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Did Javier Baez Actually Break Two Windows in Batting Practice?

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What we know:

(1.) Javier Baez is a beast.

(2.) Javier Baez can hit four home runs in a single game.


(3.) Javier Baez broke at least one car’s window/windshield yesterday with a batting practice bomb.

What we don’t yet know: how many windows did Baez actually break yesterday?

After word spread that a massive Baez blast at BP yesterday broke some glass, Cubs prospect Dustin Geiger tweeted this:

So, a Baez bomb smashed a window.

But then a Cubs fan in attendance tweeted this:

That’s obviously a different car, but it does look legitimately like it’s there at Cubs Park. So maybe Baez broke TWO windows at BP yesterday? Are there more out there waiting to be revealed? Is any car safe? Y’all need to hide your cars, hide your windows, because Javy Baez is breakin’ everything out here.

At least he’s kind about it, and offers a deal:

And then I had some fun …




Brett Taylor

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