bnpodcastimagesmallThe BN Podcast is back with its 49th episode, and, no worries, it isn’t four hours long and rambling as all get-out. Relatively speaking, it’s laser-focused, and it technically comes in at under an hour. See? We can do efficient versions of this thing.

The Cubs have played nearly a months’ worth of games … and they aren’t too good right now. If that’s what we expected, is it playing out in the ways we expected it to? Or are the Cubs bad for entirely unexpected reasons? Surely there are some pleasant surprises, right? Or were those expected, too?

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    Is the guitar riff at 10-16 sec from a song? It sounds a bit like Pulley.

    • Brett

      It’s from a song by my brother. True story.

      • Kyle

        Your brother is Pulley?

        • KHRSS

          So I guess it’s not from Pulley?. Now I am interested in knowing what song it is, have a link to where I can find it?

          • Brett

            Unfortunately it is a currently-unpublished song (my brother was in a handful of bands in his younger days, before succumbing to “the man” and getting a real job). He still plays and records in his spare time, and that was a song he shared with me via email. Loved the intro, so I appropriated it for the podcast.

            • On The Farm

              It is a pretty BA intro

              • Brett

                Yeah – the whole song is excellent. He’s always been as talented as any popular act out there; but it is obviously an extremely crowded field, and talent doesn’t always win out.

                • MightyBear

                  Maybe his brother who runs a successful blog should put some links to his tunes so people can download and enjoy and get the word out. That’s how Colbie Caillat started.

                  • Brett

                    Thanks – he wound up getting a pretty sweet real job, so I’m not sure he still has those aspirations. I became the risk-taker in the family.

    • Funn Dave

      Never thought I’d see a Pulley fan here.

      • KHRSS

        Haha I could say the same!
        They really are a good band, imo.
        For anyone who doesn’t know the lead singer for Pulley is former Dodgers, Cardinals and Sox relief pitcher Scott Radinsky.