baseball tarpThe Little Boy was slightly more into his first birthday cake than was The Little Girl, but he mostly just wanted to feed chunks of it to The Wife. That was kind of funny.

  • Hey, Punxsutawney Phil: F*** you. The weather in Columbus is a winter nightmare on March 2, imperiling my flight out to Spring Training tomorrow morning. Hopefully, worst case scenario, I’m delayed by a day. Even that will make me angry at the little rodent that said this was coming.
  • Speaking of horrible weather, the Cubs saw quite a bit of it yesterday in the form of rainstorms that washed out both games they were to play (early Spring split-squad days are chock full of prospects, so of course both games would get rained out). Interestingly, a report out of San Francisco regarding the cancelled early game at Cubs Park appears to be highly critical of the grounds/grounds crew in getting the game ready for play. According to the CSN Bay Area report, the tarp wasn’t removed properly from the field, leading to excess water in the outfield. The rain had otherwise stopped in time for the game, and the Giants were apparently angry that it wasn’t able to be played. Not sure if the CSN Bay Area report is accurate, but I’d imagine the Cubs weren’t too happy about losing revenue to a rare Arizona rainout, either. None of the Chicago reports mention any tarp-related troubles, so it’s possible the CSN Bay Area report goes a bit too far.
  • It sounds like Rick Renteria believes Junior Lake is continuing to improve in the outfield, and looks good shagging during BP, if nothing else. RR isn’t committing to a specific position yet for Lake, though, and it may well be the case that Lake moves around when the season starts.
  • Jeff Samardzija has been impressed with how the Cubs’ parade of top prospects have handled themselves so far this Spring, not only showing great ability, but a great desire to learn. More from Samardzija on the prospect crew here.
  • Patrick Mooney on Dale Sveum’s new life, and how he is still well-received by Cubs players.
  • woody

    All of this talk of nasty weather makes me think how nice it would be to have a stadium with a retractable roof like the Brewers have. This year in particular has potential to be one of the worst ever. I would hate to see artic air getting pumped down here in April. I can remember some of the April snow storms we have had here in northern Indiana in the past and wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see old man winter throw a blizzard on us in April.


    the report was correct! the grounds crew blew it! they have some kinks to work out at the park
    but it sure is a beauty!

    • woody

      I would hate to be the guy that was responsible for that. Lost revenue for 10,000 plus people.

    • FFP

      I saw a grounds crew struggle with a tarp at an Oakland A’s late season game about 12 years ago while visiting a friend and his new bride. He said they never get rain At that time of year, so crews were worse than out of practice. They obviously had no idea what they were doing. It was all kind of funny And eventually they got the game played, but then it started to rain again on the drive home. I had never seen traffic so messed up by a light drizzle. Cars spinning off the road, standstill traffic on interstates with folks plowing into others from behind; it was frightening (and oddly understandable?).

      • FFP

        Hah. I missed College of Coaches’ similar post earlier. Sorry, CC. I am definitely skimming comments here faster lately…

        • college_of_coaches

          No worries at all. But seriously, LOL, the California experience of rain-delays!

  • Funn Dave

    Cue chorus of disgruntled Cub fans complaining about how we wouldn’t have this problem if we moved to a stadium with a retractable roof. As if baseball players haven’t been making do with what the weather gives them for centuries.

    • woody

      Tell me that when you have icicles hanging from your gonads out in the bleachers LOL.

      • Funn Dave

        Test-icicles build character. Lol.

  • college_of_coaches

    I went to an Angels game a few years back that was rain delayed. Apparently this is uncommon in Anaheim and we got the biggest kick out of how inept the grounds crew was in trying to perform simple tasks like unfolding the tarp.

  • newsguy23

    I just love to see donnie Murphy at 3b . Not
    I know olt has some shoulder issue but if he isn’t starting 3b to start the year it will blow . Scrap heap bs on 3b

  • Bilbo161

    Huh…I was thinking last night we may need to send a nina after that rodent for the rain-outs in Az. 😉

  • Bilbo161


  • fromthemitten

    The weather is brutal here in Suburban Los Angeles. It’s below 60 today!

  • jfrake815

    I was at the game, and I echo the SF report. The grounds crew was completely unprepared. There was about 10 minutes of hard rain, but there is no way it should have cancelled an entire game. A few puddles at the edge of the infield was nothing the grounds crew shouldn’t have been able to handle.

    Furthermore, by the time they made the announcement, the skies had completely cleared up and didn’t rain for the next three hours…the puddles were already starting to dry up. It was a hastily made decision, and they made no effort to improve the decision.

    Typically I understand these types of decisions…but when you plan out a trip all the way from Chicago to watch 3 games and one of them is needlessly cancelled, it’s frustrating.

    Sorry for the rant! Today’s game was nice, though.