respect wrigleyEven as actual construction on the Wrigley Field renovation and development project remains at a standstill pending a resolution of rooftop-related issues, the Chicago Cubs continue to be the good neighbors Alderman Tom Tunney asked them to be when City Council approved the project last year.

To wit, the Cubs have started dialoging with folks in the Wrigleyville area about the total number of outdoor events with amplified sound that they can hold at the yet-to-be-constructed plaza just west of the ballpark. As originally passed, the Cubs were not limited in the number of such events – concerts, movies, etc. – they could have at the plaza, but, after hearing concerns from some in the community, the Cubs have proposed a limited of 25 events, per Serena Dai at DNAinfo.

Dai’s piece has more of the details, including the usual neighborhood grousing, and it sounds like much of this is still in flux. Alderman Tunney undoubtedly has an interest in making the plaza into a successful year-round hub for Wrigleyville and Lakeview, since it could draw in folks to the area even when the Cubs are on the road, or aren’t in season.

At bottom, it’s good to see the Cubs trying to get out ahead of this issue and come up with something that will be agreeable to most of the involved parties, rather than waiting for things to come to blows after they’ve already started building the thing. It’s also good to see that discussions about ancillary issues like this continue, even as the project, on the whole, is stalled. At least some balls are being kept in motion.

  • Boogens

    He said “balls”. Heh heh.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Is it wrong of me to wish Murphy’s Bleachers and Beth Murphy go bankrupt to the point her building goes into foreclosure? Just asking.

    • Brandon

      Not at all, wish away, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    • auggie

      As Jack Brickhouse once said when the Cubs down by 5 runs in 9th: “Wouldn’t it be something if Kessinger, Beckert and Willams all got on and Santo homered and Banks followed that with a hr of his own. Oh, it’s fun to dream.”

  • hawkboy64

    Where’s Tunney at as far as the rooftops can he not influence something besides his own agenda.

  • Ballgame17

    Absolutely not, BH1963. +1

  • Ballgame17

    We should seriously start a legit boycott of the rooftops and bar owners that represent them. Beat it Murphy’s. Educated Cubs fans, I personally think, would side with the Cubs in this situation and go into Wrigley opposed to going to a rooftop if they were fully informed. It’s our job to spread the word.

  • brickhouse

    It sounds like it is only 1 or 2 rooftops causing the problems or delaying the eventual agreement. As soon as the jumbotron is either resized or repositioned the 1 or 2 opposed rooftops in leftfield will give in and sign the agreement so the expansion/renovation can begin.

  • Ballgame17

    Do you know which two, specifically?? If it’s only 2, shouldn’t this be resolved by now?

  • cubfanincardinalland

    What is it about some of the residents near Wrigley? They buy a property in inner city Chicago, next to a major league ballpark. Yet it is like they think they are living on golden pond, and want to go out back to listen to the crickets. The “if I ain’t bitchin, I ain’t happy crowd”.

    • DarthHater

      I am shocked, SHOCKED, to find noisy crowds in this neighborhood!

    • ColoCubFan

      The same thing happens out here in the country. People from town move out to the farming area, then complain that the tractors are loud and the cattle and hogs stink!

  • ColoCubFan

    The more of these things that they set in stone, the less effective a threat to move will be!!!

    • kj1

      smoke screen

  • Diehardthefirst

    Don’t know if still doable but adding Mitch Williams to broadcast booth could add some fun back to broadcasts