javier baez aflLast week, top Chicago Cubs prospect Javier Baez suffered an ill-timed (are they ever well-timed?) ankle injury while fielding grounders. The starting shortstop for AAA Iowa was off to something of a slow start, and has now been sidelined since Friday.

Thanks to Tommy Birch, we now have a little more information on the severity of the injury, which apparently could have been a lot worse.

“I jumped a little bit to throw the ball and when I landed, it was kind of like a hole or something [there],” Baez told Birch of the Des Moines Register.¬†“I thought I was done.”

The ankle was not broken, just rolled, but Baez’s manager described the ensuing discoloration as “not pretty.” Sprained ankles can actually be very serious business, so this is all rather scary to me, but the manager, Marty Pevey, indicated that Baez could be back in five to seven days. If it was looking like a very serious sprain (or even having the potential for a very serious sprain), I doubt he’d be able to suggest that kind of timetable.

So, while we might be looking at Baez missing a couple weeks of action, this is far from the worst case scenario. Baez gets some time to rest after a long, involved Spring Training , and can also rest the back that was bothering him a little bit last week.

Baez is eligible to come off of the DL on Friday, but don’t look for that to happen. Today provided some good signs, though, according to Birch:

Fist pumps are good. Hopefully this is the first step in Baez ticking up to full baseball activities by this weekend, and then maybe he gets back into game action early next week.

  • chifords2000

    Haven’t seen this type of injury coverage since Mark Prior.

  • Jon

    So out of the big four Kris Bryant is the only one healthy right now. I don’t know what’s going on with Almora but he didn’t play the game following the one he left for his nosebleed.(hope he’s back today)

    God hates the Cubs. That is my only conclusion.

    • Norm

      He only dislikes the Cubs. He hates Minnesota.

      • nick5253

        It’s amazing how much he hates Minnesota prospects. In the last 10 years, they’ve had some great prospects. Most of had major injuries as prospects or early in their careers:

        MLBRank Rank YR Player Injury
        1 2005 Joe Mauer Knee, Concussion, Bilaterial leg weakness
        1 2014 Byron Buston Wrist Injury
        4 2014 Miguel Sano Tommy John Surgery
        6 2006 Francisco Liriano Tommy John Surgery
        16 2004 Justin Morneau Back Injury , Concussion
        17 2005 Jason Kubel Knee Surgery

    • Jon

      Almora out again….ummm

  • JakeMac

    First pump to Brett for the quality articles here at BN.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’ll take it!

  • Eternal Pessimist

    Still worried that Baez will return, swing too hard, and twist his torso off of his legs.

  • http://bleachernation.com woody

    I rolled an ankle when I was in my 20’s and it was plain ugly. The doctor commented that it may have been better if I had broken it. It has given me trouble at times throughout the following years. I would imagine that he will have to have it taped for thr foreseeable future.

  • http://BN Sacko

    Might as well bring him back at 2nd base as there is a lot less movement especially laterally.
    He’s going there anyway and lowers the risk to re injure.

  • JB88

    Fist pumps or fist bumps? Fist pumps for someone else’s work seems odd. If the former, then I declare that all people in Iowa are odd.

    • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy

      I’m with you JB, fist pumps are reserved the Jersey Shore, we’re talking first bumps here

      • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy


      • http://www.friendly-confines.com hansman

        WHOA there.

        There is the acceptable “mid-chest” fist pump. Jersey Shore practices the “I’m Dumb So I Fist Pump Over My Head Like A Dumbass” fist pump.

        • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy

          Haha I’m just saying, i think what we’re talking about here is the fist bump, when 2 fists bang knuckles to exude some sort of positive feeling. Now if they’re bumping and exploding it, then we know it’s good news

        • http://www.friendly-confines.com hansman

          For reference:



          • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy



            • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy

              Ah damn, didn’t work, how about this one


              • http://www.friendly-confines.com hansman

                Both are acceptable.

  • CubsFaninMS

    Check out the 12:05 game’s pitching matchups today. Our off season Option #1 (the Yanks’ Tanaka) against our Option #2, Jason Hammel. Hammel of which appears to be sporting the better season thus far (obviously sample size should be taken note of).

    • Edwin

      Tanaka has pitched much better so far, but Hammel has had slightly better results, at least ERA wise.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Javy Baez’ wretched injury marred start at Triple A is a good thing. Let him face adversity…let him sober up on what it will truly take to get to the next level. He needs to experience difficulty and learn how to adjust. He just does….his arrival to Wrigley cannot be rushed…that would be a major mistake, especially for a young man who needs to get his strikeout rate down to a manageable level while not compromising the explosiveness of his hitting approach.

    The violence of his swing should definitely be a concern. It may be his greatest asset and weakness all at the same time… Injuries worry me about Baez over the long haul.

    • Isaac

      Completely agree. I can definitely see a Tulo-like career happening. Massive talent, can’t stay on the field.

      • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy

        Ya that one mild ankle sprain in a 4 year minor league career really has me worried…

        • Isaac

          If that doesn’t have you worried, the huge lower body, violent swing and extremely demanding position should.

          • http://fullcount1544.blogspot.com FullCountTommy

            Which he has had no problem with for the past 3 seasons. One minor injury does not make a player injury prone

          • Chad

            And since he is not likely to be at SS for very long that will remove that concern for you right?

  • David

    Does the fact that Baez was running in the outfield assume that he’ll be playing there when he returns??? Let the rumors begin! Keep Castro!

  • Norm

    Not sure if talked about, but George Springer promoted to HOU today. By doing it today, Houston gets control of 1 more year.

    Do people still think it would have been worth it for the Cubs to start Baez in Chicago?

  • DarthHater

    Better be careful. Could sprain his wrist fist-pumping. Just sayin.

  • bushybrows74

    Its either an age thing or a drug thing. I rolled my ankle and I couldn’t walk for at least a week. The thing is still swollen a little bit a year later. I’m 39 years old. Maybe they give these guys better stuff to get the swelling down. I don’t get how these guys play with this injury.

    • DarthHater

      Yep. Couldn’t possibly be affected by how severely the ankle was rolled in each case. Age and drugs are the only possible explanations.

  • Austin

    I’ve had a lot of ankle problems with my right ankle and it’s all because I sprained/rolled it once. When it happens once it’ll happen over and over again even when wrapped up properly. Just the ugliness of ankle injuries. I would be willing to bet he will have problems with that ankle a lot more in the future.

    • DarthHater

      The fact that some people have recurring ankle injuries does not mean that all ankle injuries recur. Julius Randle rolled his ankle pretty good in Kentucky’s Final Four game against Wisconsin, but came back into the game and played well. Some injuries are just more severe than others. If Baez’s injury is severe, then it’s severe. If it isn’t severe, then it isn’t.

    • http://www.friendly-confines.com hansman

      And probably because you didn’t strengthen the joint.

      In my late teens I had a lot of knee pain. I just figured it was I caught in little league and high school. Joined the army where I actually exercised and, poof, knee pain disappears.

  • Ivy Walls

    Good, then he should be playing the weekend of the 25th-27th in Colorado Springs. Got front row seats

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