Last week we had some fun with Javier Baez’s batting practice window-breaking homer barrage, and tonight, let’s have some fun watching Kris Bryant hit a 400+ foot bomb in his first Spring Training at bat:

The only drawback? While your neck is craning to watch Bryant bombs fly, you probably won’t be able to get lost in his eyes.

  • Jr 25

    Damn that was a bomb! So 2 starters down on Seattle and Toronto still needs another pitcher or 2, so who bites on Shark 1st and overpays? And for who? Potential 3 team trade between those 3 teams? Like to hear what you guys think?

    Cubs- Paxton, Nolin and Sanchez
    Toronto- Shark and Franklin
    Mariners- Stroman

    Toronto maybe giving up to much but AA is dumb

    • Diehardthefirst

      Lots of French toast, huh? Wait- more on the griddle – just like first waffle- the rest are best

      • ChrisFChi

        Thanks, now I want some breakfast.

  • Mike

    So, 420 to center and it looks like he hit it over that second fence behind the wall. I’m thinking somewhere in the 440ft range. That definitely made it worth watching all of the NRIs blow.

  • Kyle

    Such easy power. He didn’t yank the ball. He didn’t swing from his heels. He just made solid contract up the middle and it went 430 feet.

    • Xruben31

      Stupid easy power!

    • farmerjon

      Looked like an opposite field swing…just went with it, easy power indeed ; )

  • Ben

    What makes this home run even more impressive was the entire at bat leading up to the bomb. Battled hard for several pitches, and then a nice easy stroke to centerfield. Made it look easy!

  • woody

    All of the talk about Baez, but IMO Bryant is a much more advanced hitter.

  • Bill

    Not impressed. Wind blown homerun that would have barely got out of the infield in Wrigley on a day the wind isn’t blowing. Watch the flags, they are blowing straight out.

    Ok, I’m just kidding, although the flags are blowing out.

  • David

    Alcanara is gonna score 120 runs in 2015 hitting in front of Baez and Bryant.

  • http://BN Sacko

    Is Hendricks going to get more consideration if Rusin, Mcdonald continue this. Rusin is not a MLB starter on any other team.

    • Kyle

      He’s not likely an MLB starter on this team. He’s as good as any other 7th starter in the league.

      • another JP

        Who’s not an MLB starter on the Cubs- Hendricks or Rusin?

        • Kyle


          Hendricks will get some starts by the end of the year, but he’s not on the MLB depth chart at all right now. He’s in the “prospect” pile.

          • another JP

            Agreed. I’d only add that the only reason KH is in the prospect pile is because he hasn’t enough time @ AAA yet. Otherwise, he’s good enough now to be part of the starting rotation and has the best control of any pitcher in the organization.

    • MightyBear

      Yeah, lets write Rusin and McDonald off after one bad spring training start. You’re idiots. I expect more from you Kyle.

      • Funn Dave

        You know, the players have played baseball before this spring. Just because there have only been two ST games doesn’t mean that they’re the only games on which Kyle is basing his opinion.

  • Javier Bryant

    Gets me all warm inside

  • Jason Powers

    Hendricks does two things really well: he does not walk batters and he’s given up on 10 HRs in his last 320+ IP. To wit, hes as good an option as the Cubs have to audition..

    • Jason P

      Plus, as a command/control/pitchability guy, I doubt a Hendricks has much if any development left. He pretty much is what he is.

      • Kyle

        I tend to be a Hendricks skeptic in that I think he’s going to have to learn to nibble more. He’s more of a “pump the strike zone and bet that minor league hitters won’t consistent punish him for it” guy than an elite command guy. I don’t think that’s going to play as well in the majors, and he’ll need to start working on the adjustment in AAA, even if it means walking a few more.

        • Bill

          I’m hoping Hendricks is more a righty version of Mark Beuhrle. Guy who changes speeds and can paint corners. If he can post good numbers at AAA I’ll feel good about his chances of at least being a svc 4/5 starting pitcher. PCL isn’t exactly a pitchers league.

  • Cizzle

    Bryant’s bomb was a line drive. Crushed it. Wind didn’t affect it at all.
    pitching today was atrocious. Each pitcher had a good first inning (rusin/mcdonald) then got rocked, or couldn’t throw strikes. By my count, in the angels’ big inning they had 9 runs on 4 hits. They finally brought in who I thought was Hendricks (52) and i was happy, but it was Espinosa? Bad all around.
    As for the young guys, Almora hit a solid two bag liner down the 3b line, but couldnt beat out a grounder in the the hole and was thrown out from Lf (dude is SLOW) Soler kept just missing and taking HUGE cuts (i think he apologized to the catcher 3x) but k’d, jackson walked w/o making contact and then Bryant’s blast. It was off of #92 of the angels (don’t know the name) who i thought was throwing pretty hard stuff the whole inning. Baez hit a rocket right after, but it was right at 3rd. Vitters looked bad all day, in the field (1b!)and at the plate.
    For defense, I was impressed w Bryant’s arm. Not plus-plus, but accurate and hard each time. Baez’s however looked weak and it didn’t seem like the ball left his hand well.
    I was expecting Vogelbach to look like Hinske does, but he looked great, (240 may be a high estimate) and *almost* beat out a grounder. Is he faster than almora??
    I know I’m no scout and I know its one game, but those were my thoughts. I hope the young guys are at the early split squad tomorrow.
    Also, got Soler and Bryant autograph balls today. Felt like such a little kid.

    • Funn Dave

      Thanks for the recap.

  • YourResidentJag

    This game will start 12am CT on MLBNetwork tonight. The Cubs will also be on MLBNetwork March 4 vs Brewers at 4pm CT.

  • Camiata2

    How’s this for a home run derby line up? Baez, Bryant, Rizzo, Soler, and Vogelbach. Add Olt to that if his eye problems have been alleviated. 6 guys with 20+ home run power potential in the same line up? Sign me up for that.

  • papa dunks

    OK, sorry so late but just got back to hotel. Best part of game was when all the AAAA starters left the game after 4-1/2 innings. Alcantara, Almora, Solar, Bryant, and Jackson enter the game and the PA system, unintentionally, I believe, starts playing “Gonna Fly Now” from Rocky. Got me stoked for the future!

  • Medicos

    Bryant’s HR: It might be. It could be. IT IS!!!!

    Bryant’s HR: You can put on the board. YES!!!!

    • Eternal Pessimist

      “You can put on the board. YES!!!!”

      One of my all-time least favorite home-run calls/tag-lines. I hope this never makes it onto a Cubs fan site again. YES!!!!

      • TommyK

        You know what I say about the next person to post Hawk’s home run call on this website? He gone!

  • David

    Just saw highlights of Archie Bradley. He’s an absolute beast. Man would he look good in cubbie blue. I would include either Solar or Alcantara with Shark to get him. And I’m a huge fan of Alcantara, but INF is our strength.

    • David

      Castro straight up for Bradley. Lets get it done.

      • Jr 25

        Alcantara or Castro would not get the deal done. Reports out of AZ. Are they have a surplus of middle infield and are looking to trade Didi or Owings for OF or catching help

      • sethdiggs

        If he chills out, he could easily be the 3rd best ss in the game

  • Jr 25

    I would do a Shark and Soler and Schierholtz for Bradley and Delgado though. Delgado moving to bullpen after Arroyo signing and out of minor league options

  • Rooster

    With Sano a wash for 2014 I think a bump for Baez and Bryant is in order.

    • Rich H

      This just shows how fickle the prospect route can be. Sano’s stock took a little bit of a hit last year and now this injury.

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  • Dustin S

    That’s the power and swing that got me excited when I saw him play on tv and video in college at the end of his last year.

    I’ll give Rusin an early spring pass on yesterday’s game, and he did pitch well in August and September last year. But he’ll for sure need to show more. Even at his best he seems like a high WHIP guy that is always working out of trouble, which leads to his inconsistent numbers depending if he gets lucky on getting out of jams.