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Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 0, Braves 2 – May 10, 2014

Enhanced Box Scores

Jeff Samardzija starting? Well, you can pretty much bank on two things this year: he’ll be awesome. The offense won’t.


Each of those things were true in the extreme in this one, as the Cubs didn’t do diddly poo at the plate, and Samardzija was so dominant that he threw six scoreless innings using only 69 pitches. And, somehow, he still managed to strike out seven. That’s just a silly awesome start. If not for the rain delay in the middle, and the 126 pitches he threw last time, we might have seen him finish this one.

But he wouldn’t have gotten a “shutout,” because that would have required that his team score a run. Which the Cubs did not. For the third time in a Samardzija start this year.

And we get to hear more about his win/loss record!

may 10 box

Full box score.


Brett Taylor

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