randall delgado diamondbacksHaving added Bronson Arroyo, the Diamondbacks have something of a pitching conundrum. The rotation projects as some combination of Arroyo, Patrick Corbin, Wade Miley, Trevor Cahill, and Brandon McCarthy. Top pitching prospect Archie Bradley could slot in there at some point, too.

And then there’s Randall Delgado, who disappointed a bit last year (90 ERA+ over 116.1 innings, 4.99 FIP), but still posted a robust 3.43 K/BB and an acceptable 3.94 xFIP, and is just 24. The Cubs, you’ll recall, almost got Delgado from the Braves for Ryan Dempster two years ago, but it, eh hem, fell through (“they don’t did a trade”). If Delgado isn’t going to make the rotation, might the Diamondbacks consider moving him?

I raise this question in large part because Delgado is out of minor league options, meaning that if he isn’t in the rotation, he’s gotta make the Diamondbacks bullpen if he’s going to stick on the club. By my rough count, the Diamondbacks already have seven strong candidates for the bullpen (plus Rule 5 selectee Marcos Mateo, whom the D-Backs took from the Cubs), and there’s a chance Delgado could be squeezed out. Sure, the Cubs have a rotational and bullpen squeeze of their own, but if the Diamondbacks are affirmatively looking to move Delgado, the Cubs are precisely the kind of team that can afford to take a chance on his upside (and we know they like him). You figure out the roster details later.

To be quite clear, Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers says they aren’t going to expose Delgado to waivers (he wouldn’t get past the Astros), and will carry him in the bullpen if he doesn’t make the rotation. And, for his part, Delgado says he’d be fine in the bullpen.

But of course everyone says these things now, and maybe injuries moot all of these questions in time. The point here is that there’s a chance the Diamondbacks could, by late Spring Training, if everyone is healthy, try to swing a trade involving Delgado because they don’t have a spot for him and don’t want to lose him for nothing (and/or don’t want to lose one of their solid bullpen arms for nothing). Maybe the Cubs would be in a position to pounce if that happened.

Just thinking out loud.

  • http://www.w2wn.net Cerambam

    I wish.

  • ssckelley

    How about straight up for Junior Lake?

    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      I do that immediately (and so would the Cubs) but Arizona is going to want and get more.

      • ssckelley

        But how much more? I look at both Lake and Delgado as having decent upsides.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Yeah, I’d do that in a second, which tells me it’s probably not a fair deal. Then again, who knows? Maybe they love Lake, in particular. He is certainly an intriguing talent.

      • ssckelley

        I would do it in a second only because I see the Cubs as having surplus in the outfield with even more coming. Lake could very well turn into a good centerfielder while Delgado could turn into a good starting pitcher, both have the same risks of turning into a pile of crap. Perhaps the Cubs have to throw in another piece to make it work but I don’t think the value on both sides is too far off.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Arizona has shown a tendency to trade Player X in exchange for how much *they* value Player X rather than for his actual value. So, this could be less improbable (albeit no less absurd!) than one might think.

        • ssckelley

          But the question is what value do they have on Delgado? They are disappointed in his production from last season and if they are trading him it means he did not crack their starting rotation then his value is not much more than a bullpen piece.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Right, but that is how *AZ* values Delgado: their player evaluation is iconoclastic to say the least. There are probably 15-20 other teams who still see the value of Delgado as a starter, and will happily pay a reliever’s price (and, no, that is not Doug Fister) for him.

            • ssckelley

              No, I was not expecting to pay reliever price for Delgado and I do not think offering Lake in return is a reliever price. But I don’t see Arizona getting a huge return for him either from any organization. I certainly would not want Delgado as a centerpiece in a deal for Samardija or Castro.

              • Chad

                Exactly. Arizona is in a pinch. They can either stash him in the BP, trade him, or put him on waivers. If they choose to trade him it is because they don’t prefer him in the BP to other options and realistically should not expect a great return.

  • Javier Bryant

    Looking at the D-backs depth chart, they don’t really have a need for another OF and I highly doubt Barney gets us Delgado but, it appears they could use a backup 2B behind Aaron Hill. Maybe Logan Watkins?

    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      They will still want more, why would the give a pitcher with a huge amount of promise for a AAAA 2B that they Cubs don’t even want to play?

      • Cubs_Questions

        What about Bonifacio? He’s had success at the big league level before and could be a reasonable backup at 2B.

        • ssckelley

          hmmmm, throw in Casper Wells and Aaron Cunningham and I bet the Diamondbacks would go for it.

  • Big City Mick

    The DBacks also have redundancy at SS too with Chris Owings and Didi Gregorius with Prado locked up at 3B and Hill locked up at 2B for the next 3 seasons. They could look to move Gregorius with Delgado to increase their return. The Blue Jays stick out in my mind with their need at both 2B and SP. Maybe Sanchez for Gregorius and Delgado?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Pretty interesting suggestion right there. I tend to think the Jays will want to add a pitcher only if it’s a surer bet, though. They’ve got a few interesting Delgado-esque guys coming back from injury already at the back of the rotation.

      • bnile1

        If AZ is planning to compete this year wouldn’t a package centered around Nate Schierholtz and Russell make more sense. With a few prospects exchange to even out he deal? Even if the Cubs had to pay a little of the salary that wold seem pretty reasonable IMHO.

  • http://www.draftday.com udbrky

    I thought about Christian Villanueva, but I’d really like to see more what he can do. I think his upside is a lot more valuable than it is now.

  • Jon

    Once Shipley can be traded… Shark for Delgado, Braden Shipley, and Stryker Trahan ?

    Trahan gets us some nice young catcher depth.

    • Chad

      Why would they trade a SP for a SP when they don’t have room in the rotation. That makes no sense.

      • Jon

        Towers has been gaga over Shark dating back to last year. I think they would find a spot.

        • Chad

          They could have had him earlier but they chose to sign Arroyo. If they trade for Shark they would have to move another starter out of their rotation. The cubs aren’t going to be interested Arroyo or McCarthy and I doubt the Dbacks are interested in moving any of their other 3 starters. Someone else may want McCarthy, but anybody else could have had Arroyo earlier during FA. I’m not saying he doesn’t want Shark, but to move him they will have to create room either in the BP or in the rotation and I don’t see it happening. Could move Arroyo to the BP, but you hate to pay a guy that much to be in the BP. I see that as very slim potential of happening.

  • Javier Bryant
  • another JP

    Delgado would be a nice piece to acquire if the D’backs would be willing to move him… they did take Campana off our roster, so maybe Nate the Great would be an option for them? He’s trade bait by the ASB anyway…

  • DarthHater

    I assume that some of the seven strong candidates for the AZ bullpen are not out of options and will be sent down.

  • CubChymyst

    Sounds like the Cubs have a good chance of getting Mateo back

  • IA_Colin

    Yeah don’t see a trade. Would like a trade but we’d have to trade a lower level high ceiling guy. If so would he even make the Cubs rotation? Arretia out then yeah, or Shark traded.

    • Jon

      Shark(assuming not traded), Jackson, Wood, Delgado Arrieta

      • Cubs_Questions

        Hammel will be in there.

  • ncsujuri

    In the thinking out loud category, saw this today…


    Would be nice to add a C to the organization, though there probably isn’t a fit unless Olt/Villinueva tears it up in Spring, but based on the article the Yankees seem to be looking for a name even if he sucks *cough Rickie Weeks cough*

  • diamonddon

    Schierholz and Barney for Delgado plus an A ball player.

  • http://bleachernation 29bigcat

    Barney for sanchez…w yanks

    Shurholtz for delgado…w ari.

  • http://bleachernation.com woody

    All this speculation about Delagado makes me think about how blessed we are to have a guy like Bosio in our organization.I guess the jury is still out to some extent, but if Arrietta has a good year I would have to believe that Delgado could too.

  • Ed

    Wishful thinking here, but I wonder if the D-Backs would bite on Vitters and/or Jackson for Delgado.

    • Cubs_Questions

      Doubt anybody would give up much for Jackson at this point.

  • http://bleachernation.com woody

    What do you mean ” OR “? Give them both.

  • Jr 25

    Schierholtz and Russell for Delgado and a catching Prospect! Done- would not give up Junior Lake though. Think he will surprise a lot of people this year

  • Cubs_Questions

    A prospect I think could be a really nice throw in on a deal from Arizona is Patrick Schuster. LHP, reliever. Tore it up at A+ this past year, though he’s already 23. However, gave up just 6.1 H/9 last season with a 2.50 K/BB. He should be moving up to AA this season.

    Drafted out of high school in 2009. Because of his age, and slow progression, I can’t imagine they would be too upset about parting with him, especially because I’ve seen him hovering around the 40ish area on Diamondbacks prospect lists.

  • bobdawg78

    A trade of Barney to the Yankees makes too much sense to me. They’re looking for another middle infielder, and they have too many Catchers on their 40 man. I’d trade Barney for any of their catchers on their 40 man. Cervelli would be tricky, because he’s out of options. If we get any of the others, we can just put them in the minors and move on.

    It’s basically a surplus move for both teams. We don’t need Barney, they could use him. We need Catching depth, they have too many on their 40 man, thus a win-win for both teams.

  • Diehardthefirst

    With Phil’s Hamels on DL and maybe needing season ending surgery Shark may look more attractive to them– prospects Franco and Hernandez would be nice

    • DarthHater

      Today’s Cole Hamels-related headlines:

      “Cole Hamels to Throw Wednesday”

      “Cole Hamels Takes Another Positive Step”

      “Hamels Feels Fine After First Bullpen Session”

      “Cole Hamels Ready to Take Next Step in Recovery for Phillies”

      “McClure: Hamels Should Not Miss More Than 2 starts”

      Diehard’s view of reality:

      “Hamels on DL and maybe needing season ending surgery”

      • Diehardthefirst

        You don’t read between the lines– he’s toast

        • DarthHater

          “You don’t pull completely made up shit out of your ass and post it on the internet.”


          • Diehardthefirst

            I agree- I don’t… Do you? More likely than not he needs surgery

            • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

              Ah the Die Hardian world, what a funny place.

            • DarthHater

              No, you read between the lines . . . of the wrinkles in the wall of your large intestine.

      • Jon

        The devils in the details

  • cubsfan08

    Shark’s too young for the Phil’s anyway….