No, Emilio Bonifacio Didn’t Have Other Major League Offers and Other Bullets

emilio bonifacio royalsIf you’re wondering why the Bullets are later today, it’s because BA’s top 100 prospect list was revealed last night, and got the morning billing.

  • Those reports about Emilio Bonifacio having turned down big league offers to take a minor league deal with the Cubs? He tells that’s bogus. Instead, it was simply a matter of the Cubs telling Bonifacio that he had a very good chance of making the team, and him deciding that the other options out there looked a little tougher to make the squad. Obviously you’d love it if Bonifacio was just so ga-ga about joining the Cubs that he turned down dozens of big league offers in favor of a minor league deal with the Cubs, but let’s be reasonable. He was suddenly a free agent at a crossroads in his career, and his number one focus had to be finding a place where he could keep playing in the big leagues. Mission accomplished.
  • In discussing his hope this year that he’ll get a chance to face more lefties, rather than be in a strict platoon, Nate Schierholtz points out that the Cubs didn’t have many lefties in camp last year to help get the lefty batters ready ( That’s one of those subtle things you don’t think about – if you want to take live BP against a lefty, you’ve got to have a quality lefty to face. And they’re trying to get ready for the season/make the team/whatever, too, so it can’t just be all about the batter. The lefty situation is a little better this year, I suppose.
  • Rick Renteria and Starlin Castro on Starlin Castro. Most of it was touched on yesterday, but there’s your longer-form version if you want it.
  • Carrie Muskat says Mike Olt did some work at first base yesterday, with Kris Bryant and Christian Villanueva handling third base. Don’t read too much into it, as there isn’t an obvious back-up at first base in camp, Olt has played a little first before, and versatility never hurts. If Olt doesn’t make the big league team, and heads down to AAA, it’s likely he’ll have to get some of his at bats at first base anyway. The goal remains seeing what he can do at third base, though.
  • The Phillies may have pulled a seriously petty dick move on a couple of their draft picks in 2013 who didn’t sign with the team. According to a report from Aaron Fitt, the Phillies notified the NCAA that fifth round pick Ben Wetzler and sixth round pick Jason Monda had violated the “no agent” rule. Amateur players aren’t allowed to have agents, obviously. But, let’s be real: every player who is drafted and is negotiating with a team on a contract uses an “advisor,” who is effectively an agent. It’s understood, and it’s in the best interests of the players. So, to tattle on guys who didn’t sign with you for doing what every other player does … well, if the report is true, the Phillies look pretty shitty.
  • The Cubs are the third-worst team in baseball right now, according to Jonah Keri.
  • The shortstop position continues to change, as there are fewer and fewer chances in the infield, and more reasons to let guys with decent bats stick at the position.

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51 responses to “No, Emilio Bonifacio Didn’t Have Other Major League Offers and Other Bullets”

  1. Fishin Phil

    Let’s all throw batteries at the Phillies front office!

    1. spearman

      In Alabama, we throw bricks in windows.

      1. Fishin Phil

        Philadelphia fans like to throw batteries, just ask Santa!

        1. hansman

          In Soviet Russia, they throw the Phillies at the batteries!

          1. jammin502

            thumbs up :)

  2. JB88

    The Phillies’ FO has been pulling a number of shitty moves lately, including filing a grievance against the Cubs. I guess I’ll just have to take solace in the fact that they suck and their payroll is hella bloated with terrible contracts.

  3. bbmoney

    The Phillies and the NCAA just look like jackasses if that story is true. Guys are supposed to negotiate their own deals to figure out if they want to sign or go to college? Let’s take advantage of 18 year olds…why not right?

    Bravo NCAA…bravo.

    1. jp3

      Yeah seriously, the phillies were trying to steal candy from a baby but when the baby didn’t hand it over they cried for mommy.

    2. Mike

      That seems to be the NCAAs mo. They have been preying on kids forever. The Phillies should have more important things to worry about though, like making sure all their players get their AARP cards.

  4. Javier Bryant

    Olt is probably the emergency 1B anyway

  5. Jon

    Devils advocate, could this be a new market inefficiency? Sign with us or we’ll report you?

    1. benjamin


  6. jp3

    Also how are figured to be the 3rd worst team? Who’s better in the opposite standings? The Astros I guess but it’s close.

    1. Kyle

      Astros and Marlins

      1. When The Musics Over

        I wouldn’t count on the Marlins being worse than the Cubs. They have a significantly better starting pitching staff a just about even bullpen, and probably also an even lineup. Also, if people are going to go ahead and lock in Castro and Rizzo for big rebounds, it has to be assumed Stanton will rebound as well.

        1. Baseball_Writes

          Why does that have to be assumed?

          1. Jon

            Like positive BABIP normalization, only Cubs players are eligible for healthy seasons following an injury plagued season.

            1. Baseball_Writes

              Look, I said that not in the spirit of “Every Cub will get better, and why would anyone else?” It was more to say that every single player should be projected on an individual (logical) basis. So, if the original premise (which I may or not may not agree with, but that is beside the point) is that Castro and Rizzo are going to improve – while that may or may not be true – has zero to do with Stanton’s projection.

              1. When The Musics Over

                Sure it does. When predicting where the Cubs win / loss total will shake out vs. other teams, player performance on other teams must also be taken into account.

            2. When The Musics Over

              I always find it interesting how people assume that only negative Cubs player performances are due for positive regression. No Cubs players will go the other way, and no other teams’ players coming off poor seasons will see positive regression either. Like Justin Upton (especially coming off his 2012 season) isn’t any that good anymore or Mike Stanton is overrated.

              For example, Castro, Rizzo, Shark and Barney are due for huge rebound years, but 3B production will amazingly remain consistent with last year, Soriano’s production will be replaced no problem and Travis Wood’s shaky peripherals are definitely not to be believed.

              1. Patrick W.

                Who assumes that, exactly?

                1. Fishin Phil


                2. When The Musics Over

                  Patrick. I’m tired and I don’t have the time or energy to flip through the tens of thousands of comments this past offseason predicting the Cubs as being a much more competitive team than last year because of rebounds of the aforementioned players. Since the Cubs didn’t add any significant talent and actually lost talent from last year, net, net, assuming a record rebound, especially of the .500 variety that is thrown around quite a bit, assumes the following: 1) positive regression and growth from players on the Cubs roster, 2) little to no negative regression from players on the Cubs roster, 3) additive performances from Cubs minor league callups above what’s on the roster currently, 4) 1-3 don’t occur on other teams at the same level that they do on the Cubs.

                  In theory, the additive properties of 1-3 have to be greater than 4 for the Cubs record to improve vs. the rest of baseball, on average.

                  1. When The Musics Over

                    I should have included 4b) other teams haven’t added significant talent to their rosters.

                  2. hansman

                    Or Option 5: Some folks prefer to be optimistic about the Cubs this year.

                    It probably won’t happen but whateves, for me, it’s more fun dreaming that everything will go perfectly for the Cubs.

                    1. When The Musics Over

                      Optimism is good when it’s simple/honest optimism.

                      Relying on simple/honest optimism in making valid points against data, etc is when it gets a bit dodgy. Realism tends to be the more useful currency under that scenario.

                      Either way. I wasn’t trying to create an argument here. Was simply trying to state that players around the rest of the league undergo positive/negative regressions as well. It’s simply not the Cubs few under performing players get better, and everything else remains static beyond that.

                    2. hansman

                      Absolutely, take the recent Braves extension with Andrelton Simmons, when his BABIP normallizes that is a great deal!

                      (That’s right, I just predicted positive regression for a non-Cub…BOOM)

                    3. Eternal Pessimist

                      “Relying on simple/honest optimism in making valid points against data, etc is when it gets a bit dodgy.”

                      I think his point was optimism is OK. A lot of people expressed hope they would perform better, which is different then the head-in-the-sand “they will all probably be better”. Some seem due for positive regression and overall we probably have more players like that than due for negative regression.

                      Optimism involves thinking the could do better then the data suggests. probably not, but not unreasonable to hope for.

                  3. When The Musics Over

                    And I should have said: …tens of thousands of comments this past offseason LOOKING FOR THOSE predicting….

                  4. Patrick W.

                    Get some rest, buddy.

                    I’m just saying I think it’s easy to mistake people talking about the “possibility” of things as them talking about the “probability” of things.

                    When you make broad generalizations that the optimistic Cubs fan doesn’t understand the big picture, you lose some credibility for you own “realism”.

                    1. When The Musics Over

                      Having a 2.5 year old and a 1 week year old will do that.

                    2. When The Musics Over

                      Please see my above response to Hansman about optimism and it’s situational usefulness.

                    3. When The Musics Over

                      And for the record, I too believe and expect positive regressions from Rizzo, Castro and Shark (not really Barney, at least not enough to move the needle anywhere useful). I just also expect there to be slippage elsewhere. Perhaps not even slippage, but slippage nevertheless.

                    4. Eternal Pessimist

                      Barney had a ridiculously poor year at the plate…why wouldn’t you expect positive regression for him as well? His bat will likely suck still, but likely not as bad as last year.

        2. roz

          What does Stanton even need to rebound from? His wOBA was .368 and his wRC+ was 135 last year, and his BABIP was pretty much in line with his major league career. Seems to me like he continued to rake last year.

  7. Edwin

    Olt as a 3B who plays 1B against LHP or to give Rizzo a day off would be nice.

    1. spearman

      May be better than Cody Ransom.

  8. C. Steadman

    I think Starlin and Rizzo(hits more singles)both rebound…one or both will be all-stars is my prediction

  9. Kyle

    I think I remember in the past we’ve read too much into where guys take ground balls this early in ST and it turned out they were just being split up to keep the groups even or something.

  10. newsguy23

    Thanks for the article Jonah. I am pretty sure I did not need to read a story telling me the Cubs blow. Pretty obvious unless you are drinking something special.

    1. Jon

      Did you even read the article?

  11. When The Musics Over

    With Simmons now getting a huge deal, the Braves are on an extension warpath right now.

  12. YourResidentJag

    Matt Harrison may have issues continuing the season. Texas could be another trade partner for Shark?

    1. Jon

      What do they have left in the minors? Odor?

      1. YourResidentJag

        Don’t know. They may or may not be a good partner, but they definitely may need another starter.

        1. Jon

          A three way sounds good.

          Also the Cubs maybe could engage a third partner in a deal with Texas.

      2. C. Steadman

        Alfaro would be a nice catching prospect to add…Cubs dont have much in that department…but they dont have a TOR arm I’d want in return for Samardzija so dont know how excited I’d be about the Rangers as partners

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