What we know:

(1.) Javier Baez is a beast.

(2.) Javier Baez can hit four home runs in a single game.

(3.) Javier Baez broke at least one car’s window/windshield yesterday with a batting practice bomb.

What we don’t yet know: how many windows did Baez actually break yesterday?

After word spread that a massive Baez blast at BP yesterday broke some glass, Cubs prospect Dustin Geiger tweeted this:

So, a Baez bomb smashed a window.

But then a Cubs fan in attendance tweeted this:

That’s obviously a different car, but it does look legitimately like it’s there at Cubs Park. So maybe Baez broke TWO windows at BP yesterday? Are there more out there waiting to be revealed? Is any car safe? Y’all need to hide your cars, hide your windows, because Javy Baez is breakin’ everything out here.

At least he’s kind about it, and offers a deal:

And then I had some fun …



  • cms0101

    What a beast… Gotta take issue with one thing… Season one of “Lost” was awesome. It progressively went down from there each subsequent season. I’ve been a strong supporter/defender of “Lost” for many years, but “The Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones”, and even recently finished “Breaking Bad” are/were more impressive dramas.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      And all are short season cable shows. Doing what LOST did with long seasons on network? Even being in the conversation for “best” makes it the most impressive.

      • cms0101

        I guess I can’t argue with you there. I too was immersed in all things Lost during it’s run, even until the end. Hindsight being 20/20, I think the other shows are better. But you’re right, on a broadcast network vs. cable, where they’re already limited with what they can do, and seasons twice the size, it holds up better than most. I just felt like at the end they really ruined it. Kind of like the Soprano’s ending, I suppose.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          I loved the endings of both.

          • Dales Fired Ear

            God I love good shows, and they seem to come more frequently all the time. Lost, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, and OMFG House of Cards. all of them so good (not a big Walking Dead fan to be honest). However this was not the point of my post, my point was this might be my favorite BN article you’ve ever written #JavyBomb keep it up man you’re a beast

    • Brocktoon

      Ugh, Walking Dead is terrilble. Lost was unmatched for the first 3 seasons, stayed really damn good up until the clusterfuck that was the last season.

  • berselius

    *cue horde of angry The Wire fans*

    • Cornish Heat

      The Wire is in the Holy Trinity of modern television dramas, alongside Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

    • cms0101

      Yes, The Wire too. My bad there. You’ve got to add The Walking Dead to your list though.

      • Porkslap

        True Detective is getting there in a hurry!

        • jp3

          True detective is good but it’s a mini series so it’s probably short lived success

          • Seth

            True Detective is not a mini-series. It’s an anthology series that takes place in the same universe but will have a new cast and story each season. And it’s the greatest show on television right now.

            • jp3

              You said it, new cast if there is a next season. It’s great but good luck matching the cast+story line with this one

              • Seth

                I’ll agree, this season definitely set a high precedent. But I have faith in season two, which they will no doubt make. Every actor will want to be attached to this show with the acclaim it is receiving.

            • YourResidentJag
    • jp3

      The Wire had its moments but I’m through 3 seasons and it’s been hit or miss IMO. I’ve been bigger fans on hbo of game of thrones, sopranos, boardwalk empire, entourage and deadwood. Curb your enthusiasm is good too but it’s a different animal.

      Go Javy

  • cooter

    ‘LOST’ I don’t know about that one.

  • Idaho Razorback

    I’ve never seen those shows. I’m more of a Workaholics guy.

    • CubChymyst

      Great show

  • hansman

    “(3.) ‘LOST’ is the most impressive, if not best, television drama of all-time.”

    That one throws the rest of your “facts” into question.

  • hansman

    This is what we see when Baez hits a home run:


    This is what happens when those balls land:


    • CubFan Paul

      Awesomeness Hans.

  • David

    Cruz ready to sign 1 year deal with Baltimore. What does that mean for the Cubs? Are the O’s all in this year? Shark to O’s??

    • another JP

      What it means today is that every whiny basher on this web site will now bitch about how Theo should/could have signed Cruz since it was a 1/$8M deal. In spite of the fact that Junior Lake will put up better WAR numbers than Cruz will.

      • JacqueJones

        “In spite of the fact that Nelson Cruz isn’t very good”


        I can’t believe his agent let him turn down that QO.

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      Link: http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/10500852/baltimore-orioles-nelson-cruz-closing-contract

      Gotta say that sounds like a great deal. BUT…. consider the following from the Cubs’ perspective…

      • The Cubs have a crowded OF picture. It’s not full of stars, but there’s a lot of assets to check out–and some possibly coming up–that Cruz would complicate.
      • The Cubs probably are looking to get veterans that they can hold through at least 2016, and the 1-year deal suggests teams have serious concerns about Cruz’s ability to be productive into what will be the Cubs’ stretch run (we hope).
      • Per yesterday’s comments about getting veteran leader to support the young prospects, Nelson Cruz might be the opposite of what we want. He might be great in a clubhouse of established self-assured players, but he could be poison (almost literally) in a clubhouse of immature, impressionable teenagers and young 20-somethings.

  • dumbledoresacubsfan

    Oh my God, my day is made.

  • Funn Dave

    He thought we were renovating the cars, not the ballpark.

  • JrG

    Lost = BA top 50 prospect
    24 = BA top 10 prospect
    Breaking Bad = BA #1 prospect

    • Mike

      Ha, nicely done sir. Not sure about 24 though. Jack Bauer is certainly top 10 material but Chloe set the show back a ton.

  • Cornish Heat

    Lost sort of got me into dramatic serial television. But I’d have to throw up Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and The Wire up there above it now. Maybe even Sherlock from BBC, as well. Throw Rome, The Sopranos, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, and 24 right around Lost’s level.

    Oooh, and now True Detective is blowing my mind. Watch that show…

    • WiscCubsFan

      Why is it blowing your mind? I’ve been watching True Detective and enjoying it. It’s certainly a decent show. But I’m not understanding the 9.5 imdb rating and other superlatives being heaped upon it.

      • Porkslap

        Agreed. True Detective has been mind blowing. Especially last two episodes. Something baaaaad is going to happen and I have no idea what.

      • Seth

        True Detective is one of those shows where you can go back and catch little things that you probably missed on first viewing. It has so much depth to it. It’s almost like reading a book. It’s attention to detail is mind-blowing in it self. Also, I love the dark atmosphere it exhibits. It really draws you in. Plus the acting and cinematography are top-notch.

    • sleepy

      I’d like to watch it, but I’d prefer to start with episode 1. So far I’ve been unable to find where this is available. Or I could just to what I did with Breaking Bad. Wait till the series is over and then watch the whole series over the course of a month.

  • Funn Dave

    ‘LOST’ is the most overhyped, if not overrated, television drama of all-time.

    Fixed that for ya.

  • http://kempfintl.com pfk

    Actually, if one looks close enough, you can see that it is the same car.

    • hansman

      No. The windshield car has a roof rack. The window car does not. The instrument hump is differently shaped.

      Same color, though.

  • Mike

    Breaking Bad > everything else

    • MightyBear

      I agree with Mike but True Detectives is taking a run at Walter White. Will be awhile before we can make a final determination. Both ahead of Lost.

      • Mike

        I keep hearing good things about that show, I guess I’m going to have to check it out.

  • MightyBear

    I like what Vitters said yesterday and he was in Baez’ group “I don’t know if he broke any windows but every ball he hit went at least 50 feet over the fence.”

  • Harry

    Is it true Javy took BP in Berlin in November 1989?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      First, I chuckle. Then I realize he wasn’t even born yet. Then I’m kind of sad. Then I eat ice cream.

  • Professional High A

    Love the bed intruder reference in this article

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


  • http://twitter.com/rbmryu rbmryu

    He doesn’t have to come and confess, we’re looking for him. We’re gonna find him, we’re gonna find him.

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