zac rosscupMajor League Baseball teams are permitted to bring up a 26th player for the second leg of a doubleheader, and the Chicago Cubs today have done so with lefty reliever Zac Rosscup.

The rule is designed to protect overtaxed bullpens/rosters, but, with two off-days this week before the doubleheader, and another off-day tomorrow, the Cubs probably weren’t at a serious risk of overuse. But, hey, the rules allow it, so the Cubs might as well bring up Rosscup, since he’s already on the 40-man roster, and there’s nothing to lose.

Rosscup, 25, saw a little bit of time late in the year with the Cubs in 2013, but he’s mostly still in the process of working his way up to the big league roster. So far this year, he’s thrown 5.2 AAA innings, striking out 8 and walking 1. He’s allowed just 2 hits, and has been about as dominant as a guy can be in such a small sample. It’s fair to guess that Rosscup has a future in the Cubs’ pen (his strikeout rate the last couple years is downright silly), but with James Russell and Wesley Wright already around, it’s probably going to take a trade, an injury, or the 2015 season for Rosscup to get a serious look at the big league level.

After the game, Rosscup will head back to Iowa. So, for his sake, here’s hoping he gets to face a lefty bat or two, and strikes ’em out.

  • Jon

    Hey Zac how bout you stay

  • Brocktoon

    Was he not active for the first game? The rules say he could’ve been:

    Beginning on MLB Opening Day up through August 31st, a club can temporarily add (recall or select) a 26th player to its MLB Active List on any day where two games are scheduled, as long as the second game was scheduled at least 48 hours in advance:

    1. The “26th man” must be on the club’s MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) or has to be added to the club’s 40-man roster that day.

    2. The “26th man” does not have to be a pitcher.

    3. The 26-man Active List limit is in effect for both games of the doubleheader, but the “26th man” cannot be switched between games.

    • esruc

      Len Kasper said he would be called up for the second game.

      • woody


      • Brocktoon

        Ooook, but why was he not there for the first game? Travel issue?

  • Ill see you at Sluggers.

    BREAKING: Tom Ricketts looks EXACTLY like Ted Cruz. I googled both names next to each other, and woah. Sorry for the randomness, but go check it out.

    • Jon

      Even more ironic, neither have accomplished anything tangible that past five years other than pointless rhetoric.

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        Yes if they have done nothing then you really have done jack shit in your life I guess

    • WilliamGlass721

      That bored, huh?

      • WilliamGlass721

        To the guy who googled both images!

        • Serious Cubs Fan

          Its one image side-by-side in a single jpg. Not quite that bored

    • Medicos

      Who’s Ted Cruz? Our new hard hitting backup catcher from Kane County?? Can’t be any worse than Baker.

  • Serious Cubs Fan


    • Serious Cubs Fan

      It is eerie how much they look a like

    • Darth Ivy

      You’re nice for not using Laura Ricketts

    • cubmig

      Please………no visual pollution like pics of T. Cruz…. That guy IS “un cabron” of a human being. And I’m being gracious in even saying that.

      • farmerjon

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        • cubmig

          I know what I think. I know what I mean when I use a word. Now, I won’t get into what you mean by what you are trying to communicate, so I’ll leave you with you your own understanding of the context and feel content you read the post.

          • farmerjon

            Cubsmig, I was quoting the Princess Bride …I don’t feel this is the proper forum for your angling…and I’m pretty sure, by the definition of the word “cabron” you are incorrect, he has a mom AND dad. Take your politics elsewhere and don’t be a dick about it. K? Thanks : )

    • jp3

      They must’ve picked the same hair cut pic at GREAT CLIPS

    • DarthHater

      Never seen the two of them together in the same place, either.

  • Satch

    What’s eery is how much they think alike.

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      Ricketts buys team creates massive front office. Ted Cruz pushes for smaller Federal government. Yet both very Conservative or a better work would be conservatarian

  • PejaO42

    I come here for sports not politics. Let’s keep those 2 seperate please

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      True. Good point. I will spot. My b

  • cavemancubbie

    I’m tired of all this platooning BS with young players.

    • SenorGato

      I will be more tired of it when the players aren’t Junior Lake and Mike Olt.

  • auggie

    I only hope Zac pitches well and gives the Cubs something to think about when it comes to finding a spot for him with the team.

  • SenorGato

    I hope Rosscup gets to throw because as LH relief prospects go he looks good and interesting. This is an opportunity of some sort, possibly.

    I’m pretty confident about the bullpen moving forward. Wada as Villanueva’s eventual replacement, Rosscup, Rivero…

  • willis

    Rosscup was dealing last year and has been on fire this year. He is the best LH option out of the pen for this team. Too bad other than tonight we won’t see it.