first cut is the deepestToday, the Chicago Cubs sent Darnell McDonald to minor league camp, reducing the Spring roster to 34. That’s not really an oddity. That’s just a normal cut.

But in relative conjunction with the McDonald roster move, the Cubs also released reliever Chang-Yong Lim, who’d already been cut from big league camp. That, too, wouldn’t really be an oddity without the Tsuyoshi Wada move. Remember Wada? Who was in camp on a minor league deal? He was released by the Cubs this weekend. Well, the Cubs re-signed him to another minor league deal today. I bundle these moves together because, who knows, maybe Lim will be re-signed, too. If not, he could head back to Japan or Korea, or try to latch on with another MLB team. He still does have interesting stuff as a sidearming reliever.

What’s the deal with the Wada release and re-signing? Well, it’s looking like it was just a procedural thing. Without getting into the nitty gritty, Wada was going to be due a $100,000 bonus to stay with the Cubs on a minor league deal this week. The two sides probably negotiated this maneuver, which will net Wada a little less (but presumably more than he was going to get elsewhere). The upshot here is that the Cubs will have Wada around as a depth option for a while longer, it seems.

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