Positional Players Report Today, and We’re Off and Running

cacti mesaIt doesn’t have quite the pizzazz of pitchers and catchers reporting, since they come first, and since many positional player arrive at that time, too. But, hey, it’s a thing: today is reporting day for Chicago Cubs positional players. Many are already in camp, but a chunk won’t be arriving until today.

The first full squad workout is tomorrow, and they’ll play some intrasquad games a few days thereafter.

Opening Day in the Cactus League for the Cubs is February 27 against the Diamondbacks, and that game will be the first at new Cubs Park in Mesa, Arizona.

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12 responses to “Positional Players Report Today, and We’re Off and Running”

  1. Fishin Phil

    Hooray Baseball!!

  2. mjhurdle

    In the words of the celebrated poet Bart Scott”

    CAN”T WAIT!!

  3. Seth

    This should be an exciting Spring Training. More-so than most years.

  4. hansman

    Comeon Soler and Olt!

    1. miggy80

      Comeon Castro and Rizzo!

      1. TheRiot2

        Come on NFL Combine, and hurry up NFL Draft and of course OTA’s.

  5. DocPeterWimsey

    Let the anachronism commence!

    1. hansman

      Damn you and your big words!!!

  6. mdavis

    question, is Paniagua stateside? is he in camp or did he not get an invite

    1. mdavis

      nvm, hes not in camp. just hope he gets a full year in the minors and starts movin.

  7. JM


  8. psu415

    This should be the most exciting year of baseball in a while. All the excitement will be in the minors, but I’ll take it!

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