josh vitters pcl all star milb.comApologies for the delay this morning. A walk-in doctor visit for The Little Boy turned into a head-over-to-urgent-care-for-tests kind of morning. Nothing to be alarmed about most likely, but you know how these things go. Gotta get ’em checked out and nip it in the bud. He is currently napping, hopefully – for his sake – for a while.

  • Josh Vitters left last night’s Iowa Cubs game in the 4th inning after tweaking his knee, though his manager doesn’t sound terribly worried (Tommy Birch). We’ll see if Vitters hits the DL. Although he doesn’t offer the upside of a Jorge Soler, and, thus, the gravity isn’t the same, but Vitters is another guy who really needs a healthy year. As he showed in limited time last year, and in a full season in 2012, the guy can clearly hit at AAA. He’s got a .304/.360/.517 career line at AAA over 569 plate appearances. And, while the PCL has many hitter friendly parks, the Iowa Cubs don’t play in one of them.
  • A healthy, productive first half from Vitters (in which he hopefully adjusts well to the outfield), and the Cubs may have to consider him for the second half. Although I’m suddenly very enamored with Junior Lake’s defensive ability, there’s no doubt in my mind that Josh Vitters offers just as much upside in his bat (and probably has a greater likelihood of reaching his offensive upside than does Lake). It’s easy to forget that Vitters is just a half-year older than Lake. Both are currently 24.
  • Patrick Mooney on the mistake of Edwin Jackson’s contract, which, to me, still doesn’t look like a mistake (and you could read the article that way, too). I liked Jed Hoyer’s reminder in the piece that deals that look bad after one year sometimes turn out to be, overall, good contracts. I won’t use this as an opportunity to say all of the things I’ve said before about Jackson’s actually-not-that-bad 2013 season, but I will use this as an opportunity to say that I will drop an I-told-you-so when he’s “suddenly” looking good midseason, and he’s actually got similar peripherals to what he had last year.
  • Looks like Ryan Roberts made the right decision to elect free agency (rather than head to the minors) when the Cubs cut him at the very end of Spring Training. He just signed a one-year, $1 million (plus $250,000 in incentives) big league deal with the Red Sox, per Jon Heyman. Good for him.
  • I really like this John Baker cat. Here’s what he told Carrie Muskat about choose number 12, which was Dusty Baker’s number when he managed the Cubs: “I thought if I took it, there might be some cool t-shirts left over with ‘Baker’ on them.”
  • Looks like the good people at Good Day Chicago posted a video of my appearance on their show yesterday morning, for those who missed it. It’s not quite the whole appearance, but it’s a little slice (though I think you do miss my “slapping folks with too much reality,” “roster dance,” and “tidal wave of prospects” quips):

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  • college_of_coaches

    Brett, great job on the interview!

  • blars82

    Nice job on live tv! Are you wearing your “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” Anchorman shirt today? I’m pretty sure I’d do that. But you’re probably such a big deal that you’re now having someone else read your comments. Congrats!

    • Brett

      Brett tells me to tell you thanks.

      • blars82

        blars82 tells me to tell you to tell Brett you’re welcome

      • DarthHater

        The Dark Side tells me to Force choke both of you.

  • ChrisFChi

    Hope the lil guy is ok and doesn’t hit the DL.

    I wish I could have caught the whole segment. I can’t believe the video cuts you off mid sentence.

  • nate1m

    I didn’t read that article as the ‘Jackson signing was a mistake’. It seemed to say his result weren’t as good as expected but there are some other reasons to like him. I actually felt better about the signing after reading it.

    • Brett

      Yeah, that’s basically what I meant – I’ll add a parenthetical to clarify.

  • Jon

    Question, if Jackson’s contract wasn’t on the books do you think it would have made of difference with Tanaka?

    • Brett


    • Norm

      Tanaka got 4 years, $88M with a player option for another 3 years, $67M. (plus $20M to Rakuten).

      That contract would never happen with this regime for any player.

      • Norm

        make that:
        That contract would never happen with this regime for any *pitcher*.

        • Jon

          Then I guess they won’t be signing Scherzer.

          • Norm

            Probably not, but I’d bet you Scherzer won’t be having an out clause in the middle of his long term deal.

            • Blackhawks1963

              Scherzer is going to get at least $150 million, and possibly a lot more. I can’t see the Cubs having interest at such a lofty pricetag, which I will be perfectly fine with to be honest. We keep seeing pitchers drop like flies. Investing mega money in a starting pitcher doesn’t make sense to me. Plus, I can’t honestly see Scherzer having interest in the Cubs when he will have his pick of Detroit plus a who’s who list of contenders salivating over signing him. Think the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels.

            • Brocktoon

              If he doesn’t get an out clause, I’d bet he pushes 200M.

      • C. Steadman

        Full no-trade clause as well, another thing that hangs up negotiations with this FO(see: Samardzija rumors)

    • CubsFaninMS

      I believe we had plenty of financial flexibility to acquire Tanaka whether we signed Jackson or not.

      • Jim

        It was the out clause that was the deal breaker, not having enough money.

  • Norm

    “Looks like Ryan Roberts made the right decision to elect free agency (rather than head to the minors) when the Cubs cut him at the very end of Spring Training. He just signed a one-year, $1 million (plus $250,000 in incentives) big league deal with the Red Sox, per Jon Heyman. Good for him.”

    If there were such a thing as “Green Monster Nation”, I could see the commenters going crazy with “How could this front office sign the scraps of the Cubs to a major league deal?!?!? I”d rather give the spot to “

    • Blackhawks1963

      Wil Middlebrooks is on the DL and the Red Sox need stopgap help in the infield. Ryan Roberts is the definition of stopgap help. Not more complicated than that.

    • hansman

      “Cherington is still unable to do anything without his master Theo”

      • Brocktoon

        I think it was Kyle who called the Cubs/Padres/Red Sox one massive pile of incestuous bodies.

        Constantly claiming waived players almost as a prank on each other.

  • Blackhawks1963

    So I heard a couple sounds bites the last 24 hours regarding Jeff Samardzija…

    Bruce Levine says that don’t be surprised if Samardzija is traded within the month…

    Len Kaspar strongly infers (on WSCR radio this morning) that Samardzija is very likely to be traded during the season….the Cubs and Samardzija are not on the same page in terms of him wanting a Homer Bailey type new contract, plus the pitcher’s attractiveness in the open market keeps increasing given all the guys dropping from Tommy John surgery, etc. The biggest selling point on Samardzija is that he has nearly two full years of team control left. Kaspar said TheoJed will hold out for a monster return.

  • Ballgame17

    Great job on the interview Brett, well spoken indeed. Great bit about John Baker, hoping he came up with that idea on his own. Is it June yet? Is Baez starting today??

    • C. Steadman

      ” Is it June yet? Is Baez starting today??”

      made me laugh, and kinda speaks to how I’m thinking as well

  • DoodtheDood

    Great interview, but now can we both agree that Edwin Jackson’s contract is just horrible. It was a bad decision by the front office and he is and never has been an average pitcher. We can sabermetrics this all we want, but the point is, sometimes a player just sucks.