cactusThe Cubs came back from an 0-2 deficit today to win 3-2 against the Giants in Scottsdale. The win pulled the team up to .500 on the Spring. Mark it down. You may not see it again this year.

  • Jeff Samardzija got in his work today, and it was pretty much all you were looking for. He pounded the zone and didn’t walk anyone, while striking out five.
  • Alberto Cabrera followed up Samardzija with a scoreless frame, and Chris Rusin took the next three innings, going run-less, hit-less, walk-less and strikeout-less. I guess letting them put the ball in play was the order of the day.
  • Jonathan Sanchez was given his second straight save opportunity, and the lefty closed it out with his own run-less, hit-less, walk-less, and strikeout-less inning.
  • There’s not a lot noteworthy on the offensive side today, as the Cubs had just seven hits and two walks on the day. All of the hits were singles.
  • Mike Olt had one infield single in his three at bats today. Still hard to draw too much from the data we have so far.
  • Jorge Soler had a pinch-hit single.
  • Matt Cain had his way with the Cubs early, throwing five scoreless innings in which he didn’t give up a hit or a walk, and he struck out seven. Clearly he was on.
  • cubbcard

    go cubs , we found a way to win. momentum , confidence, never say die. rockies join down soon!

  • johnnyp

    I just keep waiting for Olt to do something… I know it’s only spring, but he’s been disappointing so far. I can’t help but think that all of his talk of being past the eye issue is just positive thinking.

    • Wilburthefirst

      That’s one side of the coin, the fact he is playing is the other side which implies the eye problems may be behind him. If they are behind him then he get’s a chance to impress, which to your point is you feel he hasn’t.

      I’m not disappointed, I’m getting the feeling he is a healthy prospect which means he’s at least as likely if not more likely not to deliver at the MLB level as he is to make an impact.

      • johnnyp

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ruling him out. I love the guy’s comeback story and to me, it’s the most interesting storyline. I was just hoping, not expecting, that he’d come in and kill it. He hasn’t and so far that’s what’s been disappointing. I just pray it’s not a lingering post concussion syndrome. Infield singles and ks aren’t exactly dispelling my cautious optimism.

    • ssckelley

      Exactly what are the expectations for Olt at this point of spring training? He only has 17 plate appearances with 4 hits and a homer. Olt has not been a high average guy and he has had a high K rate. I think he is doing fine.

      • blublud

        I agree. If you were expecting Olt to hit 350/450/600, you might be disappointed, but if you expected Olt to be Olt, he is a 1-2 with a walk game from being Mike Olt.

      • MichiganGoat

        They were expecting Ryan Kalish- which is why ST stats don’t mean anything.

      • Kyle

        ST stats don’t matter, but surely if there were expectations it was better than a 41% K-rate with no walks.

        • MichiganGoat

          True but we will never know what he was suppose to be doing or working on, just as pitchers are throwing their stuff like they will when the season starts. I’ll be interested to see how the rest of the week looks but the Cubs have probably are already decided what they are doing at third.

        • ssckelley

          Sure they don’t matter, even if they did we kinda have a SSS issue.

  • cubbcard

    thats goin down soon

  • cubbcard

    takes a little time to get in stroke . he will come around

  • ssckelley

    Once they got the real pitcher out of there it was easy.

  • willis

    Great pitching today from the bullpen. Every win is a good win.

  • BlameHendry

    slowly losing hope for Olt. I guess after his crash and burn last year I shouldn’t have gotten any hope up in the first place.

  • Spoda17

    For whatever reason… I feel Olt will be fine… maybe my Campagna blindness being exposed… but he has all the tools, the size, the strength, the history… give him some time…

  • Javier Bryant

    Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi 3m
    Cubs OF Nate Schierholtz could be available via trade, as a result of Ryan Kalish’s progress. LH bat, unknown if he is a fit for Detroit

    • Kyle

      Well that’s interesting.

    • Jon

      What progress? Now dont get me wrong , if someone wants to overpay for Schirholtz , Im down. I just think its silly to declare Kalish an adequate MLB replacement based on a few mlb at bats

      • Jon

        *Spring training at bats

  • JungleDrew

    For what it’s worth the MLB at Bat app lists MIKE OLT! as a first baseman…. and has Vitters listed at 3rd….

  • Blackhawks1963

    Mike Olt would seem to be in the bidding for a roster spot, but it sure does seem like Luis Valbuena is sticking as the incumbent 3rd baseman for now.

    I was never very high on Olt to begin with. I believe he was simply a throw-in to the Edwards-Garza trade….an extra lottery ticket if you will. But he simply isn’t the same projectable talent that people saw two years ago and looks like yet another case of a top prospect who simply didn’t make the cut. We tend to forget that nearly 2/3rds of top prospects never reach original projections, and Olt seems to be one of those guys. Maybe he becomes a serviceable reserve who can help a team at 3rd base and 1st base. If he can do that, then he will find a role in the major leagues.

    Besides, the future of 3rd base in Chicago doesn’t really rest with Olt anyways. Its the position of destiny for either Baez or Bryant.

    • BenRoethig

      Before the concussion last off season, Olt was considered untouchable. You can’t make definite conclusions like that coming off a season where he was hurt and couldn’t sea the ball. 2012 he was the best power hitter in the minors. He can also play at corner outfield spots. If he gets back in the groove, we’ll find a place for him.