Probably didn’t bunt enough.

The Cubs dropped the series opener in Milwaukee, as the offense couldn’t really muster much of anything – they struck out 12 times, against just one walk. Junior Lake had a rough night, missing a ball in left that led to a couple runs, and striking out twice in three at bats. He also Bo Jackson’d a bat over his knee after one of the strikeouts.

Carlos Villanueva continued doing what he’s been doing this year: pounding the strike zone for five innings, but getting hit frequently and hard. I don’t know that he’s been quite as bad as his stats have shown, but I think he’ll fare better once he heads back to the bullpen.

Speaking of the pen, Neil Ramirez made his debut, throwing a scoreless inning and looking pretty good in the process. He walked one (with some borderline calls), and struck out Ryan Braun swinging on a nice high and tight fastball that looked to be running in on the hands. He flashed 95/96 with the fastball, and threw a pretty crisp slider.

Wesley Wright cleaned up the final two innings, and may have settled into his role as the mop-up guy (for whatever reason).

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  • Idaho Razorback

    How many times did we try to bunt on Garza last nite?

    • Mike

      There were a few, but Garza didn’t field them. It almost looked like the Brewers are telling him to not bother going after bunts. He started after both of them and it looked like he forced himself to stop going after them. Ramirez and Overbay had to come in and make some really tough plays on the two that I saw. A pitcher that can actually throw the ball over to first would have had no trouble fielding both of them and recording the outs.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        That is, in fact, the case. A lot of teams tell pitchers like Garza to not field bunts: they are told to either just stay on the pitcher’s mound or to go cover first. According to the Brewers announcers, that’s what Milwaukee has done with Garza.

  • mrcub1958

    Wondering the same thing. Couldn’t tell on Gameday. Knowing Garza can’t throw it to first that had to try a few times early?

  • Medicos

    I thought the idea of “bunting” to try helping a a team win a ballgame was a taboo word among the vast majority of BN ers even with the atrocious fielding Matt Garza on the hill???

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Bunting for hits ≠ sacrifice bunts. (Also, sacrifice bunts by pitchers ≠ sacrifice bunts by position players.) However, unless you bunt a ball right to Garza, he’s not even going to try to field it anymore: and if you recall, Garza’s throwing problems were on plays where he had to move for the ball.

  • drocthekid

    Garza comments about winning is probably exactly how Shark is feeling. Being a competitor nobody wants to hear about rebuilding and contending in the future they wanna Win NOW

  • Medicos

    Ladies and Gentleman: Have your pencil and scorecard ready for today’s lineup:

    1. Starlin Castro——SS
    2. Kenny Hubbs——-2B
    3. Hack Wilson———CF
    4. Sammy Sosa——–RF
    5. Dave Kingman——LF
    6. Ernie Banks———1B
    7. Ron Santo———–3B
    8. Gabby Hartnett—–C
    9. Fergie Jenkins——-P

    Cubs have been having problems scoring runs. This lineup will definitely score some runs and beat the Brewers tonite in Milwaukee. HEY!! HEY!!