Here’s some Friday night fun for you, as told via social media.

First, Jesse Rogers shot some Instagram video of Javier Baez taking BP.

And then …

My only thought? Don’t be so humble, Javy. They weren’t parked too close. They were at least a couple miles away.

  • juniorlakefan2014


  • college_of_coaches

    Spriggs, I hope this wasn’t your car.

  • YourResidentJag
    • DarthHater

      I don’t like the look of that wrap around his left bicep.

      • YourResidentJag

        Yeah, noticed that too.

  • TommyK

    Was it a homer or foul ball that broke the window?

    • Andrew Bauer

      As I understand it, it was a homerun. The picture of the car certainly looks like it’s past the outfield wall (note the curve of the fence).

  • hansman

    I saw breaking and Baez in the same sentence and nearly had a heart attack

    • Jason P

      Haha, same.

      • Matt

        Add another one to that, I first saw it on my phone, and being someone who doesn’t really do much with the internet outside of my computer, quickly turned away, only to find out now what it was. I’ll be honest, made for a more interesting night, and gave me a very good upswing at the end.

  • woody

    It was a practice field and not the cubs park. I read that they had a large net out there and he hit it over that. I think I read that at ESPN Chicago.

  • woody
  • Diehardthefirst

    Playing in AZ is like whiffle ball in back yard – not impressed

    • Drew7

      We know, Gramps – 5 miles to school, uphill both ways, yada yada.

      • Diehardthefirst

        Hardest part was winter carrying 40 lbs of books and notebooks thru 2 feet of snow and ice- Cubs should install hot air blowers in grandstands behind home plate to simulate AZ so Baez et al can break Rooftoppers windows LOL

        • Ivy Walls

          Have you lived in AZ? I have, this time of year the temps are modest, air might be drier but you still have to square it up, (ever done that? I have, it is not easy and why he is special) this young man seems to have talent at a level Cub fans have not seen since late ’80’s and early ’60’s. Hope he stays healthy and continues to fill out his game.

          • hansman

            I squared up a board before. Wasn’t that difficult.

            • Internet Random

              With a decent T-square, you can square up just about anything.

      • YourResidentJag

        Best. Response. Ever. :)

    • DarthHater

      Actually, hitting a whiffle ball 400 feet would be extremely impressive. Generating comments from a whiffle brain – not so much.

  • NorthSideIrish
  • mikequinn_

    Yeah, MLB even posted this Facebook photo. No one knows what car it was.

    • mikequinn_

      Maybe some one is going around Cubs camp bashing in car windows?

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  • farmerjon

    Any estimates on distance?

    • Brett

      Conservatively, 450 to 500 lightyears.

  • http://bleachernation 29bigcat

    Will grace ever get serious consideration for hof? I cant believe his low hr total should keep him out. Near twice as many walks as dawson,more doubles than dawson an ryno,higher ba an much higher obp..look at these numbers also grace was stuck in the minors too long..we had durham then…..ryno played 16 yrs hawk 21 an grace jus 13……..i hope us fans make some noise cause grace should be in……..mho

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Grace spent only 2 years in the minors, and he basically jumped from AA to MLB. His “late” start (age 24 season) was due to college.

      However, the low HR are a huge reason for his exclusion. Until the end of his career, the baseball world was dominated by people who thought that first basemen needed to be swinging for HR and that they hurt their teams by taking walks. An “RBI Guy” was supposed to put the ball into play and drive guys in, not get on and score himself. (It was well known that a run scored by a slugger was worth only a fraction of a run whereas a run driven in by a slugger was worth a dozen runs.)

      Now, this might sound like idiocy, and it was: but it was baseball orthodoxy for most of its history.

      Of course, the stat heads would say that what Grace should have done was accepted had Grace increased his K’s for added power (instead of decreasing his walks as the old-schoolers believed), then Grace would have been a more productive player over all.

      • Ron

        Doc, do you think Grace ever gets in the HOF then?

    • Funn Dave

      The question is…how many windows did he break?

  • http://bleachernation 29bigcat

    Not to mention having more hits in the 90’s than anyone…grace should get in

    • 1ski

      Plus Grace did it on beer and Palmeiro hit 7 less on juice….

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        Gotta wonder how much better Grace would have been if sober. He probably coulda/woulda won a batting title or 2. His name is rarely mentioned in the same breath as Gwynn and that’s part of the problem/reason. Great hitting during his era was defini0txed by Gwynn, and Grace looked like a cheap copy by comparison. If he had a title or two over Gwynn, I think it’d be a game changer.

    • Ron

      I think his career 9.00 ERA will keep him out.

    • TTH

      Considering MUCH better 1B- Bagwell, Hernandez, Mattingly, McGriff- haven’t gotten close, the only way Grace gets into the Hall is if he buys a ticket.
      Let’s just hope if he does buy that ticket, someone else drives him there.

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        Wow… swinging a bit below the belt are we?

        • bbmoney

          The driving part?

          As he’s a guy with a couple DUI’s I have no problem with that. I hope Grace isn’t driving at all any more.

          • ClevelandCubsFan

            Eh… just the suggestion that Grace is so absolutely sloshed that wherever he goes, whatever he’s doing, he couldn’t handle it by himself… granting it’s a joke, it just seems to go a bit too low. A bit. I hope Grace finds solace in something more satisfying than sauce. (ooo alliteration!)

  • bbmoney

    And Nelson Cruz cost himself $6M by turning down the QO.

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