kane county cougarsMinor League Baseball, as the headline indicates, is awesome for many reasons. The youth, the prospects, the intimacy, the idiosyncrasies, the price, the food, the lack of misery associated with watching the big league team disappoint … it’s a fantastic experience.

But one of the other reasons minor league baseball is awesome? The whacky theme nights!

The Chicago Cubs’ Low-A affiliate, the Kane County Cougars, have announced their theme nights for the 2014 season, and there’s a whole lot of fun in there. The nice thing for Chicagoans is that Kane County is just west of the city in Geneva, so you can actually go to these things.

There are a couple Star Wars nights (last year, the Cougars wore Star Wars jerseys for the game), there’s a Princess Night (including a Daddy/Daughter date package … aw … ), and there are several Bark at the Park nights where you can bring your dog (what, no Purr at the Park?).

The full list of theme nights for the Cougars (more could be added):

May 2: Star Wars Night
May 3: 5/3 Day
May 16: Halfway to Halloween
May 17: Halfway to Halloween
June 4: Bark in the Park
June 7: Spirit and Cheer Night
June 8: Cancer Awareness Day
June 19: World Cup Soccer Night
June 20: Princess Night
June 21: Jimmy Buffett Night
June 26: Chicago Sports Team Night
July 2: Military Appreciation Night
July 11: Christmas in July
July 23: Bark in the Park
July 25: Superhero Night
August 1: Harry Potter Night
August 1: Peanut-Free Night
August 2: Country Music Night
August 13: Bark in the Park
August 14: NIU Night
August 22: Back to School Night
August 30: Star Wars Night

  • Diamondrock

    Does anyone else think the Cougars should redo their uniform kit? Maybe I’ve just been reading too much Uni-Watch, but I can’t get over how ugly it all is. The lack of sleeves, the weird, eyeless cougar symbol, and the awful clash between the red/white/blue Cubs logo and the green/black of the Cougars.

    • Thiscantbegood

      I agree their logo should change immediately. It looks like a 4th grader drew it. Should make it more 3D looking than this.

    • cms0101

      As of this moment the Cubs and Cougars are on the last year of their affiliation. I can’t imagine them not renewing, but I would guess that the Cougars will not consider any kind of major changes to the unis until they have a longer term deal with the Cubs in place. Here’s hoping they sign a 4-year agreement when it’s time to renew instead of just 2. I live 15 minutes away from the Cougars stadium, so I spent most of last summer there watching the kids, and I’ve already amassed a significant amount Cougars Bucks (gift certificates) to go to more games this season.

      • nkniacc13

        I cant believe that the Cubs wont renew since they have been trying to get affiliates as close to Chicago as possiable

  • hansman

    I love peanut free nights.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I know it’s funny to see that listed in the context of the other nights, but I bet there are some kids out there that it makes a difference for.

      • hansman

        Absolutely, and the effort that it takes to remove peanuts and peanut dust from the stadium cannot be overlooked.

        To me, those three words say A LOT.

        • CubFan Paul

          5 Guys uses peanut oil for their fries.

          I moan like Homer every time.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

          Peanut free nights tend to be very successful.

          • TWC

            And joining it to another kid-friendly theme night (Harry Potter) makes even more sense.

  • salesguy

    The Star Wars and superhero themed nights would be well worth the price of admission.

  • CubChymyst

    Jimmy Buffett night would be fun time if they allowed you to bring in your own margaritas.

  • Thiscantbegood

    NIU Themed night does that mean people who attended or did attend NIU can get in for free? If so, that would be sweet.

  • Napercal

    Not only are the theme nights fun, the entire atmosphere is great. The food is awesome, they have a craft beer garden. Plenty of entertainment for young kids.There is easy access from Chicago (only about an hour drive from downtown which by Chicago standards is not bad at all) and for what it’s worth the town of Geneva has some great restaurants. The tickets are really affordable. Let’s see, you can pay the third highest ticket prices in the majors to watch a team built to tank, or you can watch the future Cubs, the guys who will be part of the renewal, for less than the cost of a movie. Easy decision.

  • Camiata2

    No Purr at the Park night? I don’t know how I’m feline about this.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I love you.

    • Coop

      Well played.

  • FindMeDistant

    I live about 10 minutes from the park and probably make it to about 10 games a yr.

    My favorite games are the Thirsty Thursdays promotion which they do a few times throughout the season.

    $1 Beers

    $1 Hotdogs

    $1 Sodas

    To be honest the food they have there kind of puts Wrigley to shame.