respect wrigleyAt yesterday’s unveiling of the new, publicly-funded, relatively easily-obtained facilities in Mesa, Arizona, conversation turning to the facilities questions at home in Chicago were inevitable.

As far as we know, the Chicago Cubs and the rooftops at Wrigley Field are still negotiating about the placement of signage in the outfield and the future of the two sides’ relationship post-renovation/post-contract, and the Mayor recently nudged the sides to a settlement once again. Shortly after the Cubs Convention in January, there was significant legal saber-rattling, the rooftops sued a former Cubs advisor for comments about the rooftops and renovation, and the Cubs applied for a permit to erect a sign in right field. But nothing firm and final has actually happened just yet. The chance for a modestly peaceable solution still exists.

Tom Ricketts left that possibility open yesterday at the Cubs Park ribbon-cutting ceremony, though he mostly stuck to safe, non-committal, but positive statements. The gist, which you can read from Jesse Rogers and Mark Gonzales, among others, is that the sides are still talking, and the Cubs are hopeful of a solution soon.

Dan Bernstein reported yesterday along the same lines …

Based on the contract provisions we’ve seen – and only that – it has always appeared that the Cubs had the better of the arguments. It is interesting to hear that the Cubs think so, too, which could be part of the reason things are progressing so contentiously and so slowly. Imagine that the Cubs believe they would win a legal fight, but fear that doing so would take a year or more. Imagine that, at the same time, the rooftops – or even just one or two rooftops – recognize that their entire business is on the line if the don’t extract enough concessions from the Cubs in these negotiations. That can lead to heels digging in on both sides.

In any event, hopefully Bernstein and Ricketts (and the Mayor) are right, and that an agreement really is on the horizon so that the construction process at Wrigley Field can begin as soon as it is practicable to do so.

  • MightyBear

    Speaking only for myself, this is the most frustrating part of being a Cub fan lately. Not the major league club but this Wrigley renovation fiasco which has been going on as long as the Major League team has been bad.

    • mr. mac

      I could not agree with you more. This entire process has been maddening. From the city to Tunney to the rooftops. Why won’t they let Tom Ricketts spend his hundreds of millions already?!

  • Kyle

    Hoyer just said in a press conference that Arrieta had shoulder tightness over the offseason and will not be starting ST on a normal throwing schedule.

  • Kyle

    And Grimm is definitely going to be a reliever.

  • Cizzle

    Granted I don’t know the potential profitability of such a development, you would think that Rickets’ end game would be to own the rooftops (or at least the ones that won’t be obstructed) and develop them as extra seating, skyboxes, etc. They wouldn’t have to go through the landmark commission again and most of the infrastructure is already there.
    From his Showtime reference at the convention, if your neighbor is making that much by showing your product from next door, wouldn’t you at least be interested in at some point expanding and buying your neighbor’s house?

  • Eternal Pessimist

    “wouldn’t you at least be interested in at some point expanding and buying your neighbor’s house?”

    …and wouldn’t your neighbor already know that and try to extract a huge sum for the sale (possibly asking too much, making it a bad purchase)?

    …and don’t the Cubs have other avenues, possibly including just expanding Wrigley as their contract appears to allow without overpaying for properties that are overpriced across the street?

  • V23

    Why in gods name would someone at the cubs feed Dan Bernstein information? Their show was interesting about 10 years ago. Now it’s MSNBC on sports. They barely actually talk sports. Dan wants to appear that he’s a “reporter”.

    He’s fricken making it up. None of his info has ever checked out.

    Flipped on today and his first words I hear was “Stay tuned, I found the first white person in Texas that I like since Ann Richards” (me, flip channel instantly).

    But, I appreciate the report here….just sayin’

    • BT

      Berstein reports this sort of stuff about once a week. The idea he fancies himself some sort of reporter is pretty silly. He’s simply relaying what he hears from his sources. Pretty much the same way every other human being involved in virtually every kind of media does. Bernstein bugs the crap out of me, but I have no reason to doubt he’s telling the truth as he is hearing it.

    • Jon

      I’m not really a big fan myself, but your Bernstein obsession is a bit weird. Is your first name ‘bob’ by any chance

      • sleepy

        Actually I think his name is @not boers and bernstein

  • ruby2626

    This is huge news, hope it hasn’t already been discussed. Is this good or bad for the Cubs, I would guess probably good, Cubs would really be a huge addition to the comcast empire.

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