I always like to caveat these things with some variation of, “The Cubs’ front office and coaching staff has eyes on things that are obscured to fans, so they have more data to make these decisions than we do.”

But, like, what?

If Kottaras is placed on release waivers – having gone unclaimed on the outright waiver wire (dude makes just $1.08 million) – he’s very likely to be out of the organization, in addition to being off of the 40-man roster. That means either the Cubs are so enamored by John Baker or so disappointed with Kottaras (or both) that they prefer to keep Baker as Welington Castillo’s backup over Kottaras, and they’re willing to put another dent in their non-existent catching depth.

I’m really scratching my head here.

I guess we’ll see what happens when this shakes out. Of course, if no team was willing to take Kottaras for just his salary, then we’ll know a little something is up with him, as far as baseball evaluators are concerned. I’ll gladly volunteer that I’m no scout, and I just liked what a saw in Kottaras’s recent numbers at the plate (as far as backup catchers go). Obviously I’m seeing something that wasn’t there.

UPDATE: Multiple reports confirm that Kottaras is indeed on release waivers, and he’ll be moseying on out of the organization (unless he sticks around on some kind of re-negotiated minor league deal). As an arbitration contract, Kottaras’s deal was likely not entirely guaranteed, so the Cubs may have saved a few hundred thousand here with this maneuver. But still. What’s so wrong with the Greek Dog of Walks?

With Kottaras and Donnie Murphy off of the 40-man, and with Kyuji Fujikawa like to hit the 60-day DL, the Cubs will have three 40-man roster spots to play with. One will go to Emilio Bonifacio, and one will likely go to John Baker, assuming he wins the backup job (Eli Whiteside hasn’t had a great Spring). The third could go to one of Ryan Kalish and Ryan Roberts.

And a reminder to myself and others:

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  • Kev


  • King Jeff

    So, we’re down to Kalish vs. Roberts for the last bench spot, and Cabrera vs. the pool for the last bullpen slot?

    • ssckelley

      Something tells me the Cubs really like Roberts, although Kalish has grown on me in that Campana sort of way.

      At least it isn’t Koyie Hill!

  • Javier Bryant

    Down to 29 guys in camp not including the 3 who will be on the DL. Roberts, Whiteside, Rusin, Grimm make it 25.

  • nkniacc13

    I could see cubs pick up someone as well with all these fringe players moving around

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Oh, absolutely.

  • Fastball

    Possibly none of our pitchers like throwing to him. Possibly Baker is a much better catcher. Much better at doing catcher things vs what his bat or Kotters bat wasn’t going to do. If either had to play for week we would be hung anyways. I think our manager and catcher coach made a management decision. I’m sure they have an idea about how to rate a catcher. So we got JB. As bad as Hill was that one season he had to start while Soto was hurt the team actually did much better. He couldn’t hit a watermelon but he made pitchers look good. Baker probably does the same. So give Baker some supplements and he might hit the ball out of the infield. Dumping a $1MM catcher isn’t going to make me scratch my head. It might make feel like having another scotch and water and go back to wondering where that plane is parked in Pakistan.

  • http://BN Sacko

    How many OF’s in Iowa now? I hope Kalish stays.
    Bonifacio is our IFer.

    • miggy80

      I haven’t heard much about Jae Hoon Ha. I think I heard he was injured at one point before ST

  • tiaflowtumb

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    • Kyle

      I disagree.

      • FFP

        Maybe someone is testing new bot-posting software.

    • Patrick W.


    • GCG13


    • Cubbie Blues

      I need a thesaurus and I thought I had a decent vocabulary.