Cubs Players Shooting Hoops, or, Is There Anything Javier Baez Can’t Do?

Today, a handful of Cubs players and prospects played a little HORSE using the basketball hoops at the Cubs’ new spring facility (see, it’s already paying dividends!). As someone who’s shredded an ankle playing pick-up basketball, let me thank the players for sticking to the shooting game, HORSE, rather than a full-on game.

In that game of horse, Jesse Rogers caught Javier Baez nailing a bomb of a different variety:

Kid can do it all, man.

Gordon Wittenmyer shared a more complete video of the basketball action, which is fun, but clearly inferior to baseball in every respect. To their credit, nobody missed a shot in the video except the first, backwards shot from Anthony Rizzo.

In the end, though, I guess Ryan Sweeney took home first:

And now that we’ve seen the hoop skills, please feel free to treat the headline to this post as a non-rhetorical question. Is there anything Javier Baez can’t do? We know he can separate baseballs from their families by 500+ feet, we know he can ice a game from downtown (on a shortened hoop, at least), and we know he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. But what can’t he do?

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59 responses to “Cubs Players Shooting Hoops, or, Is There Anything Javier Baez Can’t Do?”

  1. Edwin

    Divide by 0.

    1. Jon

      Someday Techmology will have comuters that can do that and divide 99999999999999999999 by 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

      1. hansman

        Apparently Baez can not get Jon to spell Technology correctly. Or Computers.

        1. Jon

          Apparently someone is not an Ali G fan.

  2. InRizzoWeTrust

    Convince the rooftop owners to stop being jackwagons.

  3. Javier Bryant


  4. cjdubbya

    Settle the unrest in the Ukraine.

    1. Brocktoon


    2. hansman

      But he could bring peace to the middle east.

  5. kgd

    Believe it’s not butter.

  6. hansman

    The middle video is showing football workouts?

    1. TWC

      And it’s an auto-play?! Lame.

      1. hansman

        And it’s Gordon Wittenmeyer!> Lame-o.

        1. cubfanincardinalland

          He’s probably working on a story right now about how cheap the Cubs are for not bringing in better jump shooters.

  7. Jon

    I hope they cut this Tomfoolery soon and get back to baseball.

    1. Edwin

      Apparently he can’t make Jon happy.

    2. hansman

      Hey Jon…I heard it’s sunny and 72 degrees outside today.


  8. Edwin

    Know both the velocity and location of an electron.

    1. JM

      Just so long as he DOES know the velocity and location of a fastball…

  9. Edwin

    Turn lead into gold.

    1. Jason P

      Move faster than the speed of light.

      1. Jason P

        *Move faster than Billy Hamlton

    2. hansman

      Bah…he just smashes the lead atoms with his bat and they fuse into gold atoms. Easy peasy.

    3. blewett

      Beat Ryan Sweeney at H-O-R-S-E.

  10. Darth Ivy

    wow, the guy in the last video keeps repeating his mechanics perfectly!

  11. jh03

    Now when Javy flops we’ll all know why… Jeez, just getting to ST and already messing around.. SMH .I can see Renteria has already lost control of this ballclub. Goodbye 2016, maybe they’ll be good by 2030.

    1. Cubsleeram

      ^^ Who dipped their junk in this guy’s coffee? ^^

      I wanna know answers, damn it!

      1. Fishin Phil

        I believe that just may have been sarcasm.

        1. Cubsleeram

          God, I hope so.

        2. jh03


      2. jh03

        I think that the guy dipping his junk in coffee would be in a worse mood in that situation….

        1. Cubsleeram

          Excellent point. Especially if it’s hot…

  12. farmerjon

    He can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd

  13. Ballgame17

    Start the year in the bigs, sigh….

  14. mjhurdle

    Expect the Spanish Inquisition

    1. hansman

      Be a Knight who says Nee.

      1. frank

        Or a knight who until recently said “Nee.”

  15. Cheese Chad

    Prevent Frank Underwood from becoming President

  16. Fishin Phil

    Grow a mustache better than Dick Tidrow.

  17. Edwin

    Cure the summertime blues.

  18. Fishin Phil

    Beat Chuck Norris at anything.

    1. frank

      When Chuck Norris met Dick Tidrow, he felt a strange feeling; that feeling was–fear.

  19. Edwin

    Bring his droids into the cantina.

  20. Isaac

    Redeem Jim Hendry’s reputation with the majority of Cubs fans….

  21. Funn Dave

    Lead the Cubs to a World Series.

    …or can he?

  22. Picklenose

    Be there to show Ken Ham the earth is more than 6000 years old?

  23. Edwin

    Earn economic profit in the long term in a perfect competition market.

  24. Jim


  25. Javier Bryant

    Mat Gamel re-injured his knee, terrible news. Guy can’t catch a break

  26. Orval Overall

    Is that about a 7 foot rim Javy is shooting at in the first video? Either that, or Rizzo is 9 feet tall.

  27. amskustoms

    He cant make the opening day roster

  28. clark addison

    I went to school with two guys who later became major league ballplayers. Neither one was a starter; both had brief careers. But they were far and away the best all around athletes in the school, at any sport from basketball to football to track. I’m convinced that major league ballplayers are a different breed.

  29. Diehardthefirst

    Can’t believe Cubs would allow players even 200 ft from a court with all the risk of ankle and knee injuries?! Horse can be risky if played aggressively with reverse layups etc.. To build team spirit there are other ways like hearts, scrabble and charades

  30. baldtaxguy

    Charades can be risky if played aggressively.

    1. Fishin Phil

      Yup, I once pulled a hammy trying to act out “Gone with the Wind”.

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