jake arrietaThree injury-related bits to share. You’ll note that there’s no God’s Wrath warning here, so you know that they aren’t too serious. Probably.

  • Despite hopeful reports earlier in the week, Jake Arrieta (shoulder tightness) did not manage to throw off the mound this week. He tells Patrick Mooney that he’s on board with the plan the Cubs have in place for bringing him along, and that if the schedule holds, he believes he can be ready in time for Opening Day. He’ll throw on flat ground today, and that’ll probably go a long way to determining whether he can get on the mound early next week.
  • According to multiple reports out of Arizona, Nate Schierholtz was sent home yesterday after colliding with Junior Lake during outfield drills (Schierholtz got bopped in the head). Schierholtz apparently checked out all right, but sending him home was an appropriate precaution. Rick Renteria immediately said he expected Schierholtz back at practice today, and Mark Gonzales says Schierholtz is indeed there and working out (albeit with a sore jaw). Sounds like no concerns here.
  • James McDonald threw to live batters for the first time in about 10 months, as he was coming back from shoulder issues that plagued his 2013 season. He told Carrie Muskat that it felt good. So, good. A healthy McDonald is an interesting back-of-the-rotation option, though he’d need a long-term issue from one of the other guys (like Arrieta) to have a regular spot. McDonald is probably the early leader for the fifth starter spot, by the way, if Arrieta misses time to start the year. Chris Rusin would likely head to AAA, and Carlos Villanueva – if he’s not traded – would go to the bullpen.
  • Funn Dave

    Wait, Schierholz was sent who?

    • baldtaxguy

      s/b “home” v. “him”

      • Funn Dave

        I know, was just poking fun at Brett because the typo made the headline sound like Schierholz was responsible for Arrieta’s injury.

  • http://bleachernation.com woody

    Junior Lake needs to chill out a little bit. He’s the kind of guy that is eager to get to every ball. but you can’t be coming across your team mates back like that.

    • blublud

      And how do you know this was Lakes fault?

      • Drew7

        I’m assuming he because he read the “multiple reports” linked in Brett’s post.

        • blublud

          Drew, I went back and looked again and I still dont see where it says it was Lakes fault. I’m not Nat saying it is or isn’t, just asking how do we know.

  • YourResidentJag
  • JacqueJones

    The fact that Lake collided with Schierholtz would imply that Lake is doing the drills as a CFer right? I suppose hes probably taking reps at both CF and LF

    • willis

      Yeah depending on how the roster shakes out I think we’ll be seeing him playing both positions this year. More so in left, but he’ll get some CF time against LHP I would guess.

      I really hope Arrieta can get rolling soon and healthy. So eager to see his arm over the course of a full year.

  • bobdawg78

    Bailey just signed a nice deal for the Yankees. I wish we would have been in on him for what he ultimately got. Personally I would like to see Russell and Villanueva moved ASAP, neither player probably has a long term future here, and both players have descent value. I’d much rather have one of the other guys in the pen, (Grimm, Rusin, Parker) and have what ever we get for Russell and Villanueva in the minors.

    Trading those two, would also hopefully keep a spot open in the pen for Cabrera. I’m hoping Cabrera pitches his way into the pen this spring, because he’s got to live of an arm to risk losing if we try to outright him off the 40 man. I’d rather roll with an extra arm in the pen, or like I posted, trade 2 not needed arms, to open a spot for him and others.

  • Rebuilding

    Based on this Twitter pic I think it’s safe to say Vogelbach is in the best shape if his life. And it also shows a possible reason why:


    • JeffR

      What pics are you talking about?