Jeff Samardzija starting? Well, you can pretty much bank on two things this year: he’ll be awesome. The offense won’t.

Each of those things were true in the extreme in this one, as the Cubs didn’t do diddly poo at the plate, and Samardzija was so dominant that he threw six scoreless innings using only 69 pitches. And, somehow, he still managed to strike out seven. That’s just a silly awesome start. If not for the rain delay in the middle, and the 126 pitches he threw last time, we might have seen him finish this one.

But he wouldn’t have gotten a “shutout,” because that would have required that his team score a run. Which the Cubs did not. For the third time in a Samardzija start this year.

And we get to hear more about his win/loss record!

may 10 box

Full box score.

  • E

    Schlitter looked awful. The offense looked sickly.

    Shark and Santana looked like staff aces.

  • Blackhawks1963

    2014 is clearly uglier than 2012 and 2013. Which is really saying something. This is the single worst team in baseball. Let’s hope the second coming of Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw is the prize with the first pick in the June 2015 baseball draft.

  • CubChymyst

    Looking at box scores it seems like Castro has been walking more of lately. Anyone know if his last 10 games stats back that up?

    • Blackhawks1963

      Teams are clearly pitching around Castro, and he’s been smart enough to lay off crap pitches and coax a walk. But this is more of an indictment of just how awful the guys hitting right behind him really are, and hence why the offense can’t score.

      • Medicos

        BlackHawks: U r absolutely correct that teams are pitching around CASTRO, That’s I think he should be batting 2nd. With RIZZO hitting the 3 spot, teams won’t continue to do that.

        • Blackhawks1963

          But then that leaves no lineup protection for Rizzo. Pick your poison.

          • mjhurdle

            fortunately for everyone involved, lineup protection is a myth.

            Statistics save the day again!!

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Twice they had a guy on 3rd with one out and failed to execute. Jeff should have left with a 2-0 lead…which they would have blown anyway, so…

  • Stu

    Another game to prove that the Cubs are not even close to being a competitive team. The real problem is the losing culture that everyone is resigned to.

    It is pretty easy for everyone other than Shark to say that winning is meaningless. The guy is talented and brings it every start. And no one wants to do whatever it takes to build around him?

    It really is sad when the reward for producing is a ticket out of town. I guarantee that no matter how many prospects that you get in return, it won’t add up to his talent.

    • gocatsgo2003

      Oh really? You can guarantee that? Just like the Garza trade?

  • Steve

    Brett, knee jerk answer
    Jeff’s rep calls and says ” You write up 105 for six and we sign today.”
    Deal or no deal?

    • Blackhawks1963

      Samardzija says no to that. Very clear that he wants to hit the free agent market unless the Cubs blow him away big time. Those numbers won’t do it.

      • SteveGA

        I agree that he will not sign an extension. He has said it over and over and I don’t understand why everybody keeps going on about giving him enough money to sign. Jeff says he WILL NOT SIGN AN EXTENSION because he owes it to the players union and the players that follow him. I take that to mean that you could offer him Sabathia money and he would say no. The only answer is a trade, so don’t blame it on Theo and Jed, they need to get something for him before he is gone.

        • Blackhawks1963

          Now is the time to trade Samardzija. Not July.

    • Dustin S

      Samardzija has said repeatedly he’s more interested in seeing that the team is competitive to stay than squeezing out every dollar. His agent may disagree, but that’s at least what he’s said. This is from a guy who reportedly broke up with his girlfriend a few years ago (among other things) to help convince the Cubs that he was completely committed to get a chance to start instead of being a reliever. He’s one of the most if not the most competitive guys on the team. With the way this season has gone so far in his starts and for the team overall I think the extension ship has sailed. It’s doubtful that here’s an offer the Cubs could make short of completely insane money and a Churchill speech from Theo that would make him consider staying.

      I’m more concerned at this point at the hole the Cubs are digging for themselves for making the team appealing to other 2015 free agents to get some help this offseason.

  • willis

    I know I was in the minority last night, but I’m still miffed at yanking Shark after 69 pitches. I can see it at 85-90 pitches after that last start and a delay like they had, but at 69, just dominating like that…unless

    They took his temperature after the 6th and he mentioned he was worn or not feeling great about something. Either way, I cannot even imagine where his frustration level is at this point. Dude has been on fire this year and the team has supported him nada and the organization won’t commit to him long term (which is better for him I suppose).

    • DocPeterWimsey

      I was miffed that they sent him out after the rain delay, personally.

      • willis

        I actually thought the same as the minutes kept ticking by with the delay. I thought both pitchers may be done and would have been fine with that decision. But, once he was brought back out and simply dealing, I think you ride that horse another inning when he was only at 69 pitches.

  • nakedman1664

    This team makes me drink.

  • cubs2003

    I hope Theo and Jed are on the phone right now and demanding the world. Shark is the key the completion of the rebuild IMO.

  • Zoolander

    Offense failed again to support Samardzija. Last night was the fifth time the Cubs have been shut out, the third time with Shark on the mound.

    Samardzija’s ERA not sits at 1.45 — the second best mark in the majors. Time to trade the guy to a team with a chance to win, plus who may be willing to trade us some young potential starting pitching.

    Possible trade partners: Orioles, Rangers, Angels, Seattle, Blue Jays and Yankees.