No big league game tonight? No problem. Just watch Javier Baez destroy a baseball instead. And if you need three hours of baseball, just watch this on a loop for a while.

BN’er Chris is at the game tonight, and was good enough to capture Baez doing Baez things on video:

I particularly love the color commentary, also courtesy of Chris. Get off me, indeed. Don’t even try to get on me, baseball. Javy Baez will slap you. Hard.

May this be the start of a long and fruitful hot streak for the Cubs’ top prospect. In his other two plate appearances tonight (so far)? Baez walked both times. Giggity.

Oh, and one more thing: the homer came off of Sugar Ray Marimon – yes, that’s his name – which is just fantastic. And Luke called it this morning.

  • section233

    Homer and two walks. Have a day, Javy.

  • Bill

    Meh. Wind blown HR. :-)

  • Bric

    Looks like there were more fans at the Iowa Cubs game tonight that at Wrigley the last couple of days…

    • jp3

      There is more talent there, what do you expect. Half joking of course, once Bryant is there I won’t be kidding

  • Teddy the cub

    “Get off me, see you later.”

    Haha perfect. A great spectacle to see.

  • jp3

    Boy Vitters has struggled a lot lately, any injuries to him that have been hampering him?

    • willis

      Yeah he started off hot and has fallen apart. Speaking of, where is his partner in crime? I haven’t seen BJax in a lineup in a couple weeks.

      • jp3

        Where the going to play bjax? Vitters, Szczur, Watkins, Coglan ect for 3 positions. Getting tight there

        • AB1980

          I’m not really concerned about the Cubs finding at-bats for any of those guys you listed.

          Szczur might be a nice 5th outfielder but that’s not anything special. Every organization has a bunch of guys that fit that description.

          • craigp

            Most of ours are already in the majors.

        • jp3

          I agree but I’m saying they are all similar so which one do you sit?

          • ssckelley

            I think the BJax experiment is about over. IMO, he is the first one to get cut off the 40 man roster spot if the Cubs need to make a move.

      • Jason P

        BJax is injured.

        • willis

          I see. That or they took the wounded dog out to the woods in rural Iowa to end the misery. With an injury cover up.

          • hansman

            In Iowa, we just take them behind the barn. Too far to walk to find woods.

            • willis

              Hahaha, that works too. Whatever puts the animal down.

              • Thiscantbegood

                Old Yeller style!

    • AB1980

      He’s not used to playing this long without an injury, its throwing off his timing at the plate.

  • ruby2626

    Lake keeps hitting like he has been with his Brett Jackson strikeout rate and the Iowa OF picture may get more crowded sooner than later.

  • Funn Dave

    You guys are so dumb. The real Cubs played tonight, ya big dummies. They just closed the roof. There was practically nobody there, since practically nobody knew about the roof. Cubs won 16-0. And before the game they decided to have each inning count for a game so that both teams could get some rest later in the season. So the Cubs just jumped way the hell ahead in the standings! And BN’s still showing Baez bombs? Brett really dropped the ball here….

    • Ian Afterbirth

      It’s true – I was there.

  • CubsFaninMS

    A trailer park next to me was badly damaged in the tornadoes that hit Brandon, MS tonight. Please keep those people in your thoughts. We had debris from the tornado fall into our neighborhood.. very close calls for us.

    On a more positive note, it’s nice to see something positive tonight. The Baez homer certainly made the night better! Maybe we should nickname him Baez-ooka. A tad awkward to say but it works!

    • willis

      Mississippi got clobbered today. It’s my home state so I hate to see it. Glad to know you’re alright but a lot of people are going to be picking up pieces for awhile. Now Bama is getting hit.

      How bad was it where you were? It seemed like a couple of those storms that moved through the Jackson area were tough, especially along 20 and those storms are still dancing around 20 into Alabama.

      • CubsFaninMS

        In Brandon, MS a car dealership, trailer park, and other neighborhood were hit hard. We had several other tornadoes in Richland, Philadelphia, Louisville (bad), Tupelo (bad), Raymond, Lake Caroline, and I’ve heard near south Jackson. There are three families missing in the trailer park. Very sad. I’m the disaster recovery person for our company. Thankfully only one of our branches appear to’ve been affected. We withstood a direct hit from one around 2:00 today. Part of the roof was damaged but it’s a strong brick building. I fear you’ll hear of some widespread fatalities tomorrow once they estimate the damage.

      • spearman

        I’m in Alabama and we’re getting hammered right now.

        • CubsFaninMS

          Pay very close attention to the weather alerts. This storm is the worst one since the Tuscaloosa storm a few years back. Very damaging.

          • college_of_coaches

            Stay safe friends. I wish you both much safety.

            • CubsFaninMS

              Thanks man. The tornado apparently passed over my house and touched down less than a 1/2-mile past my house. Close call.

  • Zoolander

    Josh Vitters was the Cubs’ first-round pick in the 2007 First-Year Player Draft…drafted #3 overall out of high school. He may be the oldest 24 year old in pro ball. He gets hurt as often as some of the guys I know that are over 40 and that play softball in Chicago.

    He had some promise when first drafted.”Vitters is a very advanced bat that will be above average both with average and power at the pro level. He has tremendous bat speed, and he will get much stronger as he matures. His arm/glove are playable at third base, but he might surprise in the future with more work and instruction.”

    Too bad for Vitters and the Cubs that things haven’t worked out.

    • jeff1969

      What is your point again? Vitters had been healthy until last year. Check it. He was 17 when he was drafted. 24 is not old for AAA or for a prospect. Your comment about how often he gets hurt is dopey. Where is that quote from? Mind telling us? Why put it in quotes if you don’t cite it? Are you quoting yourself? The Cubs choosing Vitters at 3 was not considered a reach at the time. It was a reasonable choice according to scouting at that time. The fact that he still hasn’t “broken out” is how it goes sometimes. Hopefully he will be able to either contribute on the field for the Cubs or as a trade piece. How about wishing him luck on this season, that would be the best things for the Cubs if you are Cubs fan. If you want to whine, go study up on the 2010 draft.

  • Zoolander

    In 2013, Vitters was limited to 28 games at Triple-A Iowa because of injuries, which included back problems, a strained muscle in his right rib cage, and a strained right hamstring.

    24 going on 25 is old for a prospect. And yes, Vitters is injury prone.

    The point is that Vitters has not contributed to the Cubs in any meaningful way. At this point, he also doesn’t have really any trade value.

    The lesson here jeff1969…his failure is a reminder why an annual contender has never been built with the Chicago Cubs. And it’s the main reason why many doubt the Cubs can turn things around through their current rebuilding plan with Theo and friends. What if Almora and Baez are busts? Be careful to pin your hopes on just high draft picks by purposely tanking and losing nearly a 100 games a year over the past 3 season, with another one on the way. Fans deserve better. Maybe you should to.

    • ssckelley

      So Vitters is another reason why our FO’s plan sucks… it.

    • terencemann

      Vitters was never as good of a prospect as Bryant or Baez. If he were the 19 year old version of himself again this season, there’s a chance he’d slot somewhere between Almora and Soler or behind Soler if people thought Vitters’ glove was a liability.

      Remember that Vitters only ever barely cracked the top 50 for Baseball America….

  • Ballgame17

    Was that game in Iowa? Are crowds usually that sparse?? I mean, there looked like there was maybe 50 people there. If he had 40,000 in the stands he’d be extra amped and that ball goes 600ft. WEEEEEEE!!!

    • Chris

      Yes – game was in IA (Baez wearing white, pitcher wearing gray, Des Moines something on top of the dugout). Shitty weather yesterday here in IA. I don’t blame anyone for not going to ye ol ballpark last night.

    • Dustin S

      If you thought that was bad you should have seen the White Sox game last night (flipping through with Cubs rained out). Between the storms and cold it was pretty amazing, I don’t think there were 1000 people there. Hardly anyone behind the front row in the stadium. You could hear individual people cheering lol.

  • Cubs_Questions

    I was watching the game on and the first thing I thought of when Baez hit that was what Luke wrote this morning. Well played.

  • Zoolander

    What has the FO done in terms of development of Vitters and Brett Jackson? In fact, both players have regressed under their leadership. Bringing them up to the majors in late 2012 was a big mistake, which the Cubs have admitted was a bad idea. Please note that both of these guys were former #1 picks.

    2014 update: Vitters is batting .227 in AAA, while Brett Jackson is batting .231. Is this what you call player development Jason McCloud, Senior VP, Player Development with the Cubs?

    • Chad

      Not sure how you can say they have regressed. They have advanced to higher levels than they were under Hendry 3 years ago. Gosh, I would hope they would. They have never been great, but Vitters last year looked good, and is going through a rough stretch right now. I’m sure he’ll get back to average. BJax has never been good, has never advanced. They have tried to change his approach and it hasn’t worked. Some guys just don’t develop. Not all prospects turn out. To blame Jason McCloud is silly, he’s not coaching, but they are trying. Just complaining to complain I guess.

    • hansman

      Question…if I blast this post, does that mean I am a kool-aid drinker who works tirelessly to stifle dissent of the FO?

      • Fishin Phil


    • ssckelley

      Exactly what should the FO had done? I seen no harm in giving both of those players a chance to see MLB pitching in 2012 and cannot see where not giving them those at bats would have made a difference.

      BTW, just a suggestion use the “Reply” button next to our names so we know who you are replying to.

      April 29, 2014 at 8:18 am | Permalink | Reply

      Found right next to the date. Thanks!

    • Dumpgobbler

      Maybe its just me, but I only hold the FO accountable for guys they have drafted. I understand that they should still try to develop these guys, but for me accountability starts at scouting these guys first. Vitters, Jackson, and even Baez aren’t superfriends’ guys. Almora, Bryant, Johnson, Soler, Z, Underwood, Riviero, Concepcion are. We’ll see.

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