jorge soler cubsOne of the Chicago Cubs’ top positional prospects – point in fact, the “four” in The Big Four – will finally be back in minor league action today.

Jorge Soler played in exactly one game this year at AA Tennessee, and got one at bat. He doubled, but came up lame, and has been out every since while rehabbing a hamstring injury in Arizona. His injured his hammy back in Spring Training, and the lingering effects there probably caused the Cubs to be extra, extra cautious with his return. Carrie Muskat says that, finally, Soler is due back in the Tennessee Smokies’ lineup today.

Soler, to whom the Cubs gave a $30 million big league deal a couple years ago to sign after he defected from Cuba, also missed half of last season with a stress fracture in his leg. He made up for some lost time in the Arizona Fall League, but he wasn’t playing at full speed. Further, he missed a lot of baseball time the two years before that while going through the defection process.

In other words, coming back from this injury is a bigger deal than it would be for most prospects, and him getting in a full season from here on out is fairly critical. He’s just 22, but he needs at bats like the flowers need the rain.

You can expect an adjustment period (remember, this is his first time at AA, too), so try not to expect too much too soon. Just hope for health, and a lot of games between now and July. And then we can see where he stands with respect to actual baseball progress.

  • Edwin

    If he doesn’t hit a HR in his first PA, cut him.

  • willis

    I’m thrilled with this as he could be that OF power bat this team desperately needs. He has all the skill sets for it, he just needs to stay healthy.

    • ari gold

      I just like that he is a potential power back that doesn’t K 30% of the time.

  • woody

    We really need to have something go our way. Soler is guy who could potentially help transform our outfield. So far Bryant is the only one of the big four that is meeting expectations. From all the reports I’ve read they say that Soler has a good approach at the plate. It would be nice to see him stay healthy and get a promotion to Iowa before the year is through.

  • another JP

    The X factor of the Cubs system is back in action- what a great day and killer lineup the Smokies will have. Andreoli, Bruno, Bryant, Soler, Lopez, Geiger, Cutler, Silva…. holy balls.

    • another JP

      Know what- that Smokies team could probably outperform the Cubs lineup today.

    • CubsFaninMS

      I’m giddy with excitement! They’ll be playing 15 minutes up the road from me (Mississippi Braves, Trustmark Park) next week.

  • Cerambam

    It’s unfortunate that Soler has missed so much time, but it’s a little easier to swallow given that he is in AA. I know he still has plenty of time to spend in the minors, but at least we didn’t give 30 million to a guy who missed time for defecting and being injured twice AND is only in low or high A.

    If he can turn it up, his missed time might not matter that much in the long run.

  • AA Correspondant

    Well I am disappointed I wont be able to see Jorge Soler in his home debut tonight….due to coaching commitments at the little league field…..but I am very excited that he is back with the team. He should have a good support staff with Rubi Silva and Armando Rivero already entrenched with the team, and I expect that he’ll fill in nicely. I’ll be curious to see what the corresponding move may be. Even though there has been talk of Andreoli being promoted to AAA, my money is on Jae Hoon Ha going back to AAA. Not because Ha is better….but because he is not real happy to be here anyway and I’m not convinced that the feeling isn’t mutual. Whoever goes to AAA is going to be in a 4th or 5th outfielder spot in Iowa, and personally it makes more sense to me that Ha is that guy rather than Andreoli who can and will benefit from more regular playing time, especially as a leadoff hitter here in AA. I could also see Zeke DeVoss heading down to High A Daytona. He has not looked very comfortable here (yet) and to me that would nto be a surprise either. Anyway….welcome to Rocky Top Jorge!!

    • Medicos

      HEY AA CORRESPONDANT: Too bad you won’t be at Smokies Park tonite to observe SOLER’s debut. Keep on eye on JOSE VERAS. Hopefully he can return to the Friendly Confines sometime in July after Hoystein again begins “flipping” pitchers for prospects. That area in Sevierville is a great spot to reside.

    • ssckelley

      I think Ha should feel fortunate that the Cubs still have a place to play him. While he has looked good defensively he has not exactly tore up minor league pitching at the plate.

    • Spriggs

      Will be interested to get your take on Soler after you see him a few games. I am so excited he is finally back. Though he wasn’t in great shape in AFL, he is fun to watch.

  • http://BN Sacko

    I am very excited and pay alot of attention to the Farm System for 2 big reasons. Our team is very bad and these minor players are rated in all of baseball. Our reluctance to sign anyone and don’t say almost any free agent signed in the outfield could have added a lot more RBIs and maybe 4 or 5 more wins.
    Now watching the injury problems and poor performances by these top prospects makes me a little nervous. If we are indeed not going to sign much and wait for these guys?

  • Kyle

    Hoffman will have TJS. That completely resets the draft starting at pick 4.

    • NorthSideIrish

      And Hoffman will somehow now fall to the Cardinals at #27…

    • Isaac

      This could potentially be a very rough break for us.

      • another JP

        I don’t think it will make a major difference one way or the other- there’s still plenty of pitching talent available in round one if that’s where the Cubs want to go. At least there’s a chance the Cubs might go with a pick willing to take less slot money in the first round and try to land someone like Hoffman who drops into round two.

  • JCubs79

    Chris Rusin just threw a no-hitter.

    • TimBeam

      And Baez went 3-5. Time for him to get hot

  • CubChymyst

    I just his approach at the plate stays the same. His stats at Daytona for the first half of the year were great.

  • ari gold

    Hopefully he finishes the year strong and they send him back to the AZL to get more at bats. He needs as many as he can get.

  • fieldofdreams35


    All joking aside, I wonder why Soler wasn’t in the lineup tonight.