respect wrigleyYour obligatory preamble update: the Chicago Cubs remain hopeful of having an agreement in place with the rooftops around Wrigley Field that will allow the team to set into motion renovation plans for the ballpark this year, with an eye toward shovels in the ground as soon as the 2014 season ends.

Is the Wrigley Field Road Tour offering a positive tea leaf?

I don’t think I’ll read too much into it, but it’s worth passing on. The WFRT is a charitable bike race that has involved the Cubs and Wrigley Field for the past few years in August, but it won’t be happening this year, per an announcement today from World Bicycle Relief (h/t @liamogi on Twitter):

After much consideration, it is with regret that we announce there will be no Wrigley Field Road Tour in 2014. With the potential stadium construction at Wrigley Field, other logistical factors and knowing just how much the ride means to so many of you, we wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than the best. There are more opportunities to ride with us and show your support for World Bicycle Relief.

Now, those “other logistical factors” could really be what drove the decision, but it’s worth noting that the possibility of construction at Wrigley Field (in August?) is listed as among the reasons for the cancellation. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean construction will¬†definitely¬†be taking place at that time. These kinds of planning decisions have to be made far, far in advance, and organizations have to account for all reasonable possibilities.

In other words, while it’s conceivable that construction at Wrigley Field could begin this Summer (please!), this announcement doesn’t necessarily confirm anything like that. It simply hints at that possibility, which could be driven by no more than everyone’s current understanding that a deal with the rooftops could be struck at any time, and construction plans could then proceed.

  • Eternal Pessimist

    If an agreement is reached it could really mean the thawing of the revenue iceburg. It’s really hard to predict what this could mean in terms of future player salary, but i don’t think it’s unrealistic tha this would be more inportant than a dozen great trades favoring the Cubs or two to three high first rounders every 5-7 years. Crossing fingers!

  • bnile1

    Remember among other things in the remodel is adding lights etc(as I read in another article on this sight). It’s possible that a minor piece may still be going forward. Either way it’s stil good news.

  • Diehardthefirst

    They had no choice- if didn’t would affect an injunction request or defense- keeping powder dry but wouldn’t bet project is shovel ready

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