goodyear ballparkThe Cubs head out to Goodyear to take on the Reds, and Jason Hammel will make his Cactus League debut. He pitched in a fake-fake game last week, but this is his first time pitching in a mere fake game.

No TV for today’s game, but you can listen on

Emilio Bonifacio gets today’s turn at shortstop, while Logan Watkins gets a start at second base. Mike Olt starts once again at first base, and, although he hasn’t seen time at third, the Cubs sure are getting him a lot of starts lately.

Ryan Kalish in center field is also interesting, though I do still expect him to head to Iowa to start the year. No DH today, so Hammel will probably get an at bat.


  1. Emilio Bonifacio, SS
  2. Donnie Murphy, 3B
  3. Nate Schierholtz, RF
  4. Welington Castillo, C
  5. Mike Olt, 1B
  6. Ryan Kalish, CF
  7. Darnell McDonald, LF
  8. Logan Watkins, 2B
  9. Jason Hammel, P
  • woody says there is free webcast for todays game, but when I click on listen it sends me to to subscribe. WTF?

    • DarthHater

      Try again at 2:05 CT.

    • Picklenose

      Woody, for what its worth: I went to the gameday screen and started the audio stream from there. However, the game day graphics are not loading, only the audio stream. MLB really does seem to have a host of problems during spring training.

      • headscratchin

        Open two tabs. One with the audio and the other with Game Day.

      • DarthHater

        Thanks, Pickle. I was having the same problem and your method just worked for me.

  • woody

    I hope so.

  • http://BN Sacko

    Stupid I can’t believe it wasting ABs on Mc..
    Vitters, Jackson anybody please

    • RotoChamp

      No doubt….why would they waste ABs on a 35 year old that has never been better than a 5th OF? Must have a ‘veteran’ presence.

  • Seth

    My view for today’s game:

    • another JP

      Very nice seats, maybe let us know how some of our pitchers look, eh? You must be loving that 4 zip lead right about now…

  • Kyle

    That’s a whole lot of Olt lately. Giving him a chance, at least.

  • woody

    I can’t get excited about this lineup. I’ll be interested to see how Olt and Schierholtz do, but the rest of them no. By the way I thought I read yesterday that Soler was going to DH today and now they have the pitchers hitting for themselves.

  • Kyle

    Good thing we got the Olt puff pieces out of the way early.

  • JAllman

    I thought the radio broadcast was free today. I can’t seem to get it without At Bat subscription.

    • Kyle

      If you go directly to from a web browser, you should be able to get it without a subscription (but you will need an account, which is free). If you are on mobile, all bets are off.

      • JAllman

        Yeah, I’m on mobile. That must be the problem. Thanks for the reply.

  • Funn Dave

    …and Reds fans across the country cried out “woah, cool name” in unison as the words Rock Shoulders flashed across their computer screens.

  • Jason Powers

    Off topic, but a discussion that needs to be thought of: Rick Renteria. Is his management style going to be philosophically Mexican (power-distance is very high) or more American (low-power distance) and how does that work with the 9 Dominicans on the 40 man, and the bullpen options are nearly all D.R. (Cabrera, Strop, Veras, Villanueva, Vizcaino)?

    The communication barrier that was seen existing with Svuem (and particularly Castro): was it a language barrier, or just a management style or cultural divide? As we should readily know, not all cultures hold to the United States general philosoph(ies) of an achievement, low power distance, democratic, individualistic society. (And that varies by region of the country.)

    Take Starlin. His father obviously held great power in the deal negotiated that had caused consternation in Castro’s life. And it had the playing effects – less success – and did Castro/father have more problems.

    Think of yourself: would you give your father that authority to do that in yours? (And it depends on class factors – a lower class family can exhibit culturally high power distance tendencies. Respect for authority (teachers) and elders. Which is not universal in the U.S. – we don’t call teachers “guru” as in Eastern cultures.)

    What I am getting at, will Renteria’s MGMT style be an improvement? If so, why?

    One hopes, but only time will tell.

    • woody

      You can’t just lump all Latinos together because they speak a common language. Culturally Dominicans are very close to Cubans and Puerto Ricans and in general there is a caribbean dialect that is different from what Mexicans speak. Also there is a lot of slang terms that aren’t mutually used from Mexican culture to Caribbean culture. Renteria has the advantage of being able to communicate with these guys without having to worry if there was a miscommunication. Also I would have to believe that it is a way at time he can have a more private word with that player while in the company of non-speaking team mates.

      • Jason Powers

        Language is but one culture marker. Two countries can share a common root (Latin, Germanic, et. al) and be starkly different today. And Puerto Ricans and D.R. may not be as similar you think:

        “The Puerto Rican managers demonstrate Medium consideration and Low Initiating Structure. On the other hand managers from Dominican Republic demonstrate Medium consideration and High initiating structure. Therefore, there was a significant difference in Initiating Structure and Consideration leadership style due to country of nationality interaction.”

        ‘Dominican Republic have high power distance and will a paternalistic management style. Hypothesis testing using the two–tailed T-test for equality of means indicated that there is a significant difference between Puerto Rico and Dominican
        Republic managers.”

        And so, I didn’t just “lump” them together at all. (Projection?)
        But you stated, “Dominicans are very close to Cubans and Puerto Ricans and in general there is a caribbean dialect that is different from what Mexicans speak.”

        Miscommunication is more than what you say, it is how you say it, the perception of the receiver, the intent of the speaker, the actuality of the words. body language, and so on.

        In fact I was pointing to the difference of a Mexican-American v. D.R. and asking if there is going to be the improvement in communication and the on-field results.

        • Jason Powers

          “going to be improvement [in spite of differences] in communication and [drive] the on-field results”

        • Funn Dave

          You absolutely lumped them together. Did you seriously try to accuse Woody of projection in this matter?

    • Funn Dave

      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Jason Powers

        Ad hom. Next.

  • kridertr

    So what is with Mitch maier? Is he hurt or what?

    • Brett

      Kinda seems like he must be at this point.