sad tromboneThe lengthy rains in New York have forced the Yankees to make an early decision on tonight’s Cubs/Yanks game, and they’ve elected to postpone it already.

In place, the two teams will play a day-night doubleheader tomorrow, with the first game at 12:05pm CT. The second game, as far as I know, stays at 6:05pm CT, barring some craziness in the first game.

It’s tough to sweep a doubleheader, so the Cubs’ chances of not losing their fifth consecutive series just ticked up a notch!

On the downside, the Cubs’ chances of sweeping this thing just went down a notch, too.

  • Funn Dave

    Dammit. How are we supposed to rise above the Reds if we keep not playing? It would nice to not be the cellar dwellers for a couple of days….

    • Spriggs

      Maybe we can just watch the Reds sink below the Cubs instead. That’s probably the only way to “pass” them.

    • woody

      It could be worse, look at the D-backs record. The Cubs were expected to do this but the D-backs are supposed to be contenders.

      • Jon

        Don’t think anyone legitimately thought the D-Backs were contenders. It sucks if they aren’t in the WC chase at least, because Towers is the GM you want to hustle at the deadline.

        • woody

          I guess with the Dodgers in that division everybody else is playing for second place. And my guess is that the NL central will produce the two wildcards again. Except I think it will be the Brewes instead of the Reds.

          • woody


          • MightyBear

            Wrong. No wildcard in the central.

        • mjhurdle

          out of the 44 ESPN “experts”, 10 of them had the Diamondbacks in the playoffs.

          However, 33 of them had the second place team in the NL West in the playoffs( which mostly Giants and Diamondbacks, with a couple Padres and Rockies thrown in), so it seems like most thought that it was going to be a very competitive division and whoever came out at #2 would probably get the wildcard.

          I don’t put a ton of stock into ESPN, but I would say that makes the Diamondbacks “contenders”. They aren’t a strong World Series favorite, and probably don’t have enough to knock off the Dodgers, but they have enough to make the Wild Card.

          • Jon

            When I see “ESPN”, I usually stop reading. I’m guessing that analysis was derived from 44 guys throwing a bunch of darts at a board.

            • mjhurdle

              I’m not big into ESPN either, but the fact remains that a good portion of their analysts consider the Diamondbacks contenders.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                The thing about the DBacks is not that they’ve been losing, but that they’ve been getting hammered. The Cubs have a net OPS of -0.029, which isn’t great, but it’s typically good for 0.461 ± error over a season. The DBacks are at an appalling -0.127, which projects to a 0.330 ± error record.

                At this stage, we often reserve the SSS issue for the fact that with so few games, we expect a few 0.500 teams to look hot or cold by virtue of winning/losing a couple of more close games than expected. Here, the issue has to be performance: the DBacks have better players than that. In particular, they are not going to yield a 0.832 OPS all year. The real issue has been HR and walks: the opponents have hit 8 more HR and drawn 25 more BB! Both paces is unsustainable over the next 23-24 weeks, and good old fashioned regression predicts improvement.

  • woody

    It could be a nightmare scenario for the bullpen if we can’t get some innings out of our starters. On the bright side I imagine that nearly everyone will get some playing time.

    • willis

      Well I think you give Shark the first game in the hopes he can go 6-7…saving the pen as much as possible for the night cap. He’s the most durable and effective arm on the staff so that would be my play.

      • willis

        NM, I thought he was scheduled for this series and tomorrow is his “5th” day. A great idea by me…I’m the dumbz.

        • KHRSS

          The Cubs have an off day on Thursday so I don’t think the bullpen will be that big of an issue coming off two days rest and then another rest day before Friday’s game.

  • manklam01

    Anybody braving the elements for Friday’s game? Figure I should go to the ballpark before they are officially out of contention

    • BlameHendry

      officially out of contention? You’re a few months too late.

      • manklam01

        I know, only kidding. It just be nice to go to the ballpark to watch a winning team. Through thick and think, I guess

  • Edwin

    Are there any special callup rules for a day/night double header? I’m trying to remember whether or not MLB allowed a team to do a temporary callup from AAA for pitcher depth.

    • FullCountTommy

      Believe they can call up a 26th player for the day

      • Brocktoon

        Unless the rules has changed, the doubleheader needed to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

        The good news is with Thursday off, we won’t need a 6th starter, but going to need a couple good starting efforts to keep Parker off the Iowa bus in exchange for Rosscup or Ramirez. Neither Schlitter nor Rusin would be eligible to come back until next Tuesday/Wednesday respectively barring a phantom DL trip for Veras.

        • FullCountTommy

          Good call Brock, you are correct

  • catahoula

    I figured this would happen. My parents had tickets to that game for their vacation in New York. By the way this is my first time commenting. Been following this site for over a year now and I love it. Thank you Brett for helping to salvage my fandom of the Cubbies.

  • CubChymyst

    Well at least I can listen to a game at work tomorrow.

  • Forgetting Sean Marshall

    Will they wear 42 tomorrow or not at all?

  • BWA

    I think your samardzija article disappeared Brett.

  • Spoda17

    I live an hour from NYC… it’s pouring here… and we are going to get 2 inches of snow… YAY !!!

  • auggie

    How depressing! First I get a text that the Smokies game for today has been canceled and now I find out the Cubs won’t be playing either. I wonder how many games today will be affected by the weather.

    • Jon

      The major storm system has cleared Tennessee. I have no idea why the Smokies were cancelled unless the field is in bad shape.

  • benjamin

    Ahhh BALLS. I’m in New York for work this week and was going to go tonight. Tomorrow I’m busy all day.