2014 Chicago Cubs Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

The Chicago Cubs have released their broadcast schedule for Spring Training this year, which will feature 10 televised games (four on WGN, six on CSN), which is four more than last year. Just about all of the other games will be available on WGN Radio or Cubs.com (radio stream). The only rub is that, outside of the opener, the TV games don’t kick in until mid-March, when most of the prospects will have already been sent to minor league camp. I feel like this is a missed opportunity every year for the broadcasts, but I suppose it makes sense to ramp up production closer to the regular season (when you’ll have to ramp up anyway).

Here’s the full schedule (all games start at 1:05 p.m. Arizona time unless otherwise noted):

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12 responses to “2014 Chicago Cubs Spring Training Broadcast Schedule”

  1. Spencer

    If Renteria would not play any of the regulars for those games at Chase Field on the last days of Spring Training, that’d be great. Or at least instruct them not to chase after foul balls too aggressively.

  2. Idaho Razorback

    Thank You!!! I’ve been waiting for this.

  3. kridertr

    The good news is that 3 of them are split squad games so I better likely hood of getting to see the prodpects

    1. hansman

      So those are 2:05 starts until March 9 when they become 3:05 starts.

      1. hansman

        Wrong spot for the reply. And that is Central Time.

  4. woody

    One month until the first TV game. Yipeeeeeee!

  5. LPython

    Does anyone know when the tickets for the Chase Field games go on sale? I grudgingly signed up for the Diamondbacks mailing list to try to get some insight but haven’t seen anything about it yet.

  6. MightyBear

    Thanks for the schedule Brett.

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