Just For the Lulz: Scott Boras on Blue Jays Ownership

scott borasRemember when super agent Scott Boras ripped Chicago Cubs ownership (and then again) for failing to spend big league dollars during the current rebuild?

“I’m talking about – if this is a family-owned team – where is the [major-market approach]?” Boras said to the media in November (CSN, for example). “This is Chicago. You’re developing the infrastructure. But fans don’t come to see seats, grass, cement. They come to see players. They’ve done a great job in the draft and development and they’ve got a really good core of young players coming. But it’s just not what’s expected when you buy a major-market club.”

In December, Boras called the Cubs’ rebuild “an all-day sucker,” again pointing out that the Cubs are a big market team with big market revenues and aren’t spending. It was easy enough to say, however, that this was just an agent bein’ an agent, trying to put the pressure on a large market team to spend more money on (his) players.

Fast-forward to today, and here are some quotes from Scott Boras on the Toronto Blue Jays and their owner, Rogers Communications (per Ken Rosenthal):

“There is no one who has the asset base of Rogers,” Boras said. “It’s a premium city. It’s a premium owner with equity. And it’s a very, very good team that with additional premium talent could become a contending team …. They’re a car with a huge engine that is impeded by a big corporate stop sign … a successful and committed ownership that needs to give their baseball people financial flexibility.”

So, not that you didn’t already know, but, like, this is just something Boras does. Maybe he’s right sometimes, and maybe he’s wrong sometimes. But this is his job, and he has a clear interest in getting teams to spend as much money as possible.

And if it means calling plays out of the same playbook on multiple ownership groups, then so be it.

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  1. Jon

    Boras is a douche and I can’t stand him. And before BH1963 chimes in to verbally blow Boras, save it…. I posted this last month, but the top paid 5-10 players in the game, I think one is a Boras client. Plenty can do his job, just as good, without the “extra” crap.

    He got all over the Cubs just because they weren’t in on Choo. I’m sorry, but as much flak as I give the Cubs for not spending, I can’t blame them on Choo. A 7 year deal for a guy like him is assinine. His D is arguable worse than Nelson Cruz’.

    1. FullCountTommy

      Yes Jon, but can other agents come up with the metaphors Boras does?? That is where he differentiates himself

    2. SenorGato

      He didn’t get all over the Cubs for not being in on Choo – he got on the Cubs because they have money while pretending they don’t have money. Mysteriously there’s always money around when a top prospect becomes available or to say they finished 2nd on a FA…Sounds like a franchise that might be a little full of shit.

      I know it’s crazy…owners and their employees would never lie to us…only a caaaaaaaaraaaazzzzy guy like Boras.

      1. Jon

        If I remember correctly though…his comments were timed right around Choo’s FA period and FA signing?

        Make sure Wieters doesn’t sign an extension, bring him to the Cubs table, then talk, if the Cubs are cheap.

        1. SenorGato

          Yeah but the comments were more general than specific about one player, I think.

          I have a ton of want for Weiters to the Cubs myself. A switch hitting 20+ HR catcher with good offensive skills, good defense, and high pedigree? Yes please.

          1. C. Steadman

            Wieters is good, but i want to see what Welington can do in 2014..if he continues his improvement i’d want to spend that $$ on a slugging LF or a SP

    3. mjhurdle

      “I posted this last month, but the top paid 5-10 players in the game, I think one is a Boras client.
      Plenty can do his job, just as good, without the “extra” crap.”

      Independently, that first sentence in no way supports the second.
      The measure of an agent is not getting a top 5 player in the game a top 5 salary in the game, but in getting the 105th best player in the game the 30th best contract.

      Im not sure where Boras lands in comparison to other agents, but I don’t think that it is as simple as looking at the agents for the 10 highest paid players.

    4. another JP

      I’m with you 100% on this one Jon. Boras can just shut his pie-hole and concentrate on Boston, NYY, Dodgers, Seattle, LAA, or many of the other teams that have a philosophy toward building primarily through FA.

      What I’d like to really see is an owner make a public statement of how the NFLPA and their greasy agents have made the cost of seeing a major league game in person unaffordable. It’s at the point where an average young kid who wants to watch his heroes in action can’t possibly do so anymore. I can’t tell you how lucky I was to be able to buy bleacher seats at Wrigley around 1970 for $3… it’s sad that kids can’t do that now. You figure television rights alone should be able to keep ticket prices down but that not the case.

      1. Brocktoon


      2. mjhurdle

        according to InflationData.com, $3 in 1970 has the buying power of $18.09 dollars here.

        on 4/8/2014, you can buy bleacher tickets for $13.55 on Stubhub (377 available).

        For that price, I can also buy tickets right now for 7 of the 11 games the Cubs play the Cardinals here in STL.

        So apparently, the kids have it better than you did back in 1970…go figure

        1. mjhurdle

          for clarification, there are 377 tickets available in the bleachers for that 4/8 game against the Pirates. They probably are not all priced at $13.55.

          My apologies to anyone who instantly organized a Bleacher Party for themselves and 376 of their closet friends think they would all get in for only 5 grand. :)

          1. another JP

            Add in the costs of concessions, et. al. costs too while you’re in the mood to dispel my observations. If you think you have it so great, good for you. Next time you or anyone else bitches about the cost of tix just bash the greedy owners and go your merry way. Such is the state of life in Chi-town today.

            This post ought to get a predictable response from the Proletariat crowd…

        2. hansman

          Unpossible! It was ALWAYS better ‘back in the day’!

          1. DarthHater


          2. half_full_beer_mug

            Unpossible, Boras is a snake. He only cares about himself. He give no shits about players. Don’t believe me? Just ask Jon, 5412, and others on this thread.

  2. SenorGato

    As a sports fan I’ve never understood the animosity towards players and agents who want to get paid. Despite how rich Boras is he’s not owner rich. Owners are rich enough to buy a media company that will make guys like Boras – outspoken people who work FOR the players – look foolish to an always waiting to pounce public. It’s always been hilarious/weird to me how proles just hate proles…Even by just passive aggressively mocking guys like this is just playing into the hands of the owners, who could not pooooooooooosssibly care less about you beyond taking you for everything you’ve got.

    It’s rarely talked about but sports teams are like toys to most owners…Another major revenue stream where dumb people just hand them money to put way more time and effort into something they probably shouldn’t. That we go out of our way to mock player salaries and the people who fight for players to get it just disturbs me…Boras sees what the owners see – fans love sports and because of that there’s more money in sports than ever before. If you want people like Boras to go away or you don’t support them getting athletes higher salaries then you need to get out of following sports – plain and simple. It’s literally the only way this ends – the people put a stop to it by not showing up. Until then someone like Boras is absolutely necessary – I actually shudder to think where players would be without guys like Boras involved in the game.

    1. C. Steadman


    2. another JP

      As someone that saw how baseball was before free agency, I’d have to say it has not changed baseball for the better. I feel there’s a pretty even distribution of influence between players and ownership right now, and it kind of pisses me off that a guy like Boras has to run his mouth and upset the applecart- especially when the game is enjoying unprecedented success.

      Agents might serve a viable purpose, but some are definitely better at their jobs than others. Boras only sees how he can line his own pockets, period.

      1. Jon

        How was baseball better before FA? That’s kind of a slap in the face to everything someone like Curt Flood did.

      2. bbmoney

        It hasn’t?

        I find that hard to believe. There certainly wouldn’t be a “pretty even distribution of influence between players and ownership right now” if it wasn’t for free agency. Owners would be making even more money and have all the power.

      3. hansman

        “Boras only sees how he can line his own pockets, period.”

        Baseball agents are paid on comission. Anything that lines his pockets is also going to line his clients’ pockets.

  3. cavemancubbie

    Boras would love to see every MLB ownership go in hock, so he can make his millions. The only point I agree with is fans don’t come to a game to see seats, grass and concrete. May I add they don’t come to see ivy and an antiquated scoreboard either. The only way the Cubs succeed, is if the Rickett’s family succeeds. Thank God, we have an ownership who treats the Cubs as a business not as as a play toy (Wrigley) or a tax dodge (Tribune/Zell).

  4. Ballgame17

    When I saw article and noticed “1 comment” how’d I know who’d be the first. Good greef-us!

  5. bushybrows74

    I wish Scott Boras would take me on as a client. I love this guy. I hope he writes a book at the end of his career. Would be a must read.

  6. Brocktoon

    Señorita to nailed it. Boras is right as usual when talking about the game as a whole.

    1. Brocktoon

      Haha senorgato

      1. DarthHater

        Wow, I think that may be the first time I’ve seen a guy get insulted by spell check. :-D

  7. Ballgame17

    I’d have to hire him myself as well. Although, he may not take me on as a client because money may not be the highest priority to me. It’d be where I personally like being city-wise, team-wise etc..money is a top priority, but wouldn’t be the TOP priority,,

    1. Brocktoon

      He doesn’t force his players to go where they don’t want to

    2. SenorGato

      More likely he would not take you or most on because of talent. Like Brocktoon says, he doesn’t force anyone to go where they don’t want to and that is not really his job. His job is to get teams offering his players lots of money – ideally this is multiple teams getting into a bidding war so that the player has options.

  8. TTH

    Outside of maybe LeBron, there is probably nobody in all of sports better at his job than Boras is at his.

    His little rants to the media are done to get a rise out of people and start debates. And what he says is no worse than a team president spewing terms like dual fronts to sell a couple tickets while assembling monumentally bad teams.

    1. Brocktoon

      I’d say popovich might be better

    2. C. Steadman

      Nick Saban, no matter how much i dislike Alabama

  9. addks

    Anybody that is really interested in NL only fantasy baseball. My first time in such a league and looking for some advice. Thanks!

  10. half_full_beer_mug

    Just a question here, but how many people are aware of the things that Boras and his agency do outside of being the agent for the elite free agents? I guess as a follow up the next question would be do you care?

    1. Jon

      Could you lengthen us?

      1. DarthHater

        How delightful!

        1. Jon

          lololol, “enlighten” damnit we need an edit button!

          1. DarthHater

            “we need an edit button!”

            And be deprived of so much entertainment? I think not!

          2. half_full_beer_mug

            I’m by no means an expert on all that they do, but I have heard a few interviews with him on MLB radio and I honestly believe that he (they) are much more than money grabbing loud mouths. I’m sure Mr. Google can shed much more light on what they’ve done than I can.

      2. half_full_beer_mug

        No, but I hear commercials on the radio for that sort of thing all the time.

        Sorry couldn’t resist.

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