Today, a handful of Cubs players and prospects played a little HORSE using the basketball hoops at the Cubs’ new spring facility (see, it’s already paying dividends!). As someone who’s shredded an ankle playing pick-up basketball, let me thank the players for sticking to the shooting game, HORSE, rather than a full-on game.

In that game of horse, Jesse Rogers caught Javier Baez nailing a bomb of a different variety:

Kid can do it all, man.

Gordon Wittenmyer shared a more complete video of the basketball action, which is fun, but clearly inferior to baseball in every respect. To their credit, nobody missed a shot in the video except the first, backwards shot from Anthony Rizzo.


In the end, though, I guess Ryan Sweeney took home first:

And now that we’ve seen the hoop skills, please feel free to treat the headline to this post as a non-rhetorical question. Is there anything Javier Baez can’t do? We know he can separate baseballs from their families by 500+ feet, we know he can ice a game from downtown (on a shortened hoop, at least), and we know he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. But what can’t he do?

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