I hate the expression “it is what it is.” It used to be an acceptable expression – a kind of “shut it down” response to the troubles of the world – but then everyone started passing it out like candy. So I don’t use it, and I cringe whenever I hear someone use it.

But, well, today … it is what it is.

How else can you describe today’s game against the Yankees? Jason Hammel pitched adequately, but Masahiro Tanaka absolutely dominated the Cubs’ bats in a way that is completely understandable (his array of stuff is just striking, and he commands it all), and completely disappointing. It just … it is what it is. He looked that good. The Cubs managed just two bunt singles against Tanaka (one of which was by Anthony Rizzo, bunting against the shift, which thrilled me – it’s always just sitting right there for him to take).


april 16 box

Full box score.

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