jeff samardzija gatorade showerJeff Samardzija started his Spring Training season with a four-pitch walk to Gerardo Parra. All four pitches were up, which is fairly common early on, when guys are prone to overthrowing. From there, Samardzija settled down (if that’s actually a think in Spring Training), striking out two and giving up two hits over his two innings of work. He appeared to be working on his cutter, in particular, which showed nice late movement, but was kind of all over the zone.

A couple media reports noted that scouts were in attendance to see Samardzija work:

The last point from Wittenmyer is the one worth highlighting the most strongly. Because the teams are so centrally located, and because scouting occurs in advance of the season for many non-trade-related reasons, lots of teams are scouting lots of players. It’s certainly interesting to know that some teams are at the game checking out Samardzija, but it’s also completely unsurprising. That said, teams know Samardzija is theoretically available right now.

It’ll be this way at every Samardzija start this Spring, so prepare yourself for it, I guess.

  • http://BN Sacko

    Shark is our best pitcher, good athlete, young arm. highly competitive which makes a leader. At some point somewhere somehow somebody we have to start making a commitment to our pitching staff.

    • Orval Overall

      “somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around son ….”

      • Orval Overall


  • Sect208Row8

    Man I love Cubs baseball. Fun to see Castro spittin his seeds. Wish I was there.

  • itzscott

    What I’d find EVEN MORE interesting would be knowing which teams the CUBS are scouting and then see which of these same teams are scouting the Cubs.

    To me, that would be where the smoke could turn into fire at some point.

  • Mike Taylor

    We should include Barney with Samardzija in a trade… gives Toronto insurance when Reyes gets injured (sure it’ll happen). While Reyes is healthy, Barney could platoon with Izturis at 2B.

    • Javier Bryant

      What I was thinking too. I think the Cubs want either Sanchez or Stroman and a couple other top pitching prospects.

      • Jr 25

        Shark, Russell and Barney for Sanchez, And pick 2 out of the 5 Nolin, Norris, DeJong, Hutchinson, Drabek and throw in a Jiminez or Gose with that.

        • woody

          Why would you want to unload Jimenez? He was the top rated kid in that international pool.

          • Voice of Reason

            Because we can’t wait to trade away all the minor league talent that we have.

            Everybody relax. They aren’t trading any top prospects.

          • MichiganGoat

            Yeah that would be a horrible idea, I’m fine throwing Barney and Russell I. But it’s not going to change who the Jays are putting on the table and unless we add a top prospect the Jays are adding more.

          • Jr 25

            Catching prospect A.J Jiminez isn’t one of Toronto’s top prospects. If he was why did they sign Navarro and pick up Kratz and they still have Thole.

            • MichiganGoat

              I think every was thinking you were talking about the Cubs international signee Eloy Jiminez. Now your comments make more sense.

              • woody

                That’s what I thought.

              • Javier Bryant

                He said throw in Jimenez or Gose. Implying that the Blue jays would be throwing them in.

                • Jr 25

                  Thank You Javier Bryant!

  • Spoda17

    off topic, but Brett/anyone… where is the Spring Training schedule with broadcast info? I know it was already posted, but I can’t find it…

  • woody

    I believe if Shark is traded before the season starts it will be Toronto. I have been watching the game and I thought Grimm looked pretty good. I missed seeing Samardzija due to medical appointment. I hope tomorrow we get to see Hendricks. No Baez so far.

    • Javier Bryant

      Toronto could use Barney too. Maybe they package them to Toronto eventually

    • Blackhawks1963

      Except that Toronto is going to suck with or without Samardzija in the brutal AL East. And they have an ownership group that is keeping the handcuffs on things.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Samardzija is under team control for two more seasons. There is zero urgency to get a new deal in place. Plus he wants to bet on himself . Why is this so hard for some to grasp?

    If Samardzija does get traded then it tells me TheoJed are not at all sold on his ability to be a frontline starting pitcher and want to trade him because they see this as the zenith of his value. I trust them.

    • Funn Dave

      Yeah, I’m with ya. I think people are just desperate for *any* big move after such an uneventful offseason.

    • Napercal

      Couldn’t agree more. What’s the rush – that he’ll get hurt? That’s always a possibility. But he’s got good stuff. They should at least act like they’re trying to win for the first few months of then season.

    • Javier Bryant

      If he gets traded it shows they couldn’t come together on an extension. There isn’t necessarily a rush to trade him but, you’ll get more in return if he has 1.5 years left instead of him just being a rental.

  • Teigh Cubs Teigh

    One thing to keep in mind about the Pirates scouting Samardzija is that we play them in the opening series this year and they are almost guaranteed (barring trade or injury) to see him during those first few days of the season. This means that it is possible that they are just giving him a look to see how he looks this season rather than for trade purposes.

  • DarthHater

    Everybody is scouting Clark to see what the fuss is all about.

  • Diehardthefirst

    Shark proves once again he’s a good 2 inning pitcher set up guy

    • Carew

      even you have to be disappointed with this one

  • Diehardthefirst

    Shark pitched his last game for Cubs- going to Dodgers cause Greinke toast

    • MichiganGoat

      Um yesterday was Hamels was toast now this so let’s see what the prediction is tomorrow.

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  • Diehardthefirst

    If Dodgers would include OF Pederson in deal for Shark then make it

  • Diehardthefirst

    Maybe Saunders worth look? Pitches lots of ground balls