cubs ticketsToday the Chicago Cubs announced that single game tickets for the 2014 season go on sale Friday, March 7 at 10am CT.

That day, fans can buy single game tickets for the 2014 season at Cubs.com or by calling 800-THE-CUBS. Tickets go on sale at the box office the next day. If you just can’t wait that long, there will be a pre-sale on March 4, in conjunction with a MasterCard promotion. If you use a MasterCard, you can buy tickets on March 4 for “only” 15% above face. Even if you don’t have a MasterCard, you can buy on March 4 for 20% above face.

As has been discussed before, the 2014 season will be focused on Wrigley Field, including themed homestands throughout the year, celebrating various decades in Cubs history. The Wrigley 100th anniversary game will be April 23 against the Diamondbacks, which figures to be among the few hot tickets.

The Cubs also announced that, in celebration of Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday, the Cubs and MasterCard have “partnered to offer a consistently low-priced seating option for every game during the 2014 regular season. Cubs fans can use their MasterCard to buy tickets priced at $19.14 before tax with no service or delivery fees. This 350-seat section is located in the Upper Deck Box level in left field.” Strategic partnership, baby.

  • V23

    Say what you want, but that Mastercard discount seat deal of $19.14 with no fees is pretty damn good.

    Can’t wait to be in Wrigley on April 4th!

  • TommyK

    Wow, only $20 to see one of the worst teams in MLB history?!?! Where does the line form?

    • Jon

      Buying Cubs tickets is like buying booze for a recovering alcoholic. Don’t being an enabler to the FO.

  • V23

    I wrote that in truth, but also on purpose.

    Jon- spends hours on here each day to contribute nothing but trolling people. So, say you make $20 an hour (which is too much for you in my opinion)….there you go, you can go to 1 game for every hour you don’t troll people!

    I love watching the Cubs at Wrigley, and will do so. If you guys don’t understand the rebuild, I can’t help you.

    “TommyK” “worst teams in baseball history”? HA, let’s bet right now. Maybe reading should be your friend!

    • TommyK

      It was a bit of hyperbole for effect, but this is going to be a bad team with the potential to be an awful team. Rather than pay $20 now we could just wait until May when tickets will be available for $5 on StubHub. Or, better yet, drive to Kane County and watch some really exciting players. I’ll pay real money to watch the Cubs when they put a real team on the field.

      • V23

        But as a “cub fan” doesn’t’ it ever get annoying to be so hyperbolically negative?

        You are telling me if Baez comes up July 1st, you wouldn’t want to be there to watch the game? Hey, if you don’t like baseball or the cubs, then I get it, but then this isn’t the best place to be so active on.

        $20 to watch a professional sport is a great deal.

        • TommyK

          Yes, it gets very annoying. I hate feeling this way going into the season. I’m usually the “anything can hapen in baseball” guy. I’ve never felt this pessimistic.going into a season. I just can’t find a reason for optimism this year.

          Yes, if you could promise me Baez or Bryant’s first game will be July 1st, I would pay $20. Otherwise, I don’t think these games are worth $20. I think tickets will go for less than that on StubHub.

      • Senor Cub


      • DarthHater

        I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to post this list again, but, here it is: the ACTUAL list of the “worst teams in MLB history”:


        So, please, if you have to be hyperbolical, at least try to do it in ways that are a little less contrary to easily verifiable facts.

        • DarthHater

          And believe me, some of those series between the Cleveland Spiders and the Boston Doves were epic! 😀

        • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

          Thanks Darth there is no way we will come close to the 2003 Tigers- which is the worst season in modern history, but if you read the comment here you’d think we are only going to win 30 games if we are lucky.

          • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor

            I wonder what the record is for losses in back-to-back years, 3 year, 4 year, and 5 year stretches?

        • TommyK

          Hyperbole is an obvious exageration by definition. So I’m not sure it’s possible to be unobviously hyperbolical. I don’t think the Cubs will have a sub. 300 win percentage. They could flirt with .350 however.

          • DarthHater

            Okay, you’ve convinced me. Calling the Cubs one of the worst teams in MLB history isn’t hyperbole. It’s just a stupid statement.

            • Diehardthefirst

              If Cubs traded Barney for Uggla provided Braves eat enuf of his salary so Cubs payroll does not increase it solves 2 issues- protects Rizzo and eases transition to hot shot kids

              • scorecardpaul

                I must admit diehard, every time I read one of your posts it’s like someone throwing a cold glass of water on my face. As sleepy as I may be, your posts make me sit right up and say WTF

                • Diehardthefirst

                  Thinking outside the box will do that- have a toke before you have a stroke

            • TommyK

              And the name calling starts. Listen, I think this is going to be an awful, awful team. Not one of the worst 50 teams of all time, but potentially in the bottom 10% all time. Have you seen the outfield? I would be much more surprised to see them go .500 than I would be if they lost 110 games. I just don’t understand how they expect to score runs. I would like nothing more than to be wrong about that. I hope I am an idiot and this team wins 90 games.

              And speaking of stupid statements, how can $20 be a great deal when tickets were going for less than $10 on StubHub last year and likely will this year?

        • another JP

          And to continue Darth’s point, here’s how the Cubs rank on several all-time team stats among the 30 ML teams: .511 winning % ranks #6 (NYY #1 .568, Cards .519, Reds .509, WSox .505, Braves .502). Team ERA .368 ranks #6. Pennants- 16 ranks #6. Hall of Famers- 44 ranks #6. The largest failure has been to win World Series with only 2 championships, which is tied with the Phils and Braves for the least titles among the 16 clubs established before 1902.

          • another JP

            Actually the Braves have 3 titles, it’s the Cleveland Indians that have 2.

        • Diehardthefirst

          How about worst in Cubs history Professor?

    • brickhouse

      Everyone understands the rebuild and the plan. Many don’t like throwing away multiple seasons to hope for a better future. Go pay full price to a team not willing to try to compete. I’m not willing to pay even a fraction of the price until the team is willing to put a competitive team on the field. The front office needs to start taking some risks with trades and free agent signings to herlp the young players try and compete. Losing breeds a lot of bad hablts with the young players. I’m one of many that does not like the suck to be good plan.

      • brainiac

        i agree with this. i tried to coin the “losing as a strategy for winning” frame about 8-10 months ago when everyone was still assuming that this was some kind of ingenious trick that theo had devised that would bring salvation.

        but i’d refine my framing now. it’s “losing as a strategy”, and that’s about it. i don’t see any evidence that they’re trying to genuinely build for the future at all. that requires veteran presence, pitching depth, and player loyalties to the organization. theo has cultivated none of this, and in fact has set us back on multiple fronts.

        i’m sure he has a bad situation with owners who lied to him about what opportunities he would have, but they haven’t made lemonade. they’ve made urine.

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        I don’t think anyone likes it in and of itself. But we endure it because we are hopeful for what it produces. We live in a society that has a real problem with delayed gratification. Sometimes, Mr. Osteen , the only way to the best life is through pain and toil and sacrifice. We can reasonably disagree about whether the plan is the best plan, but no one LIKES the plan per se. Some just believe they see a better future through the plan than otherwise.

        • C. Steadman

          haha nice Joel Osteen reference, I’m a Christian and strongly disagree with his preachings…anyways back to baseball, I’ll catch a few games this year bc I’m a CUBS FAN and love baseball so I’ll support the 25 players wearing blue strips, they’re still out there trying to win ballgames so in my mind I’m paying to support them and watch them

  • Jon

    Let’s be honest, if attendance dipped below 2 million don’t you think they would feel pressured a bit to put a better product on the field? 2.5 million sucks if you compare it to 3.5 million, but it still provides a security blanket of generating enough revenue to make the team very profitable.

    There are valid reasons for fans not wanting to support the current product put out on the field.

    • V23

      Clearly, you read Cubs articles. I don’t need to go into their plan or revenue anticipations.

      Do you think the Cubs don’t study the metrics of their own ticket sales (renewals, STH lists) to know that they will be down again in sales?

      They are committed to the plan. No team with less revenue will want to spend more money. So it could be just as easily argued that by not showing up, you hurt the team.

      I believe neither is true. They have a plan and know that overtaking the Cardinals, Pirates and Reds all this year wouldn’t be possible even by signing pacifiers for some fans.

      Do I wish they traded for Fister? Yes. Got Tanaka, yes if the cost wasn’t so ridiculous. But, as a Cubs and baseball fan, I’m going to enjoy watching the team develop.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        The Tigers weren’t going give Fister away to the Cubs, anyway: it was a particular pair of relievers that Dombrowski was badly over-valuing.

        • Jon

          We’ll see how bad he overvalued them in a couple of years. Guy has been money with most trades during his time in baseball.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Fister could have gotten the Tigers much, much more than Dombrowski got for them. (And one take-advantage trade does not make Dombrowski “money” with most of his trades. Indeed, how long did it take the Expos to recover from some of his trades there?)

            • hansman

              The best part about John’s recent Dombrowski love is DD’s total losses the first four years there.

              How on earth did the Tigers ever recover.

              • Jon

                In 2004, DD’s third year into the plan, he signed a 31 year old pudge Rodriguez to a 4 year deal. What a silly move when they were not ready to compete. That move was clearly detrimental to their long term success

                • hansman

                  What’s your point? The Cubs should have signed a non – premium position free agent?

    • Brocktoon

      Well it’s a lock attendance will be at it’s lowest since 97, managing to undo 17 years of goodwill from that 98 team.

      If they don’t clear 2 million it will be the first time since 1986 (shortened seasons projected over 2m on a per game basis). If things really go to shit they could make a run for their worst attendance in 30 years, and the worst since they broke their 49 year playoff streak.

      I guess if they hold down Baez, Bryant, and AA for service time reasons at least I’ll have something to follow beyond 2015 draft projections

      • Brocktoon

        Ack 39 year playoff drought, trust me I know how to subtract

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Actually, I suspect that the ’08 team and the subsequent rapid deterioration of the Cubs (they were a sub-0.500 team two years later that looked to be years away from contending again) played a biggest role in the attendance decline. Expectations were raised pretty high after that, but the team was only good the next year, and its been bad ever since. We probably are just witnessing a “half-life” effect in terms of how long it takes for fans to get turned-off.

        • Brocktoon

          Yeah, I disagree. The cubs just put up the worst 2 year run in 32 years, and it’s gonna drop further this year when we put up the worst 3 year run in 52 years. You can’t tell your fans you don’t care about the product on the field and expect them to show up. Previous losing seasons post-Sosa at least had the illusion of an attempt at being good. Absent positive variance to start the year it’s going to be very ugly at Wrigley this year and the 2008 team being great is a pretty minor factor why

        • cubsfan08

          I really tend to lean toward your point of view doc. To me, what’s worse than a bad team you know is bad? A team that should be good that sucks. I think that hurts more and leads to more depressed feelings from a loyal fan. Casual fans may be “tricked” into buying in to a more hyped roster. However, to me, those 2 playoff sweeps hurt a lot and the writing was on the wall that things were only going to get worse.

          My expectations the past few years have obviously been lowered, but rather than getting disgusted at the MLB product, I now look for positive signs of future success. Has my interest in going to a ton of games increased the past few years? No. But where my desire to attend games and pay hard earned money declined the most was 2010. It has SLOWLY but surely been cranking back up ever since. Just my 2 cents.

      • Patrick W.

        By March 8th the Cubs will have sold more than 2 million tickets to Cubs games during the 2014 season.

        • Brocktoon

          I don’t know how to prove it but is definitely take that bet

        • Diehardthefirst

          Depends on weather – after this brutal winter last thing fans will want is to pay $100 per seat to sit in an icebox

      • Diehardthefirst

        Goodwill! Meh- Sammy Steroid sockin silos only damaged the game / thank you Bud aka Hypocrite- pay ARod his money!!

        • Brocktoon


  • Kyle

    Did the Cubs have any sellouts in 2013? I know they didn’t sell out Opening Day.

    • DarthHater

      Maybe Cardinals game on July 13, 2013.

    • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy

      Ya there was a Cardinals series where they were over 40,000 all 3 games

      • TWC

        Unfortunately, it was mostly due to the Cardinals fans.

        • DarthHater

          Who knew that “Free Mullet Night” at the ballpark would be such a successful promotion?

          • cubsfan08

            When you back that promo up with a Jorts giveaway…no wonder so many St. Louis fans made the long trip.

    • Jason P

      They sold out this game, which was my favorite Cubs game I watched the entire year.

  • T

    It’s weird, but I think the Ricketts/Epstein duo has put a weird spell on Cubs fans. The Chicago Cubs are a major market team, yet I hear some fans say it’s fine that we were horrible for the last two years and probably won’t be good till 2015, 2016 or even 2017. What infuriates me is that nothing in baseball is ever guarenteed. Even when you have a great team, it does not mean that you will win the World Series.

    The Cubs could have three to four prospects turn out to be really good (a long shot) and they may still not win the World Series. This is why it is imperative to try to win each year while at the same time developing your farm system. You never know what can happen.

    I think Tom Ricketts is taking a ridiculous approach to rebuilding. It’s good to build up the farm system of course, but if you throw away multiple seasons at the major league level then you leave yourself very little room for error when the prospects come up. Either they completely dominate or your screwed. And again, even if they are great, a World Series it is still not guaranteed. Have to at least try to win each year.

    One other weird part of this spell is when some fans seem to care about Ricketts’ money as if it was their own. They care more about the ownership saving a few bucks then the actual players who play the game. It’s almost as if they have turned the most important aspect of baseball: the enjoyment of watching athletes at the top level of their sport, into something secondary to business transactions that saved the already wealthy Ricketts’ family money. Welcome to Bizarro World, Jerry.

    • Jon


    • Diehardthefirst

      So you agree that Cubs should get Uggla?

  • T

    No, but after four years I guess I would expect a better starting lineup then the one we will probably get. But at least Tom Ricketts didn’t have to sell his gold plated Rolls. Thank God!

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  • brainiac

    the cubs might not break the single season worse record, but their 3 years under theo will have been the worst in team history. and can we at least admit that we might have the worst GM in baseball history?

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