The first win of the 2014 season, and of the Ricky Renteria era. All you can really say is: whew.

Jason Hammel was fantastic today in his Cubs debut, keeping Pirate hitters off-balance, and working in the zone all day. The only run he allowed came on his only walk of the day … after he’d departed the game.

The Cubs took an early lead with a single run in each of the first three innings (including a Mike Olt homer and an actual hit with a runner in scoring position (from Anthony Rizzo)), and that was all they got. Things got dicey in the 7th, with the Pirates getting two, and leaving the tying run on second base when Brian Schlitter got Pedro Alvarez out on a dribbler back to the mound.

It was a little unnerving in the 9th, with Neil Walker singling on the first pitch Pedro Strop threw, but a caught bunt and a caught line drive double play later, and Strop had recorded all of the outs in the inning without a strikeout. Don’t see that too often.

But I can’t get over the big early-season story …

april 3 box

Full box score.

  • MichiganGoat

    Well this game made a very frustrating day a little more tolerable, I’m quite happy that the pitching staff has done well against a good team, and I’m looking forward to a year of “Bonafide or Bonifocio.” Because after these games hes already become the “story” and if he slumps or gets benched (as he has in his career) there will be a great voice coming out of here. Going to be a fun season regardless of the record.

    • Diehardthefirst

      Your posts should come with subtitles cause often are unintelligible

  • MatthewP

    Schlitter has looked pretty good early. I really liked him in Happy Gilmore.

  • Diehardthefirst

    Memo to Theo- give Diehard a raise for finding Emilio- just saying

    • MichiganGoat

      Sorry diehard you still are paying for all your other failed suggestions like saying “Struck will Stick” and all the other stupid proclamations.

  • candyland07

    Soon the Cubs will sell stock and you can become a stockholder for the Cubs. Good or bad idea?

  • candyland07

    Well the Cubs are looking for investors to help bankroll that 500 million dollar renovation. I do not think it will work like public stock – to many rules . I thought the Cubs were gonna bank roll the whole damn thing but ehhhh as usual the story change when it suits them .