respect wrigleyA little FYI for those of you who drive into games at Wrigley Field and rue the traffic …

Today the Chicago Cubs announced that they’re opening a new, 1000-car parking lot at at 3900 N. Rockwell St., just east of the Chicago River immediately south of Irving Park Road. That’s about two miles west of Wrigley, and the lot will operate during night and weekend games.

It’ll be manned by Cubs security, and it’s free. Also free? The shuttle to take you to the ballpark and back to the lot.

The subject of parking has come up repeatedly as the Cubs have looked to renovate Wrigley Field and the surrounding area, while having the least possible negative impact on the Lakeview neighborhood. As part of the Wrigley renovation approval process last year, the Cubs agreed to take a look at parking issues, and provide more free options like this.

So, there you go. Take advantage. Save yourself $20 and a headache.

For more transportation-related info, go here.

  • Jim

    I really hope people take advantage of this. Parking/traffic only adds to the chaos up there. Sad this lot isnt really by a CTA line however.

    • Featherstone

      I’m confused by this. If you were taking the CTA wouldnt you just take it to the park itself?

      • Jim

        No. Lets say you were driving in from Indiana. You’d want somewhere to park (for free), but if you wanted to hang out longer after the game, theres no easy way back to your car.

        • Noah_I

          It honestly wouldn’t be that bad. It would probably be about a $15 cab ride (you’re just going 12-14 blocks west and 3 blocks north), or you could take either the Addison bus or the Irving park bus to Rockwell.

          The fact that it’s not right on an L line is probably one of the reasons they can offer this free of charge. The land would be too expensive if it was right next to an L.

  • Javier Bryant

    $20? Try $40-60…Parking is a joke around Wrigley. Especially on Opening day

    • CubFan Paul

      I’ve never seen it higher than $20 by the lot venders.

      • Jon

        You have to go almost 5+ blocks away to get it for 20.

        • CubFan Paul

          As I said, I’ve never seen it higher than $20 (before 2013, I didn’t go last year), even directly across the street from the park in the lots there.

          • mike

            You haven’t been looking hard enough the last time you were there then.

            • CubFan Paul

              I parked on Ashland (twice) because everyone said it would be more expensive as we got closer. It wasn’t, not even across the street from the ballpark.

        • TimBeam

          The hot dog stand is only 20 bucks. Right next to the ballpark

    • TSB

      Count your blessings; around TD (Boston) Garden there are giant garages, but yet they charge $45 to park.

    • Blackhawks1963

      It’s called the immutable law of supply and demand. Charge for parking what the market will bear.

      • FullCountTommy

        Exactly, the garage on Addison just west of Halsted is a perfect example. During games last year, I saw rates ranging between $20 (weekday night game against a crap team) to $60 (weekend game against the Cardinals). Good thing my girlfriend lives 5 minutes away!

        • Jon

          Yep. This is my beef with all the private garages and lots around the stadium. Picture the crooks that are the rooftop owners, now picture hundreds of them running parking lot ponzi schemes. And you don’t know if your car is safe.

          It’s not so much the lack of parking, it’s the lack of unsanctioned, unsecured lots.

  • Cizzle

    Sure, Ricketts…I’m sure “free” is just a ploy to get people to come to more games or something. I bet the decrease in parking revenue will be coming out of the team’s payroll too…it’s probably why they traded Soriano.
    Now that the de facto cynicism is out of the way, this is a great idea and it should have been done decades ago.

  • roz

    Looks like Olt was pulled from the lineup. No word on why yet.

    • roz

      At least I think he was pulled. I thought I saw a lineup earlier that had him in it, but now I’m not sure if he was pulled or just was never starting.

    • jp3

      One guy’s response to Olt’s late scratch is funny, he said Olt wanted no part of
      Baez throwing to him from 2B.

      • willis

        That is funny and yes, he was pulled. This shoulder thing, much like Castro’s “minor” hamstring injury seems to be more of a problem than anyone will admit.

        I think it also tells us Olt is destined for AAA as the 1B.

    • Blackhawks1963

      It would be nice to get the legitimate story on what ails Mike Olt’s shoulder. This has been going on for several weeks now.

      • brickhouse

        Olt sitting out due to fatigue

        • jp3

          Ha!! He’s probably fatigued due to the unusual amount of Starts he’s been getting this spring.

  • Blackhawks1963

    This “free” parking is only temporary until the Cubs are competitive and start drawing 3 million plus fans again. I’d take advantage right now because a year or two from now that same lot will cost you $20 easy.

    • Funn Dave

      I’m as cynical as the next guy, but I did not think of that. I hope that doesn’t end up being the case.

  • Funn Dave

    Sweet! Thanks, Ricketts!

  • Jon

    “It’ll be manned by Cubs security”

    This is actually huge. Some of those “private” lots around Wrigley are shady as f**k.

    I parked in private lot 2 years ago, and my car was rear ended during the game. When I approached the lot attendant about it when I returned, he denied anything had happened.

  • Ron

    This stinks for the Cubs, good for the fans. This is just another example of why/how the Cubs are at a financial disadvantage to other teams. Think about the cost to the Cubs here, if they own the property they can’t make money from it when it is at its highest demand. If they have to rent the property you know they aren’t getting a discount from the owner. There is a lot of revune lost here and that sucks. At $20 a car that is about 1.6 million!

    • CubFan Paul

      “This is just another example of why/how the Cubs are at a financial disadvantage to other teams”

      5th in MLB revenue (2013) is financial disadvantage?

      • Brocktoon

        It is when Tom McCourt bought a team he couldn’t afford and needs to pay for his acquisition with said revenue

      • Ron

        Revenue does not equal profit. If you subtract things that cost a significant amount of money that other teams can take advantage of then that shrinks the apparent financal advantage demonstrated by “5th in MLB revenue (2013) is financial disadvantage?”

        For instance, parking 1.2 mil, internal advertising 5? mil, tax/govenment subsidy in stadium funding mayber another 5 mil a year, operating cost on an outdated crappy stadium maybe 2 mil/year. What I am saying is there are a lot of little things the Cubs pay for or don’t have access to that limits the “apparent” financial leverage that the should have.

        • CubFan Paul

          “Revenue does not equal profit”

          Everyone knows that Sherlock.

          “there are a lot of little things the Cubs pay for”

          The other 29 teams pay “little things” too. The Cubs aren’t special.

          “or don’t have access to that limits the “apparent” financial leverage that the should have”

          The revenues have gone up at least $10MM a year since the Ricketts’ purchase. There’s more than enough to leverage.

        • Brocktoon

          Your entire 2nd paragraph are revenue streams…

          • Brocktoon

            Strike that, I admit I stopped after you said revenue isn’t profit and then explained why the cubs revenue being 5th was misleading because they didn’t make revenue X and Y

  • Transmogrified Tiger

    Didn’t see it mentioned here, but the link mentions that this “replaces” the Devry parking and shuttle that has been in place for a long time.

    So good news in that it’s free now, it used to be 5 or 10 bucks I think.

    Bad news in that it’s not at all “new”, so it doesn’t change the current parking climate unless a couple more people are now more willing to do it because there’s no cost.

    • Brett

      Well, I think part of what’s new is that the Cubs are heavily promoting the lot. The more they get word out there – and the fact that it’s a new lot and is now free makes it all “new” news – the more people might use it. Not really as easy to do with an “old” lot.

      • Transmogrified Tiger

        Right, I’m not criticizing them at all for it, it makes a lot of sense and it is “new” in the fact that it’s in a new location. Just pointing out that if you were familiar with the Devry shuttle before(I think they’ve done TV spots for it during WGN telecasts in the past), that this isn’t additional parking, but moving/rebranding that feature.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I wonder if the Wrigleyville neighborhood will bitch and moan about this too. Could totally see them complaining about how they don’t want too many shuttle buses going through their neighborhood.

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