giordanos pizzaAs part of the Wrigley Field renovation (expansion?) and development plan, the Chicago Cubs received permission to dramatically expand their use of advertising signage in and around Wrigley Field. And although the project is currently on hold, pending a resolution of the current rooftop drama, the Cubs are still getting to work securing long-term sponsorship relationships, tied to services in and around the ballpark, as well as some of that signage.

We’ve heard about a long-term deal with Anheuser-Busch, which will increase Budweiser’s visibility and availability in the park (including on the eventual right field sign), and the Cubs have reportedly inked at least one more new deal: Giordano’s.

The deal is reportedly set to be announced at the pizza company’s flagship restaurant today, featuring Tom Ricketts, according to Danny Ecker. Previously, the Cubs had a three-year agreement with D’Agostino’s Pizza, which recently expired. Now, Giordano’s will be the pizza of choice at Wrigley Field.

Ecker doesn’t yet have the terms of the deal, but hopefully it was the product of a massive pizza-related bidding war. Revenue is revenue, y’all.

I don’t have a particularly strong opinion about the at-issue pizzas (and I don’t have particularly strong affection for deep dish pizza) … are folks happy about the impending switch? Angry? Indifferent?

  • Jon

    I gotta be honest, I think of all the “Chicago Pizza chains” Giordano’s has to be the most overrated garbage out there.

    • Norm

      I’m the opposite. Like Giordano’s the most and Lou’s the least.
      But prefer the non-chains like The Art of Pizza.

      • Xruben31

        I also love Giordano’s

      • cubs2003

        Art of Pizza is awesome! I like that you can get a slice of deep dish. Who really needs more than one(well, I guess me, sometimes).

        • brainiac

          Art’s has been my favorite chicago pizza for at least 12 years.

      • GoCubsGo

        ART OF PIZZA! It’s literally a two minute walk from my apartment and is the best in the entire city.

        • cubs2003

          Nice! I could never drive by that place and not get a slice. Best deep dish in Chicago.

    • mak19

      The love for Art of Pizza here is baffling. Below average pizza.

      Giordanos is far better. Even better is Lou Mal’s, Pequods and Pizanos (in that order).

      • danimal8

        Pequods recently changed their recipe. It was like the Cubs moving Wrigley. That is to say I was crushed but I will just switch to the other pizza place in town

        • cubs2003

          That’s a bummer. I would pretty much only go there after watching a movie at the theater on Webster, but it was always great. Half the reason I would go see a movie there haha.

      • brainiac

        lou’s can be good, but it’s often bad, not because of the ingredients but because they’re too busy and have bad quality control. i’ve been disappointed by their locations more than any other chain in chicago. gotta disagree about art’s, it’s the same it was back in the day!

        • cubs2003

          Lou’s has a really good recipe for their pizza, but expansion is a son of a bitch. I got one at the original store on N. Lincoln(i think) and it was amazing. My Dad used to take us to one in the NW ‘burbs and it was still great. Then they opened up a carry out place nearby and the pizza just sucked. It takes a good deal of skill to make a good pizza. I wish more people would recognize that and be willing to pay accordingly. Better pizza for everyone!

          • brainiac

            no doubt, it’s a major and valued cultural skill in chicago! rapid expansion will definitely water down expertise.

  • Jim

    Indifferent. I wonder what % of food sales are actually pizza?

    • Brett

      Good question. I don’t eat pizza at the ballpark, but it always seems like tons of people are.

      • MightyBear

        Kids eat pizza at the ball park. Its mostly kids.

        • DarthHater

          Wouldn’t kids generally prefer thin crust pizza?

  • DarthHater

    I like deep dish pizza, but it’s too messy to eat at a ball park.

    • tricky dick

      yea doesn’t really work out on a paper plate unless it’s pretty sturdy. Would have liked to have seen Lou’s but pizza is pizza

    • Jon

      That’s a good point, how in the heck do you eat at deep dish at the park, especially at Wrigley where there really isn’t any picnic area with table seating?

      • DarthHater

        They should install drop-down seatback trays, like in airplanes. WTF, might as well make the seats recline, too, since a Cubs game is great time for a nap. đŸ˜›

    • Fishin Phil

      I’m with Darth. I like Giordano’s, but that is not something I would eat at the game.

  • cubsfan1594

    I think don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything but a hot dog at Wrigley, but whatever brings in the revenue

  • TulaneCubs

    Lou Malnati’s would be the best pizza to have there, but I’m not eating pizza at a baseball game anyway, so I’m pretty apathetic.

    Whoever pays the most to be there is what I would prefer.

  • Brocktoon

    Don’t like deep dish? Burn the witch

    • Coop

      He turned me into a newt.

      • MightyBear

        I got better.

    • DarthHater

      Deep dish pizza floats … and therefore is made by witches!

      • Kev

        so… logically… if she weighs as much as a deep dish pizza, then she’s made of wood… and therefore….

  • Ill see you at Sluggers.

    With other big money FA’s waiting to get locked up, we took the cheap option and went with Giordano’s over Lou Malnati’s. WHEN WILL WE START SPENDING?!?!?!&*#(^!(*^@(

    • cubsfan08


    • Cub Fan Dan

      Giordano’s is a clear “Sign & Flip”. In the meantime, we’ll have to do with that & Totinos Party Pizza. Just like the 2014 Cubs season, its very good when drunk.

      • cubsnivy56

        ha ha

  • jrayn

    Pequod’s Pizza! Caramelized crust. Pepperonis living on the edge of burnt.

    • cubs2003

      Pequod’s is what it would take to get me to buy a slice of pizza at a baseball game.

  • cubsfan08

    Hmmm Pizza in the summer heat? Hard to hold my beer. Now this winter at the UC, deep dish sounds wonderful

    Never have considered pizza at Wrigley. Is it a kid thing? Maybe an out of towner thing since deep dish is rather unique to Chicago?

  • AlbDaKID

    Father and Sons…. say no more!

  • Thiscantbegood

    Giordano’s Pizza and UNO’s Pizza has the best deep dish pizza however not really sure how your suppose to eat this while watching a game. Giordano’s is already expensive now its going to be in Wrigley. $10 bucks a slice of pizza, not worth it.

  • CubsFaninMS

    I’ve heard that Giordano’s is the place to get pizza in Chicago. The only pizza I’ve tried though was at Exchequer’s and it was the deep dish. Was very impressed. I plan to make a trip when some of the prospects come up in August this year so maybe I’ll give Giordano’s a try.

    • Jon

      A good comparison of Giordano’s would be Panda Express.

      They do a great job of marketing and “hyping” their pizza put it’s nothing special. Lou’s is much better, also pequod’s.

      • Thiscantbegood

        Totally disagree with that statement. Everyone I know prefers Giordano’s over Lou’s. But hey thats why everyone has their own opinions. Just glad Chicago Cubs finally made a smart decision.

      • CubsFaninMS

        Thanks Jon, I’m big into finding non-chain types of restaurants. There’s a little Greek restaurant here in the Jackson, MS area that is a very small building but has the best seafood in town. I’ve turned many people on to the place. There’s really no “hidden treasures” in terms of pizza places, though. It’s fun going to Chicago because there are so many places like that.

        • Jon

          Yeah, that’s the thing too….You can find a Giordano’s as easily as McDonalds in the Chicago Suburbs(same for Lou’s too a bit, though not to the same extreme). I mean they are everywhere, to me the whole “Chicago” or “insert big city here” thing loses it’s appeal when they are plastered all over suburbia.

          • Norm

            You seems like you really hate Giordano’s. Like REALLY hate it.

            Lou’s has 31 suburban locations
            Giordano’s has 27

            • Jon

              That’s interesting, on the other hand Lou’s really has been aggressively expanding it seams, while Giordano’s did file for Chapt 11 recently.

      • ChiMike702

        That’s just about the worst comparison I’ve ever heard, even if you don’t like Giordano’s (which is my personal favorite), the comparison just doesn’t make any sense.

  • dreese

    Not the greatest pizza but at least its deep dish. Lou’s is the best.

  • brainiac

    i like giordano’s a lot but i’ll only eat hot dogs in any ballpark. plus there’s no way they can produce the same quality at this speed and scale, so it’ll probably be more like a pre-frozen uno’s at the airport kinda thing.

  • RoscoeVillageFan

    At least it isn’t Digiorno like the United Center. Why would I pay premium $$ for pizza I can make at home? Best frozen pizza on the market? Home Run Inn thin crust IMO

    • brainiac

      that is a great frozen pizza.

    • cubs2003

      I don’t live in Chicago anymore so I can’t get it, but Home Run Inn is the king of frozen pizzas IMO.

      • DarthHater

        I wonder if Amazon would deliver it to the Death Star…

        • cubs2003

          You’d probably have to talk to The Emperor about that.

      • Eternal Pessimist

        Lou Malnati’s ships in dry ice.

        • Orval Overall


          Lou’s ships the pizzas frozen. Just drop it in your own freezer, and then whenever the mood strikes it’s literally just 45 minutes away from being ready. Almost as good as getting it directly in the restaurant.

      • D.G.Lang

        I also don’t live in Chicago having moved to Florida over 20 years ago, But while I was living there I’d visit the Original Home Run Inn on 31st street. I’ve also bought it in the Suburbs as well as frozen but neither is as good as fresh from the ovens.

        After all, “Nothing says lovin like something from the oven”.

  • cubs2003

    I don’t mind Giordano’s at all, but the functional aspect of eating deep dish pizza at a ballgame is pretty daunting. Maybe they’ll have thin crust in big slices? Seems much more doable to me. Either way, I’m an Old Style and Vienna Beef guy.

  • TTH

    Giordano’s actually makes a decent thin crust pizza, which is probably what they’ll offer at the ballpark. their deep dish is on par with the others. A half can of food service tomatoes tossed in a bread bowl.

    • DarthHater


  • V23

    D’Agostino’s played very well at Wrigley. Always tasted fresh!!

    The Connies always sucked and Giardano’s is soooo overrated. Guaranteed a soggy bottom and a dry boring crust.


  • hansman

    Eh…I prefer Pizza Hut taco pizza.

    • cubs2003

      Pizza Hut delivered to me the only pizza in my life I wouldn’t eat. It was like they ran out of cheese and instead decided to put like a half pound of their crappy parmesan on it. They somehow still made it really greasy. That was the first and last pizza I’ll order from Pizza Hut.

  • Funn Dave

    More importantly, does Wrigley still have Love Me Tenders?

  • Robbo

    A good change, IMO Giordano’s is a step up from D’Ags although there are many other deep dish pizzas I prefer to Giordano’s.

    Although I must say whenever there is time to go to the upstairs outdoor patio at Wrigley I have to get an Italian Sausage/Beef combo with the Giardiniera relish. Most delicious food available at Wrigley.

  • AndPrintIt

    I hate to be a pizza nazi but …
    Giordano’s does not make a deep dish pizza; they are famous for their stuffed pizza.
    Deep dish has a single crust on the bottom. Stuffed adds an additional crust on top of the ingredients but below the sauce.

    You can remember the difference by singing this little song (to the tune of ‘Someday We’ll Go All The Way’):
    Malnati’s for deep dish.
    Giordano’s for stuffed.

    (I’ll just assume there are no Chicagoans participating in this thread. Because if you are … and you think Giordano’s makes deep dish … you are part of the problem, not the solution.)

    • DarthHater


    • V23

      +1 to Andprintit He gets it!!
      I always laugh when outsiders have no idea wtf they are talking about.

    • CUB5

      Since we are being pizza Nazis… Stuffed pizzas can also be deep dish pizzas. Some stuffed pizzas are even more “deep dish” than regular deep dish pizzas. :)

      • ChrisFChi

        Don’t make that mistake when ordering from beggar’s. Accidentally did that once and got dough and sauce. I have really no preferred choice, my favorite is phils pizza in oak lawn. Never seen so much cheese on a thin crust pizza in my life.

      • GoCubsGo

        I wasn’t going to come on and be that guy who said Chicago pizza is actually stuffed…deep dish is it’s own thing, but here I am.

  • CUB5

    Love Giordano’s pizza! Not sure how it would play out at the ballpark, but I’ve seen some crazy nacho contraptions eaten in the stands. So if they can get that down okay, then this should do well. Plus, the drunk frat boys won’t care as they’re already smashed by 2nd inning.

  • hawkcub

    I don’t see them offering their deep dish/stuffed pizza. If they do it will be in only some locations IMO. These take longer to make then regular pizzas. May not be that big of a deal as these are being made in mass but could be an issue.

  • fossilhippie

    I used to love Ron Santo pizza.

    • Jon

      I’m unfamiliar with that pizza brand, was the bottom half of the crust cut off?

      • cubs2003

        C’mon, dude.