edwin jackson cubsIn case anyone makes the Bullets their first stop, you may have missed a few things over night: the Cubs made their first round of Spring cuts, including most of the bigger prospects; the Cubs lost to the Mariners in a night game; and Javier Baez and Mike Olt went off in the game (with video highlights).

  • The Edwin Jackson fastball thing – he threw only fastballs in his previous Spring start, which he said was his decision – is probably at a close, but not after getting more attention than it probably deserved. Rick Renteria apparently acted surprised about Jackson’s decision, and said he’d be talking to Jackson about it, but Jackson says there hasn’t really been a conversation. (Cubs.com) Further, Jackson doesn’t really see the big deal (he says he did tell Chris Bosio before the game), and I still don’t either. Readying yourself for the season by working on what you need to improve or prepare is the very point of Spring Training, particularly for established veterans. Jackson threw in a minor league game yesterday, mixed up his pitches, and everyone is happy again. Moving right along.
  • On his two-homer, three-hit night, Mike Olt told Carrie Muskat more lovely things: “Last year, I had a couple nights like this, but I felt almost like I got lucky last year. This year is definitely a whole different feeling. I’m feeling way more comfortable at hte plate. It definitely does help me go forward and know I’m in the clear.”
  • Rick Renteria says the Cubs’ top prospects have comported themselves like professionals so far in Spring Training, but it’s time for a lot of them to get regular at bats at minor league camp so they can get ready for the season. (Cubs.com)
  • Speaking of the prospects, Tony Andracki on how they continue to adjust to life off the diamond.
  • No Cactus League game today for the Cubs, but Jason Hammel and Eric Jokisch will pitch in a minor league game.
  • Pitching coach Chris Bosio has been out for a few days dealing with a foot/leg issue. (ESPNChicago)
  • I was on a couple podcasts recently: Midway Madness, discussing the hopefulness of the 2014 season, and Disciples of Uecker, discussing all things Cubs.
  • BP’s Jason Parks was on the Wrigleyville Nation podcast talking Cubs prospects.
  • Jeff Sullivan on how to be “speedy” without having any speed.
  • Elden14

    I read the Andracki article and had the pleasure of listening to Sports Talk Live for the first time. I won’t be going back.

  • Ed

    How has Neil Ramirez looked so far this spring?

  • brainiac

    e-jax, a sole case example of the front office’s earnest dedication to bringing in big money contracts and build team stability. “the plan”, a strategy of complete inactivity in which the temporal structure of momentum development relies upon total mlb neglect resulting in a permanent singularity of victory.

    • gocatsgo2003

      Using your thesaurus does not make your argument any better.

      • brainiac

        that post took me 35 minutes to write

    • https://twitter.com/dwoytek dw8

      temporal structure of momentum development

      thanks for the name of my new prog rock band. We’re kinda Yes meets Genesis meets Black Sabbath.

      • brainiac

        i got it from a gentle giant cover of public foot the roman’s title track on their unreleased 2nd album.

  • jp3

    Looks like Ryno is already laying the hammer down in Philly… Rollins said something that didn’t seem like much in the media (not about Sandberg) and it has most likely gotten him benched the last few games. This will be fairly entertaining if he wins there but wildly entertaining if they are losing a ton. He will lose his mind, same as would’ve happened here I suppose

    • terencemann

      I feel bad for Ryno. He is dealing with a team of players who are paid very well and treated like stars in the media even though some of them don’t play like stars at this point. That can’t be easy.

    • brainiac

      Ryno is a man with a lot of integrity and work ethic, and if he perceives less than 100% he’ll be pissed. i kinda hope it goes badly for him in philly so in 2-3 years when the owners are sufficiently happy with their windfall of profiteering off of the cubs, and begin to sign a few players, that we can nab him off the market to come home.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Actually, Ryno is looking like an ass here. Rollins dismissed the Phils’ poor ST offensive numbers as the fact that it’s ST and therefore not real baseball. Rollins’ expressed confidence that when the season starts, the Phils will start hitting and that nobody is going to remember who did what in ST.

      Rollins is saying nothing that dozens (nay, hundreds!) of players before him haven’t said: ST isn’t real baseball. Ryno himself should well-remember this, given the total disconnect between how the Cubs did in ST during his career and how they did in the regular season. (Indeed, I seem to recall a few seasons where Ryno took a vacation until May, anyway!)

      • cavemancubbie

        With all the love Ryno gets from Cub fans, you should consider a Kevlar sports coat, Doc! Everyone looks like an ass now and then, well maybe except for Kyle. :)

        • DarthHater

          “Everyone looks like an ass now and then, well maybe except for Kyle.”

          Very true. Kyle does not look like an ass now and then. :-P

      • http://www.worldseriesdreaming.com dabynsky

        His career .660 OPS in April suggests it was more than just a few Aprils that he “took off.”

        • Edwin

          I’m seeing him as having a .733 OPS for April in his career. Which really isn’t that far from his career .753 OPS.


          • C. Steadman

            He’s talking Sandberg…660 Career in April vs. 795 Career(All Months)

            • Edwin

              Ahhh. That makes more sense.

            • http://www.worldseriesdreaming.com dabynsky

              Yes thank you for the clarification. Unclear possessive pronoun usages strikes again.

      • brainiac

        i think the situation is that they have highly paid aging players who aren’t giving it 100% anymore, but the team is still stuck with them. so Ryno is doing some old fashioned whip snapping so they don’t hide the beanbag.

        • Diehardthefirst

          Which is why he is better suited to young team like the Cubs

  • ClevelandCubsFan

    Because I see no better other place to put it… I never want to see this again after 2014:


    • ClevelandCubsFan

      trying again…


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