first cut is the deepestThe headline doesn’t quite fit the scheme, but it just sounds right.

Today, the Chicago Cubs sent lefty Tommy Hottovy to minor league camp, according to multiple reports, reducing the camp roster to 44. Hottovy, 32, was in on a minor league flyer deal, but he┬áhadn’t got in much in the way of game action lately, and he was not expected to make the Cubs’ bullpen at this point.

There is some reason to believe Hottovy can handle lefties well, but the years are probably growing short for him. He still hasn’t received much of a shot in the big leagues, so he’ll have to keep on working toward the dream down at AAA Iowa if he sticks around with the Cubs. It’s possible that, by the time the rest of the roster cuts are made, there won’t be enough room for him at Iowa.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Brett just gave Tommy Hottovy the absolute most press he has ever received in his whole professional career. A separate thread devoted to the demotion of a 32 year old nobody trying to latch on.

    The Hottovy family thanks you Brett for the press !!

  • mjhurdle

    Shame to waste such a good stache….


  • ssckelley

    Perhaps if he would have had 6 stikeouts in 3 innings of work instead of only 5, he might have made the cut. Plus he gave up a walk and a hit, damn he sucked!