2014 Chicago Cubs Promotional Schedule – Get Yer Bobbleheads and Yer Toys

The Chicago Cubs have released their promotional schedule for the 2014 season – i.e., the schedule of games where you can get stuff – and it follows the decades theme that the Cubs are going for at Wrigley Field this year. There are toys from the relevant decades for kids, and bobbleheads that fit the eras, too.

Want: Cubs Yo-Yo, Cubs Viewmaster, Cubs Etch-A-Sketch, and Cubs Rubik’s Cube. I’d want the Cubs fedora, but I doubt I could pull it off. You can see some pictures of the items here, and the full schedule here:


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67 responses to “2014 Chicago Cubs Promotional Schedule – Get Yer Bobbleheads and Yer Toys”

  1. Edwin

    When do they give out the Chicago Cubs switchblades?

    1. DarthHater

      I suspect your suggestion may be motivated by ill-will. However, Cubs Torch & Pitchfork Give-Away Night would be a grand idea. ;-)

      1. Jon

        What about a “personalized fan excuse night” The first 5,000 fans each get a individual/unique excuse from Theo or Jed about why the team sucks. Hell they could even make it the first 10K fans!

        1. DarthHater

          Man, you and brains are on fire this morning. :-D

          1. brainiac

            hah i was just thinking i was in fine (silly) form this morning too.

            1. DarthHater

              Of course the subject of stadium promotions (and bobbleheads, in particular) is pretty fertile ground for humor…

              1. brainiac

                that’s what she said

              2. Jon

                Consider this discussion a tribute to Harold Ramis.

          2. TWC

            Yeah, they’re posts this morning are totally in the interest of facilitating enjoyable, productive discussion. It’s not at all persistent, irritating behavior.

            1. DarthHater

              Comment ignored, due to bad grammar. :-P

              1. Funn Dave

                Atta boy.

            2. TWC

              However, what is truly revolting is that glaring typo in my comment.

              1. brainiac

                what’s revolting is that you’re apologizing for a typo for another attack post that no one is going to read.

                1. TWC

                  We get it, kid. You’re a victim. You can stop reminding us.

                2. bbmoney

                  ha….now that’s the funniest thing you’ve said all year.

                3. C. Steadman

                  i read it, and agree with TWC

                4. DarthHater

                  Nobody is going to read it, yet it already has a long string of responses.

                  1. TWC

                    I’m sure as hell not gonna read it.

            3. DarthHater

              I’ve often thought that Jon and Brains are dumb as posts, but never that they ARE posts. ;-)

              1. brainiac

                mediocre pun. you’re more of an e-prop comic, darth.

                1. DarthHater


                  I’m the Gallagher of memes.

            4. hansman

              Noone thinks this comment is good.

              1. TWC


              2. DarthHater


          3. MichiganGoat

            Yeah they would make a great radio show on on ESPN 8 Radio like 2am-4am slot.

            1. Jon

              It’s ESPN, there is no reason we couldn’t hold down the 1-5PM slot.

    2. Critterbeard

      They heard the White Sox were already planning that one so they decided on something else.

  2. JoeyCollins

    They’re giving away 30,000 Federals jerseys? That’s a pretty decent give away for the 100th. Plus those Jerseys are pretty sweet.

    1. Jon

      That is a good deal. How does that work on sizing, are they all a single size or is the a variety of XL, L, etc?

  3. 1060Ivy

    No Floppy Hat day? How dare they!

    Fedora Day just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Now instead 5,000 drunks in Floppy Hats stumbling around Wrigleyville, we’ll have 5,000 drunks – look-like, want to be hipsters – in fedoras stumbling around Wrigleyville.

    There goes the season right there.

    1. Nate

      Agreed. That’s a major violation of the “one fedora per group” rule.

      1. aaronb

        I’m pretty sure the more Fedoras the better. We will all look like we’re in a SKA band. Like in Reel Big Fish.

  4. MichiganGoat

    I’m surprised there is a replica Wrigley Field. I’ve seen those att other ballparks and thought there would be some of these. In fact there are very few Wrigley Field related give aways.

    1. DarthHater

      I bought a nifty Wrigley pop-up book last year.

  5. ScubaSteve007

    The Cubs put a lot of images up of the promotional items on their site yesterday, in case you’d want to see what all the bobbleheads, jerseys and toys all look like.

  6. Edwin

    I want that Kerry Wood 20K bobblehead.

    1. Jon

      Late August, school will be back in session, so just buy your ticket for $5 off stubhub, get their early, pick up the bobble head, and leave.

  7. dkap

    A Babe Ruth called shot bobblehead? Interesting…

  8. Edwin

    I haven’t really gone to too many games, at least with the goal of securing a promotional item. If the game is a 1:20 start, how soon would I need to get to the game for a good chance at being one of the first 10,000?

    1. Jon

      I’d say an hour early.

      1. hansman

        Really? I figured you’d say just before the last pitch.

        1. Jon

          Damn it. That was a hanging slider and I missed it.

          1. hansman

            Didn’t even take the bat off your shoulder.


  9. Javier Bryant

    As a bobblehead collector, I have over 200, I’ll definitely need to get some of these bobbles

  10. brainiac

    is there a theo bobble head, where he nods at everything the ricketts tell him to do for the financial reorganization of the team?

    1. Jon

      Yeah, they are planning that special giveaway the first weekend in October.

    2. Chad

      Do you have the ability to willy-nilly spend your boss’s dollars? I doubt it.

      1. brainiac

        i’m just joking. ok actually maybe i’m not.

    3. jp3

      Ok that’s kind of funny brain

    4. farmerjon

      I have a great idea…you two should get together and start a blog. That way, instead of skipping your comments, I could just skip the whole site! I’m sure the commenters here could pool some money to get rid of, er, get you started. Anyone?

      1. brainiac

        i will take that money. and buy every long suffering cubs fan a well deserved deep dish pizza.

    5. Funn Dave

      Comment of the day.

  11. V23

    How about “Commenter Troll Night”.

    First 5K Whiny commenters can yell at Junior Lake and tell him he isn’t going to amount to anything so why try.

    2nd 5K can tell Theo to please keep everyone in the minors to save service time

  12. Jon

    What about a Jorge Soler “bat shaped-fly swatter” night?

    1. C. Steadman

      okay this idea was actually funny

  13. dumbledoresacubsfan

    If anyone winds up with that Federals jersey and doesn’t want it…. Holla at me.

    If it were that easy to skip class and go up to Chicago, I would. Just for that jersey.

    1. scorecardpaul

      i’m quite sure you will be able to buy all of it on Ebay. A person can buy anything on Ebay

  14. CubChymyst

    I’d like to get my hands on a Fedora or Rubik’s Cube.

  15. TTH

    10 bobbles with a tie in to Wrigley Field. Three are of Cubs (Tinker is in a Feds uniform). We celebrate this dilapidated money pit why?

    And fine job planning six promo dates with Cardinals games. Cardinal fans are sure to love the gifts with their wins.

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