cj edwards daytona cubsLet’s just get the unnerving stuff out of the way first thing in the morning, eh?

According to multiple reports, top Cubs pitching prospect C.J. Edwards is going to get an MRI on the shoulder that bothered him earlier this week during a throwing session. Some reports have described what he felt as “discomfort,” others have said “fatigue” or “stiffness” – but they’re all really saying the same thing: something didn’t feel quite right in his shoulder.

Edwards came to Chicago this week, and met with team doctor Stephen Gryzlo yesterday. After that meeting, the shoulder MRI was scheduled for today.

Does that mean we panic? Usually, you don’t get to the MRI stage unless there’s already a fair suspicion that something is amiss. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that we’re talking about (1) the 22-year-old top pitching prospect in the Cubs’ system, (2) who has a very slight frame, and (3) who is having some kind of shoulder (not any other part of the arm) issue. In that situation, it kinda feels like you get the MRI no matter what, just to get as much information as you can. You hope that it comes up clean, but, even if it doesn’t, it’s better to know now what’s going on in there.

In other words, the mere fact that Edwards is getting an MRI today, alone, isn’t a reason to sound the alarms. Shoulders are obviously the scariest place for an injury in a pitcher, but that also probably means it’s the place where you take the most precautions.

Anything else I, or anyone, could offer before learning the results of the MRI would be unwarranted speculation. Just cross those fingers.

  • Steve


    Just damnit.

  • ssckelley

    There has been a ton of injuries to pitchers so far this year. It makes me wonder if baseball is handling pitchers wrong across the board.

  • Beast Mode

    Fingers crossed.

  • Steve

    “In other words, the mere fact that Edwards is getting an MRI today, alone, isn’t a reason to sound the alarms.”

    Brett, thank you for giving it the old college try, relative to calming the natives,however, the alarms are so loud , even down here in Atlanta, that the neighborhood dogs are howling, the cops are redirecting traffic, and from the looks of it, the National Guard has started its muster.

    • cubzfan

      Yup. Silk purse, meet sow’s ear. He’s hurt and even if he’s only a little hurt, it probably forces him to the bullpen eventually.

  • jp3

    Yay!!! Fridays!!!😃

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    I just don’t see this being serious, for one very good reason:

    How much fun could the baseball gods be having if he’s toast at the AA level? They will quite likely wait until he’s up with the big club and thrown 3 consecutive complete game shutouts. THEN they’ll derail his career and crush our hopes and dreams, once again.

    • Spriggs

      “How much fun could the baseball gods be having if he’s toast at the AA level?”

      I thought I heard a “hey, watch this!”

    • DarthHater

      Nah, not being a Sith Lord, you have an inadequate sense of how to torment people. The real fun for the baseball gods would be to make this injury pretty serious, force us all to wait for CJ to get through surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation, and then, when he finally appears to be fully recovered and on the verge of making a significant contribution, strike him down again, once and for all.

      • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

        Sounds like the baseball gods are quite similar to the basketball gods.

  • waittilthisyear

    dr. gryzlo did my ACL surgery. spoke to me candidly about a few cubs players. i wont repeat all of it on this board because i suppose that wouldnt be right, but i will say that he said that mark prior was a real asshole

    • Brocktoon

      “It wouldn’t be right to share what this doctor told me about players, so I won’t, but let me tell you about Mark Prior!!”

      What horrific professionalism on the part of Dr. Gryzlo (assuming this happened), and bizarre look-at-meism from you.

    • baldtaxguy

      Look at you…..

  • Darth Ivy

    Good. I never liked Edwards, anyway. Whatever. Its fine. Im fine.

  • Spoda17

    I hope I am not trying to calm myself with this comment, but actually having Edwards get an MRI in this situation is pretty standard. Nowadays, an MRI is like taking someone’s blood-pressure, especially if you don’t have to worry about reimbursement.

  • Thiscantbegood

    Pitchers in this era need to take PED’s so they can withstand all these injuries.

    • Funn Dave

      That’s like saying, “soldiers in this era need to take painkillers so they can withstand all the gunshot wounds.”

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  • Sabermagician94

    Is there a listed time for his appointment? I don’t want to be nervously checking my computer every 30 seconds for updates…

  • itzscott

    I think Chicago teams have had their share of team altering injuries just when light was being seen at the ends of very long and dark tunnels…..

    Gale Sayers
    Jayson Williams
    Kerry Wood
    Mark Pryor
    Derrick Rose

    I’m sure there’s more.

    Please….. not another one!

  • Jon

    In addition to Edwards and Soler being hurt Baez has been awful and Almora has been pretty underwhelming as well. Also, after a hot start, bad Castro is creeping back into the picture.

    The three things that have gone well are Rizzo and Shark at the big league level, and Bryant in the minors. The rest just makes you want to put your head in a pillow and scream at night.

  • J. L.

    I have never understood why teams are so deliberate in requiring MRIs for their players. Seems to me every player should get full body MRIs every other day just in case. Is it just because it’s costly? Even for major league teams?

  • NorthSideIrish

    Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 53s
    Edwards MRI revealed fatigue and inflammation in RT shoulder but everything is structurally sound. rest for a few wks, then throwing prgrm,

    Could definitely be worse news…

    • Fishin Phil

      That’s as close as we get to good news around here. I’ll take it!