is w the Cubs. We Need a Stud. We Deserve a stud. Imagine Shark behind him. Improves sharks #s too. I would much rather trade Baez than Bryant or Soler if your gonna role w Castro than role. If not than trade Castro and a lesser prospect like Johnson. David Price is better than any one on the cubs minor league or major. Point blank period.

    1. TWC

      “Ron Bar maybe the only fan in Chicago who knows whats good for the cubs …”

      Ron Bar is a bit of a douchebag if he (1) thinks that or (2) continues to refer to himself in the third person.

      1. On The Farm

        He must be new if Ron Bar thinks he is the first person on BN to suggest a Price trade.

        Ron Bar also needs to work on grammar..” your gonna role w Castro than role”’re going to roll with Castro then roll..

        Sorry, I just hate when people use the wrong than/then and your/you’re

        1. TWC

          It’s the internet … you’ll probably just have to “role” with those punches.

          1. DarthHater

            I never learned to read moron, so I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

            1. TWC

              But do you know what a negotiation is?

              1. DarthHater

                Yea, I F-ing do know what a F-ing negotiation is, pal. ;-)

        2. Jon

          Jimmy played good

          1. TWC

            Bob Dole Bob Dole Bob DOLE!

            1. On The Farm

              No way, I was just thinking to myself, anyone ever see that Simpson’s episode with Bob Dole?

        3. woody

          I wonder if he knows Candy Bar?

      2. SenorGato

        That line actually made laugh. Ron Bar might be legit.

    2. Patrick W.

      Ron Bar thinks that pitcher 1 makes pitcher 2′s “numbers” better. Ron Bar fails to mention that by “numbers” he means “number of times pitching the game after pitcher 1″

    3. aaronb

      I agree Ron Barr.

      Lets sign Jimenez and Nelson Cruz and make an attempt to not lose 100 games again.

  15. Ron Bar

    Price, Shark, Wood, fuck we might actually pull of a three game winning streak a few times.

    1. Jason P

      We are 100% guaranteed to pull off a three game winning streak without Price too.

    2. mr. mac

      Who is fuck and why is he the 4th starter?

      1. TWC

        Because even *he* is better than Edwin Jackson.

        1. Ron Bar

          That’s true

        2. mr. mac

          But still not quite good enough to make it a 4 game winning streak. Damn.

      2. Ron Bar

        Probably the guy they will get from Japan instead of tanaka

  16. Ron Bar

    Either that or the cubs will sign Korean super ace Suk Min Yoon.

    1. GoCubsGo

      I hear Sum Ting Wong is still available. Bang Ding Ow isn’t posted yet though.

      1. woody

        How about One Hung Lo?

        1. TWC

          How about dropping the racist crap?

          1. Xruben31

            Yeah, kinda makes everyone look bad.

          2. Jason P


            1. TWC

              Yeah. I live in the Bay Area. I got the “joke”. It’s still racist. But thanks for perpetuating it.

              1. Jason P

                Except it’s not racist. No more racist than making fun of Albert Poo-holes or anyone else that has a funny sounding name is (there was a former Pirates outfielder named Jack Glasscock!).

                No one’s suggesting anything about Asian people or culture is inferior in any way. The comments above were simply referencing a news blunder that was almost universally seen as hilarious and not racist in the slightest.

                1. Jon

                  You do realize three TV producers were fired over that news “blunder” ?

                  1. Jason P


                    1. Jon

                      If universally seen as hilarious and not offensive I don’t think people would have lost their jobs over it, but that’s just me

                2. TWC

                  “almost universally seen as hilarious and not racist in the slightest”

                  That’s absurd and quite clearly wrong — but I’m sure the fired television producers thought it was a fucking riot.

                  The difference between “Albert Poo-holes” and those cited above is that “Poo-holes” is a play on an *actual person’s name*. The fake Asiana crew’s names mock all Asians by playing on stereotypes of their names. It’s unfortunate that you can’t see the distinction.


                  1. DarthHater

                    Personally, even without the added bonus of name stereotypes, I always find plane crashes involving fatalities and numerous critical injuries to be uproariously funny.

                    1. Jason P

                      No one’s laughing at people dying.

                    2. Dascenzo

                      Yeah, but to be fair, you’re not exactly a credible source in dissecting humor.

                      You’re the guy who constantly posts pictures with corny captions.

                  2. Jason P

                    For the producers, it was an innocent mistake. They had to be fired to preserve the channel’s journalistic credibility, but they didn’t actively attempt to make a racist joke.

                    That’s a major distinction. A few years ago when Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” was at its height, ESPN ran a story titled “Chink in Armor”, referring to a weakness in Jeremy Lin’s game. That was racist. No one thought it was funny.

                    The humor in the news station’s blunder does not come from the names themselves, but rather that the producers were airheaded enough to think that “Wi Tu Lo” could possibly be a legitimate name.

                    1. GoCubsGo

                      Wait someone called racist on me quoting that news report? Yikes.

                    2. Jason P

                      Apparently laughing at something that’s not politically correct is now enough to qualify someone as a “racist”.

                  3. Dascenzo

                    Put your white-guilt aside, and try going a week without calling someone on here a racist.

                    1. Dascenzo

                      Sorry, Brett, but you’re sadly mistaken.

                      He called someone a racist for accidentally referring to Kurt Suzuki as Japanese, around a week ago.

                    2. Spencer

                      He usually calls people twats.

                  4. Dascenzo

                    TWC is the “politically correct” police.

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      Geez what a asshole… why would anybody want the world to not find humor in racism- what an asshat.

                    2. Dascenzo

                      He – and now you – are creating the racist narrative.

                      White people – like the two of you, and various others – cry racism, in the name of other races — like the elitist you are.

                      It was funny. It was nothing close to racism.

                    3. MichiganGoat

                      Oh the ignorance of this statement is so very sad.

                    4. miggy80

                      Sometimes we miss a Golden opportunity to keep our mouth shut.

                    5. Dascenzo

                      Oh the vagueness of this statement, due to logic-less desperation, is so very sad.

                    6. Jason P

                      Racism is still a very real thing that impacts thousands everyday. Racist jokes, depending on the context and who is around, can be very harmful.

                      The newscast above had no racist intent. It’s not possible to be “accidentally” racist.

                      That newscast was not all that bad. Even if I was Asian, I’d probably laugh.

                      This is kind of like the Redskins name controversy. In a poll, 87% of Native Americans in the Washington DC area said they didn’t mind the name. Mostly, it’s the white people who (with all the right intentions) want to make up for past wrongs.

                      If the newscast was “racist”, is this video racist?

                      No one seems to think so.

                    7. GoCubsGo

                      I understand people being against racism and I have zero issue with that. I have issue with someone thinking I was being racist when I wasn’t.

                      By definition racism is: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

                      Saying the names Sum Ting Wong is racist how? Is saying the name Billy Bob Joe racist? There was no intent to discriminate or demean, it was a repeat of a joke on names that aired in a news broadcast when it clearly shouldn’t have. I am not making fun of people dying in a plane crash or insulting Chinese or Japanese people. Not everything is uber serious. I am sorry if you, TWC, or someone else was offended, I am not sorry for posting the comment when zero racist connotations were intended or even posted.

                    8. GoCubsGo

                      *This next post is intended only for educational purposes only*

                      If I offer my Chinese friend some fried rice because I made some is that racist?

                      If I offer my Chinese friend some fried rice because I am trying to insult him is that racist?

                      Intent matters. Let’s put this issue to bed please.

                    9. blublud

                      GoCubsGo, I work in aviation. I have my whole post school adult life. I work with numerous Asians, most are skilled in Avionics. I can also assure you that everyone I work with, including the Asian guys(and girls) all laughed. We quote that news cast at some point at least once on a weekly basis if not more. That newscast was inappropriate because the names were fake, not because of the names they use.

                      There is a skit that use to come on the other show like Saturday Night Live, I can’t remember the name of the show. It’s of an Asian woman who seen a man commit a crime, and when the white detective ask her for a description, all she says is “he look like a black man” over and over. As a black man, I found that skit hilarious.

                      People are to uptight. The least little things offend people. I ask a question about if Edwin Jackson and Michael Bourne not getting contracts offers like other were had to do with their race because of a previous discussion I had with some other people at a meeting without stating my personal view and people went on attack.

                      Racism is real but people who feel the need to make every little remark that’s not intended to be offensive an offensive remark make it worse. If an Asian person comes forward and tell you they are offended, then apologize. If not, then there is no need.

                    10. hansman

                      I think society needs to start using the phrase “culturally insensitive”.

                      What blacks had to endure from the 1500s up through the civil rights movement was racism.

                      What Jews and Japanese – descent US citizens had to endure in WW2 was racism.

                      The reaction of a large swath of.America post-9/11 was racism.

                      A play on Asian names making light of a tragedy and then making that joke again is tasteless humor and not the beginning of a manifesto as to why Japanese people should be considered lesser to other races.

                    11. Dascenzo

                      hansman -

                      I agree with your initial sentiment.

                      People should work to identify the difference between racism and political correctness. White guys like TWC project their own insecurities regarding race onto others by calling anyone who ventures a racial topic or a racially insensitive joke, a racist.

                      Racism is the act or sentiment of hate, motivated solely by the color of another’s skin. Your examples started out obvious in their accuracies:

                      What African Americans endured in this country for hundreds of years – in the form of hate and inequality – was racism. What Jewish people endured in the 30s and 40s – the pain and suffering – was racism. And I was glad that you mentioned a far too forgotten injustice of racism: the eviction and imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WW2, based solely on the fact that they were Japanese.

                      But then you go ahead and expose your own brand of ignorance. Here’s your next example of racism: “The reaction of a large swath of America post-911″.

                      Really!?! Americans were the racists in that exchange? Not the side who killed thousands?

                      “Post 911″. So you compare American’s refusal to be politically correct following the murder of thousands of their fellow Americans based on their nationality, to Nazis and slave owners? Please, what did this “large swath” of Americans do that was so racist? Dude, please get in-touch with some portion of reality!

                      Enough with the political correctness. Enough with white people trying to convince other races that they should be outraged by something someone said about them. Enough with the fake exterior of acceptance.

  17. Ron Bar

    Probably spelled that wrong god help me!

    1. frank

      Well, you did spell “off” incorrectly . . .

  18. On The Farm

    14 of the top 100 players were drafted or signed internationally by Epstein and/or Hoyer. Not too shabby.

    Breakdown is 7 BoSox, 3 Padres, and 4 Cubs. Traded for another (Edwards).

    1. Kyle

      When you haven’t run a playoff team in five years, you get a bit of a head start on prospects.

      1. On The Farm

        So what about the seven Red Sox players they acquired on the list? I get how they did it with the Cubs, but the seven Boston players during all of their playoff success is pretty positive no?

        1. Kyle

          That’s *including* Boston, with whom they missed the playoffs their final two seasons there.

  19. Napercal

    Is it just me or do these rankings seem to value more recent draft picks than older draft picks? Is it more likely that these evaluators rate more recent draft picks higher because they are grading on tools more than performance? Because the only things we as Cub fans have to look forward to at this point is hope, do we get overly giddy when these lists come out? Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have scouts evaluate Cub prospects the way that they have. It’s just that in reviewing available lists from past years, there sure are a lot of disappointments.

    1. Scotti

      Recent draft picks/signings have media buzz and places like Baseball America and simply rank more recent draft picks/signings higher because they come with prepackaged buzz (i.e. you are far more likely to read their articles/rankings if you have recently heard of some of those players). These guys are, for all intents and purposes, magazines and magazines need readership.

      So, yes, a guy who is a recent pick is far more likely to be ranked highly than a pick from several years ago who is much more likely to be a MLB player but just doesn’t have the fanfare.

      1. Luke

        That is one way to interpret it, but I think suggesting it is done deliberately to drive ratings is overly cynical in this case.

        Most of the analysts have not been able to see the recently drafted more than a time or two, and they have fewer stats and scouting reports to rely on. Typically when looking at very good prospects (and anyone in the Top 100 arguably falls in that category), the positives leap to the eye faster than the negatives. It takes time to realize that the player is slow to adjust his approach at the plate, or that his arm plays stronger than it is due to the accuracy, or that he has trouble repeating his mechanics consistently, or that his slider tends to flatten out rather breaking sharpley, or any of the literally thousands of factors that go into separating the very best prospects from the next-to-very-best ones.

        After another season of watching these players, watching several more hours of video, reading a number of new scouting reports, and being able to study a statistically significant amount of plate appearances or batters faced, those flaws become easier to spot.

        There is also, I think, a general but somewhat undeserved skepticism of A ball numbers.

        Combine those features and I think there is a bit of a tendency on the part of some analysts to overvalue recent draftees, undervalue players with one year or so of experience, and possible overvalue Double A players very slightly as compared to other prospects.

        I think it balances, though, because many of us (including me) lean in the opposite direction. I tend to be more cautious on recent draftees and have a history of undervaluing players a little until they reach the full season leagues, and I know I am not alone in that.

        1. Scotti

          “That is one way to interpret it, but I think suggesting it is done deliberately to drive ratings is overly cynical in this case.”

          Luke, while you and I may prefer to see a player put up some numbers against serious competition before we rate him highly, that is simply not the case of Baseball America (perhaps chiefest among sinners if only just for their status). They have a magazine to sell. They have subscriptions to sell. Like any magazine or media source, BA needs to capitalize on whatever buzz is out there. If Justin Beiber played ball he’d be on their cover right now. Number one draft picks come with their own, prepackaged, buzz. Casual fans want to learn about the guy their team just picked. BA (and many others) will always prioritize Fresh Hotness over stale, steadiness.

          There is also a bit of the macabre in tearing down the guy you’ve built up. Take Kris Bryant. He’s a good prospect to be sure (I have him fourth behind Baez, CJE and Soler). However, his swing is anything but smooth and there is a ton of swing and miss going on. But he sells on the high side AND he will sell going down–if that’s what it comes to–as well. If he, or others, are never built up, subscribers will have little interest in reading their demise on their way down.

          Yes, BA has a reputation to uphold. But the also have a magazine and subscriptions to sell. It’s just how the magazine industry works.

  20. blewett

    Glad to see Pierce Johnson sneak into the top 100. According to his teammates, he is going to be a stud.

  21. Dascenzo

    If there’s a player in that list who will climb rapidly, I predict Johnson.

  22. Baseball Prospectus Places Seven Cubs Prospects in the Top 101 | Bleacher Nation | Chicago Cubs News, Rumors, and Commentary

    […] it was with’s top 100 list, which came out last week, the Cubs place seven prospects on the BP 101, and it’s a familiar […]

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